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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2010-09-24 16:47 JMS, revision 65628

Have wxPropertyGrid inherit from wxControl and wxScrollHelper instead of wxScrolledWindow. This is the approach other scrolled controls use.

2010-09-23 23:12 RD, revision 65627

Fix sending a size event for the displayed page when the notebook is sized

2010-09-23 23:11 RD, revision 65626

Use the wx version of the wxDECLARE_EVENT_TABLE_ENTRY macro

2010-09-23 23:10 RD, revision 65625

Avoid an endless recursion situation

2010-09-23 23:09 RD, revision 65624

Allow the renderer to also work with wxMemoryDCs

2010-09-23 23:08 RD, revision 65623

SetUserScale(1.0, 1.0) in Unmask() so the image will not be scaled again when blitted

2010-09-23 23:07 RD, revision 65622

CanSetTransparent needs to be virtual

2010-09-23 23:05 RD, revision 65621

Various build tweaks and updates for wxPython

2010-09-23 22:54 RD, revision 65620

Add flag to enable specifying an architecture to build on Mac. Also add x86_64 architecture to universal build when buildng wxOSX-Cocoa

2010-09-23 19:02 SJL, revision 65597

Remove an assert that was not backed up by the documentation and so failed on some platforms but not on others. Re-enable some tests that were disabled in wxGTK as they now pass.

2010-09-23 18:55 SJL, revision 65596

Add ClearEventCount to wxTestableFrame. This means we can clear an event count when an event counter goes out of scope so the are no spurious results in later tests.

2010-09-23 18:24 JS, revision 65595

Fix bug finding line after line break

2010-09-23 18:16 JS, revision 65594

Fix bug finding line after line break

2010-09-23 14:58 JMS, revision 65593

Streamline wxPropertyGrid tooltip code

2010-09-23 14:55 JMS, revision 65592

When setting empty string as a tooltip, call gtk_widget_set_has_tooltip() with FALSE to remove the tooltip. This will bring wxGTK behavior in line with wxMSW.

2010-09-22 21:24 SJL, revision 65591

Fix assert when changing the filter selection on a multiple selection wxGenericDirCtrl. Because ExpandPaths selects the item we can simply grab a list of selected paths and then expand them all in the multiple selection case. The single selection case is unchanged. Closes #12340

2010-09-22 15:31 VZ, revision 65590

Better checks for wxMSWKeyboard::VKToWX() return value. Don't generate key events without any valid key code (this shouldn't normally happen but might on exotic keyboards with keys that we don't know about). Also ensure that we can distinguish between VKToWX() returning dead keys and non-Latin-1 keys by setting wchar_t output parameter to WXK_NONE too in the former case but not the latter. Generate wxEVT_CHAR_HOOK events for non-Latin-1 keys too in Unicode build.

2010-09-22 15:31 VZ, revision 65589

Fix recently broken generation of wxEVT_CHAR_HOOK events in wxMSW. Changes to VKToWX() semantics broke the logic of the global keyboard hook function in wxMSW which didn't generate wxEVT_CHAR_HOOK events for ASCII special keys such as WXK_ESCAPE any more. Fix this and also generate wxEVT_CHAR_HOOK for all events, not just the non-ASCII keys for consistency with the documentation and wxGTK. Closes #12501.

2010-09-22 14:45 SJL, revision 65588

Re-enable disabled wxWindow label tests under wxGTK as they were fixed in r65374

2010-09-22 12:06 SJL, revision 65587

Send generic wxTreeCtrl wxEVT_COMMAND_TREE_KEY_DOWN events from OnKeyDown rather than OnChar. This change means it sends events for the same keys as the wxMSW control. It also fixes the failing unit test.

2010-09-22 10:48 SJL, revision 65586

Send generic wxListCtrl wxEVT_COMMAND_LIST_KEY_DOWN events from OnKeyDown rather than OnChar. Also remove the HasCurrent check. These changes bring the generic control into line with the control under wxMSW. Re-enable the previously failing unit test and document that the key down event might not have a valid item associated with it.

2010-09-21 21:54 PMO, revision 65583

Adding wxQtPointer to ease the memory management of Qt objects.

2010-09-21 14:57 VZ, revision 65582

Compilation fixes for old SDKs (VC6) after recent commit. Define WM_QUERYUISTATE in wx/msw/missing.h too as src/msw/statbox.cpp uses it now. Also move DT_HIDEPREFIX definition from wx/msw/private/button.h to missing.h as well as it's now used in statbox.cpp too. Include missing.h explicitly from the files that use DT_HIDEPREFIX.

2010-09-21 13:56 VZ, revision 65581

Compilation fix of wxSocket code for older Solaris versions. Include sys/filio.h to define FIONBIO in all cases (sometimes this header is already included from sys/ioctl.h but not always). Closes #12481.

2010-09-21 13:44 VZ, revision 65580

Correct drawing of mnemonics in wxStaticBox label under wxMSW. Only show the mnemonics if they need to be shown, i.e. use the same logic as the standard controls use, to avoid showing mnemonics in wxStaticBox with custom label colour even when other wxStaticBoxes don't show it.