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2010-09-16 00:10 VZ, revision 65551

Fix several bugs in generic text entry hints implementation. The text controls contents and colour was not updated correctly in several situations (see #12475). The old code was completely wrong as it didn't store the actual value of the control at all and so could never work. Do store and update it now and show the hint if and only if the real contents is empty. Also handle "text updated" event to correctly update the hint when the control becomes [non-]empty. Closes #12475.

2010-09-16 00:10 VZ, revision 65550

Fix wxTextEntry::SelectAll() in presence of hints in wxGTK. Translation of wx (-1, -1) selection to (0, GetValue().length()) in wxTextCtrl::SetSelection() was unnecessary as it ended up calling the base class wxTextEntry::SetSelection() version which didn't need it. Moreover, this translation was actually harmful when the text control happened to show a hint string as its official value was empty in this case and so SetSelection(0, 0) was called which didn't do anything and broke clearing/changing the controls text when it was showing a hint. Simply don't translate the indices when using a single line control to fix this. See #12475.

2010-09-15 13:45 DS, revision 65549

Use a unique namespace for generating identifiers. Instead of using uuid.NAMESPACE_DNS as namespace use a newly generated UUID. Also minor cleanup of import uuid statement.

2010-09-15 13:29 DS, revision 65548

Make Xcode identifier consecutive when there is a collision. Making them consecutive groups source files that are repeated next to each other in the project file like Xcode does, instead of creating a complete new random identifier which resulted in creating a distance between the source files after they were sorted.

2010-09-14 20:35 VS, revision 65547

Click on wxOwnerDrawnComboBox's animating popup should close it. Previously, it behaved differently from native combo box: clicking the popup while its opening animation was running had no effect. This was different from the native control, which would close the popup in this case (just like when it's fully opened).

2010-09-14 19:35 PJC, revision 65544

Fix incorrect behaviour of wxRibbonGallery::EnsureVisible when the ribbon is vertical rather than horizontal.

2010-09-14 15:18 VZ, revision 65541

Fix drawing of items with custom background in wxGenericListCtrl. This was broken by the changes of r64879 which erroneously used wxRendererNative::DrawItemSelectionRect() even for the non-selected items. Now only use DrawItemSelectionRect() for the selected items to make them appear natively while drawing the non-selected items with custom background colour ourselves. Also refactor the code to avoid (the not quite and hence especially pernicious) duplication between wxListLineData::Draw() and DrawInReportMode(): rename SetAttributes() to ApplyAttributes() and draw the item background in this function now instead of doing it in both Draw() and DrawInReportMode().

2010-09-14 12:24 VZ, revision 65540

Fix hang on termination of wxProgressDialog with wxPD_AUTO_HIDE style. We don't need to run a modal event loop waiting for the wxProgressDialog to be closed when it has wxPD_AUTO_HIDE style because it does it on its own. Closes #12472.

2010-09-13 22:12 RR, revision 65539

Document wxDataViewListModel as common abstract base class for wxDataViewIndexListModel and wxDataViewVirtualListModel. Add wxDataViewListModel::GetCount() as both have it.

2010-09-13 22:02 RR, revision 65538

Further work on wxDataViewListModel::Reset()

2010-09-13 00:58 VZ, revision 65537

Update wxRibbonPanel documentation to mention use of sizers. This documents the changes of r65436. Closes #12418.

2010-09-13 00:58 VZ, revision 65536

Delete wxListCtrl item data after handling its deletion event in wxMSW. We deleted the data associated with the item too soon as we did it before the handler for the item deletion event was run and this handler could still access this data. Only free the data after the handler returns now. Closes #12449.

2010-09-13 00:58 VZ, revision 65535

Fix compilation of EnumerateLoadedModules() call for MinGW64 4.5. Our logic for detection of whether the first argument of PENUMLOADED_MODULES_CALLBACK is const or not didn't work for MinGW64 4.5. Replace it with a less error-prone (even if more ugly) version which simply casts the callback to the type expected by the function. Closes #12465.

2010-09-13 00:05 VZ, revision 65534

Define MAPVK_VK_TO_CHAR to fix wxMSW compilation with old SDK headers. At least MinGW headers don't define this constant.

