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2010-09-21 13:44 VZ, revision 65579

Fix wxStaticBox label redrawing when "Alt" is pressed in wxMSW. The default handling for Alt key press in the standard control is to redraw the label to account for showing of the keyboard queues (i.e. if the mnemonics were initially hidden, they are shown when Alt is pressed) but it doesn't redraw it in the correct colour resulting in any custom label colour being lost whenever Alt is pressed anywhere in the window containing the box. Fix this by forcing the box refresh which will result in repainting it using our code which does use the correct colour. Also update the static page of the widgets sample to allow changing the colours of all static controls on this page, including the wxStaticBox, and not just the main wxStaticText. Closes #12497.

2010-09-20 17:38 JMS, revision 65577

Call SetToolTip() for the property editor control when wxPG_EX_HELP_AS_TOOLTIPS style is used

2010-09-20 16:14 VZ, revision 65576

PCH-less compilation fix to GDI+ wxMSW code. Closes #12496.

2010-09-20 15:15 VZ, revision 65575

Correctly recognize when wglChoosePixelFormatARB() fails. This function returns TRUE even if it failed to find any matching formats, so test not only its return value but also the number of formats it found. Closes #12474.

2010-09-20 15:11 VZ, revision 65574

Always use native task dialog for wxProgressDialog under MSW if supported. Use task dialogs even for the dialogs with wxPD_AUTO_HIDE style flag and without wxPD_CAN_ABORT one. Generic fallback was used in this case as native task dialog doesn't support dialogs without buttons but it is finally better to create a dummy button and use the native dialog nevertheless. We already have a mostly disabled "Close" button for the dialogs without wxPD_AUTO_HIDE style so it seems logical to also have it (but just never enable it at all) when this style is used. Closes #12462.

2010-09-20 15:10 VZ, revision 65573

Ignore time component of SYSTEMTIME in wxMSW wxDatePickerCtrl. This is similar to the fix of r64208 for wxCalendarCtrl and ignores the time component of SYSTEMTIME objects returned by the native functions in wxDatePickerCtrl too to ensure that we operate with pure dates only. Closes #12493.

2010-09-20 14:52 VZ, revision 65572

Don't use native MSW functions in wxString::CmpNoCase(). While the native CompareString() is much more efficient than MSVC CRT version of _wcsicmp(), it gives unexpected results for non-letter characters, so don't use it but use the slow but correct wxStricmp() instead. At least don't use char-by-char comparison (in non-UTF-8 case) as it's the slowest possible implementation of this function, the new one using wxStricmp() is 3 times faster (by comparison, using CompareString() is 16 times faster still -- but wrong). Closes #10375.

2010-09-20 14:52 VZ, revision 65571

Add benchmarks for various ways to compare strings. Benchmark the abstraction overhead of wxString methods compared to plain functions and also benchmark native functions for string comparison under MSW.

2010-09-20 14:52 VZ, revision 65570

Flush output after every benchmark. This purely cosmetic change simply allows to see the output of the benchmarks sooner which is more user-friendly when running several long benchmarks.

2010-09-19 18:06 PMO, revision 65569

Minimal implementation for wxTreeCtrl, wxBitmapToggleButton, wxToggleButton, wxRadioBox, wxListCtrl

2010-09-19 12:02 SJL, revision 65568

Increase the number of expected events in TreeCtrlTestCase::KeyDown and ListBaseTestCase::KeyDown from four to six as this is the number of events seen when testing using their samples. This also stops the tests failing after the recent keyboard event improvements.

2010-09-18 18:26 VZ, revision 65565

Really fix setting fonts in RichEdit 4.1 controls. The fix applied in r64394 wasn't enough and the control could still decide to overwrite the font used by default when non-ASCII characters were inserted into it. To really force it to use the font we want we apparently must send it EM_SETCHARFORMAT with SCF_ALL flag (MSDN also documents SCF_DEFAULT but it's not clear if we should use it instead or together with SCF_ALL, for now it doesn't seem to be necessary).

2010-09-18 18:26 VZ, revision 65564

No changes, just refactor wxTextCtrl::SetStyle() in wxMSW. Split this overly long function into MSWSetCharFormat() and MSWSetParaFormat(). No real changes otherwise except for the use of PARAFORMAT instead of PARAFORMAT2 if wxUSE_RICHEDIT2 is not set as it was certainly intended (but the fact that nobody complained about this problem means that nobody must be compiling without wxUSE_RICHEDIT2 by now so arguably we should just remove it completely).

