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2009-12-17 22:52 VZ, revision 62919

Compilation fixes and cleanup for wxSymbian. Avoid duplicating Unix files, reuse the existing ones instead. Remove unnecessary gcc pragmas. Add Symbian-specific chkconf.h. Closes #11551.

2009-12-17 18:51 VZ, revision 62916

Correct wxDateTime::GetWeekOfMonth() for days in the beginning of January. This function was implemented in terms of GetWeekOfYear() which made it tricky to get it right as GetWeekOfYear() can, correctly, return week number for the previous year for the first days of January (and also from the next one for the last days of December). Replace this implementation with a simple one directly counting the number of weeks since the first of the month, this seems to be much simpler and does pass the new unit test case which the old version failed. Also make the unit test failures more informative by using WX_ASSERT_EQUAL_MESSAGE() instead of CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL(). See #11561.

2009-12-17 17:44 VZ, revision 62914

Add test of accelerators using both ASCII and non-ASCII keys to the sample. Test using 'Ctrl-A', just 'A' and 'Esc' as accelerators as all of them except the first one were reported not to work in some cases.

2009-12-17 17:44 VZ, revision 62913

Always use FVIRTKEY for the accelerators under MSW. Not using FVIRTKEY results in problems in non-US keyboard layouts and, in fact, we were already always using it because wxCharCodeWXToMSW() returned true in its output IsVirtual argument most of the time. Just do it always now and also remove IsVirtual parameter with badly (if at all...) defined meaning from wxCharCodeWXToMSW() as it's not used anywhere any longer.

2009-12-17 15:41 JMS, revision 62912

Allow wxPropertyGrid::RecalculateVirtualSize() execute even if pg is not completely initialized (otherwise virtual size calculations may go wrong)

2009-12-17 14:39 SC, revision 62911

fix for sleep mode on displays, fixes #11557

2009-12-17 13:15 SC, revision 62909

supporting sleep mode properly, see #11557

2009-12-17 11:52 VZ, revision 62908

Initialize all fields of EXCEPINFO object to avoid crashes later. We could call SysFreeString() on uninitialized pointers if IDispatch::Invoke() failed.

2009-12-16 20:27 VZ, revision 62903

Correct typo in wxEVT_COMMAND_LISTBOX_DOUBLECLICKED. An underscore was omitted between LISTBOX and DOUBLECLICKED.

2009-12-16 19:59 JMS, revision 62902

Fixed display of 'InlineHelp' attribute

2009-12-16 19:48 JMS, revision 62901

Slightly improved check whether or not to execute wxPropertyGrid::RecalculateVirtualSize()

2009-12-16 18:10 PC, revision 62900

preserve type when loaded image is rescaled, #11543

2009-12-16 09:30 CE, revision 62899

force rebuild of all docs

2009-12-16 07:32 PC, revision 62898

allow setting client size to work properly before window is shown

2009-12-15 23:44 VZ, revision 62896

Avoid GTK+ errors when using AUI wxPseudoTransparentFrame hack. wxPseudoTransparentFrame is not a top level window at all and the code in wxGTK wxTopLevelWindow::DoSetSizeHints() fails for it when it is called from wxWindowBase::CreateBase() because of it and spits GTK+ errors as it calls gtk_window_set_geometry_hints() with NULL widget. Fix this by simply skipping wxTopLevelWindow implementation of this method in wxPseudoTransparentFrame. A better fix would be to get rid of this hack completely, of course.

2009-12-15 22:12 VZ, revision 62895

Remove asserts in wxChoicebook::Get/SetPageImage(). It's better to silently return an error code than assert when these methods are called as their failure is relatively harmless and the user code may call them via base class pointer without caring if it works with a control which supports images or not.

2009-12-15 16:38 VS, revision 62894

define NDEBUG if not using debug CRT

2009-12-15 16:38 VS, revision 62893

define NDEBUG if not using debug CRT

2009-12-15 12:25 VS, revision 62891

compilation fix for wxUSE_IMAGE=0 case

2009-12-15 12:24 VS, revision 62890

compilation fix for wxUSE_IMAGE=0 caseinclude/wx/iconbndl.h

2009-12-15 12:24 VS, revision 62889

PCH compilation fix

2009-12-14 20:17 VZ, revision 62886

Avoid painting generic wxDataViewCtrl if it has no columns. The code in wxDataViewMainWindow::OnPaint() relied on having at least the first column and didn't work for a completely empty control. Just don't paint it at all in this case as it's unnecessary anyhow.

2009-12-14 17:13 JMS, revision 62885

Make wxPG_EX_MULTIPLE_SELECTION behave more like a Windows list box (regarding Ctrl and Shift keys)

2009-12-14 16:33 JMS, revision 62884

Determine better whether the property editor needs to be refreshed in wxPGProperty::SetValue()

2009-12-14 16:18 JMS, revision 62882

'Set to Unspecified' -> 'Set Value to Unspecified'