2010-09-12 22:07 RR, revision 65533

Moved more code from wxDataViewCtrl to wxDataViewCtrlInternal. Add new special API for wxDataViewVirtualIndexModel::Reset() as wxDataViewModel::Clear is something different and needs a different, two step API under GTK+, one for destroying the current view and one for rereading the new contents. Added ::BeforeReset() and ::AfterReset() notifications for that purpose.

2010-09-12 18:16 JS, revision 65532

Fix for % symbols going missing from style parameter

2010-09-12 18:16 JS, revision 65531

Fix for % symbols going missing from style parameter

2010-09-11 13:20 VZ, revision 65528

Compilation fix for wxOSX. Remove stray closing brace. Also fix a warning about unused parameter.

2010-09-11 12:19 VZ, revision 65527

Generate the same flags for modifier key events in wxGTK as in wxMSW. Resolve the discrepancy between modifier flags of the key events corresponding to the modifier key itself between wxMSW and wxGTK by changing the latter to follow wxMSW behaviour. Clearly document the now officially correct behaviour of the modifiers for the key events corresponding to the modifiers keys themselves in the manual. This fix also makes it unnecessary to work around this bug in the keyboard unit test so remove it from there.

2010-09-11 12:19 VZ, revision 65526

Generate unshifted Unicode key codes in wxEVT_KEY_XXX events in wxGTK. wxGTK generated wxEVT_KEY_XXX with key codes corresponding to the unshifted state of the key (except for the letters) but Unicode key codes corresponding to the current shift state. This was inconsistent with wxMSW and also with the idea that key events, unlike char ones, don't depend on the modifiers states. Change wxGTK to behave as wxMSW and use unshifted values for Unicode key codes as well. Remove the now unnecessary workaround for different key event Unicode codes from test. Also try to explain the difference between normal and Unicode keys and key and char events even better and mention that the Unicode key codes for the key events are also untranslated in the documentation.

2010-09-11 12:19 VZ, revision 65525

Fix generation of key events for non-alphabetic keys under Windows. Don't hardcode the values of VK_OEM_XXX keys which are completely nonsensical on keyboards with non-US layouts. Use the real unshifted value of the key as its key code instead -- at least if it's a Latin-1 character. Otherwise, use WXK_NONE as the key code and pass the character generated by the key as Unicode character code. Also generate WXK_NONE events for dead keys to avoid confusing them with the corresponding normal key events.

2010-09-11 12:18 VZ, revision 65524

Improve printing out of pressed keys in the keyboard sample. Add missing elements of wxKeyCode enum ("Windows" and "Command" keys) to the GetVirtualKeyCodeName() function in the sample. Also output "unknown" and not blank for WXK_NONE.

2010-09-11 12:18 VZ, revision 65523

Rename wxCharCode{MSWToWX,WXToMSW}() and move them to a separate header. These functions were confusingly named as they work with MSW (virtual) key codes and not character codes, rename them to better indicate what they do. They also don't need to be in wx/msw/window.h included by all wx code when they are only really needed in a couple of files, so move them to a private header. No changes in behaviour.

2010-09-11 12:18 VZ, revision 65522

Fixes to key codes in keyboard events generated by wxMSW. Only set Unicode key code if the event corresponds to a character key and set it to (newly added) WXK_NONE for the other ones to avoid nonsensical values in it for e.g. "Home" key presses. Also set non-Unicode key to WXK_NONE for the characters that can't be represented in the current locale. This is consistent with wxGTK and avoids conflicts between special key values and Unicode keys. Clearly document the above behaviour. Notice that implementing the correct behaviour in wxMSW involved untangling previously interwoven WM_KEY{DOWN,UP} and WM_CHAR messages handlers. Clearly separate them now as they get different input (key codes for the former, characters for the latter) and especially don't try to convert from both kinds of input using a single wxCharCodeMSWToWX() function. As this function doesn't need to distinguish between keys and characters any more it can simply return the converted value in all cases instead of returning 0 sometimes to indicate a character value instead of a key. Simplify the code using this function accordingly.

2010-09-11 12:18 VZ, revision 65521

Add WXK_NONE symbolic constant indicating absence of a key. wxKeyEvent::GetKeyCode() and GetUnicodeKey() return 0 to indicate that the key code or Unicode character is not available, give symbolic name to this 0 to make the code using these methods more clear.