2010-09-18 18:26 VZ, revision 65563

Set wxTextCtrl::m_verRichEdit to 4 for RichEdit 4.1. Set m_verRichEdit to a different value for the version 4.1 of the control as it behaves subtly differently from the previous versions. Also clarify that value of 2 is used for both 2.0 and 3.0 versions of the control. No real changes yet.

2010-09-17 21:07 RR, revision 65562

Postpone EnsureVisible() to idle as this sometimes seems to be required, fixes #12480: wxDataViewCtrl::EnsureVisible does not make item visible in some circumstances on GTK

2010-09-17 13:17 DS, revision 65561

Set svn properties on .cpp files. Add missing svn:eol-style property to all .cpp files. Also set svn:keywords for .cpp files which don't have that property yet to Id, including src/osx/core/glgrab.cpp for consistency (it doesn't make use of the property).

2010-09-16 21:36 VZ, revision 65560

Allow setting Mac-specific menu item ids to wxID_NONE to suppress them. If s_macAboutMenuItemId or s_macPreferencesMenuItemId was explicitly set to wxID_NONE by the application, don't add them to the standard menu at all, otherwise they would be present there but be always disabled and useless. This is still not documented because we really need a better API for this but it at least provides a temporary workaround for having useless menu items under OS X.

2010-09-16 21:36 VZ, revision 65559

Allow use of report mode non-native wxListCtrl in wxListBook under Mac. The use of wxListBook in report mode was disabled for wxOSX in r54001 and r54318 (see #9484) because it created problems with the native wxListCtrl implementation but the report mode can be used if we're using the generic wxListCtrl version so do allow to use it if the system option governing the choice of the version to use is set to "generic". Of course, the real fix would be to correct the bugs in the native wxListCtrl version and use report mode always but for now this at least restores correct behaviour with the generic version.

2010-09-16 13:05 VZ, revision 65558

Only use wxFORCE_LINK_MODULE() in mediaplayer sample in static build. The linking optimization this macro protects against can't happen when using DLL and so using it is at best useless and actually harmful (because it doesn't contain the correct DLL export declarations) in the latter case.

2010-09-16 13:05 VZ, revision 65557

Compilation fixes for non-MSVC 9 compilers after r65555. Somehow MSVC 9 compiled invalid wxT(__FUNCTION__) expressions but both MinGW and MSVC 6 (correctly) failed. Don't use this construct at all but instead call wxLogLastError() with the real function name. Also refactor the code slightly to avoid having to repeat this fix thrice.

2010-09-16 11:05 VS, revision 65556

Fix wxMSW rendering artifacts with modal dialogs. When a modal dialog showed another modal dialog, parts of the parent window weren't refreshed correctly. This demonstrated itself as rendering artifacts when moving the child dialog to another position: parts of the dialog were shown as disabled, parts as enabled. Fixed by explicitly refreshing the window.

2010-09-16 01:04 VZ, revision 65555

Remove display information caching from MSW wxDisplay implementation. Don't cache display rectangle and client rectangle as they can both change during the program lifetime (especially the latter which changes whenever taskbar is moved or shown/hidden) and retrieving them every time they're needed doesn't seem to be a problem performance-wise anyhow. We still cache the list of all the monitors, ideally we'd refresh it when we receive a notification about a display being [dis]connected. Closes #4582.

2010-09-16 00:13 DS, revision 65554

Fix possible errors introduced while generating Xcode project. Under some unknown circumstances two added source files are concatenated into one faulty entry in an Xcode project (this probably occurs either at the Xcode or XMLTools2 level). Try to detect these errors in the Python script and fix them by patching up the project.pbxproj file.

2010-09-16 00:10 VZ, revision 65553

Document limitations of the generic wxTextEntry hints. Calling methods other than SetValue() or ChangeValue() doesn't update the display correctly currently, see #12475.

2010-09-16 00:10 VZ, revision 65552

Update the text hint display correctly when ChangeValue() is called. wxTextEntry::ChangeValue() doesn't generate any events so we need to explicitly update the text stored by wxTextEntryHintData when it is called to ensure that it corresponds to the real controls value.