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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

2009-12-15 12:24 VS, revision 62889

PCH compilation fix

2009-12-14 20:17 VZ, revision 62886

Avoid painting generic wxDataViewCtrl if it has no columns. The code in wxDataViewMainWindow::OnPaint() relied on having at least the first column and didn't work for a completely empty control. Just don't paint it at all in this case as it's unnecessary anyhow.

2009-12-14 17:13 JMS, revision 62885

Make wxPG_EX_MULTIPLE_SELECTION behave more like a Windows list box (regarding Ctrl and Shift keys)

2009-12-14 16:33 JMS, revision 62884

Determine better whether the property editor needs to be refreshed in wxPGProperty::SetValue()

2009-12-14 16:18 JMS, revision 62882

'Set to Unspecified' -> 'Set Value to Unspecified'

2009-12-14 16:17 JMS, revision 62881

Set correct m_state in wxPGCheckBoxEditor::SetValueToUnspecified()

2009-12-14 16:15 JMS, revision 62880

Always refresh the editor when setting property value to unspecified.

2009-12-14 16:12 JMS, revision 62879

Fixed unspecified property value rendering for various editor types (including check box)

2009-12-14 13:41 VZ, revision 62877

Restore correct access to wxGenericStaticText::Set{Font,Label}. Accessibility of these methods was accidentally changed to protected in r62821 and this broke wxUniv compilation, make them public again.

2009-12-14 10:38 CE, revision 62876

fix for second bug in bug 11438

2009-12-13 13:52 VZ, revision 62871

Remove unnecessary Mac-specific TOOLKIT_LOWERCASE setting. TOOLKIT is never set to "MAC" at all (it is one of OSX_{CARBON,COCOA,IPHONE}) so it is not necessary to test for it. And for the other cases the special logic for OS X ports was the same as the general case so it seems to be unnecessary as well.

2009-12-13 13:52 VZ, revision 62870

Add --with-[osx_]iphone switch to configure. This is another Mac (wxUSE_MAC is defined) port with TOOLKIT=OSX_IPHONE. Also use this port by default for arm-apple-darwin platforms.

2009-12-13 13:52 VZ, revision 62869

Test for sw_vers availability before calling it in configure. There is no sw_vers when cross-compiling, just assume 10.4 system in this case and point the user to --with-macosx-version-min which can be used to override this.

2009-12-13 13:52 VZ, revision 62868

Rename --with-cocoa configure switch to --with-old_cocoa to avoid confusion. Change --with-cocoa to be synonym for --with-osx_cocoa, add --with-carbon as a synonym for --with-osx_carbon for consistency and --with-osx as a synonym for --with-mac.

2009-12-13 13:00 JMS, revision 62867

Added wxPropertyGridManager header support; Refactored wxPropertyGrid DoSetSplitterPosition() code

2009-12-12 15:01 SC, revision 62866

rearranging contentview, adding toolbar

2009-12-12 14:40 SC, revision 62865

rearranging contentview, adding toolbar

2009-12-12 13:24 JMS, revision 62864

wxHeaderColumnBase -> wxHeaderColumn; Fixed UpdateColumnWidthToFit() sample code

2009-12-12 11:10 JMS, revision 62863

On Windows, force read-only property editor wxTextCtrl to have 'white' background (for now...)

2009-12-12 10:59 JMS, revision 62862

Added a proper log frame to the propgrid sample

2009-12-12 10:38 JMS, revision 62861

Generate wxPropertyGrid splitter (column divider) events: wxEVT_PG_COL_BEGIN_DRAG, wxEVT_PG_COL_DRAGGING, wxEVT_PG_COL_END_DRAG

2009-12-11 16:50 JMS, revision 62859

Fixed incorrect use of RemoveAt() in wxPropertyGridPageState::SetColumnCount() (fixes #11539)

2009-12-11 14:55 CE, revision 62857

fix for bug 11438

2009-12-10 04:04 VZ, revision 62850

Add support for stretchable spaces to wxToolBar. Stretchable spaces consume all extra toolbar space not allocated to the fixed size items. They can in particular be used to right-align (some) toolbar tools. Add and document the new API, change the sample to show it and implement it for MSW, GTK and OS X/Cocoa. Also refactor MSW background erasing/repainting code to avoid duplicated calls to DrawThemeBackground(), call it from a new helper MSWEraseRect() function. Note that we may want to add support for "invisible" separators, IOW non-stretchable spaces. This could be easily done for MSW after the changes in this commit and is supported natively by GTK+ and Cocoa so implementing this would be trivial if there is any interest.

2009-12-10 04:04 VZ, revision 62849

Rename gtk{,1}/tbargtk.{h,cpp} to toolbar.{h,cpp}. We don't use crptknm$port.cpp naming convention even for MSW any more and there is really no reason to continue to do it for just this one file in wxGTK.