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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2009-12-19 16:07 JMS, revision 62948

Suppress 'unused argument' warnings

2009-12-19 15:47 JMS, revision 62947

Added wxWindowMSW::MSWGetThemeColour(); initially use it in wxComboCtrl::OnThemeChange()

2009-12-19 13:08 JMS, revision 62946

Properly notify active editor control when it receives the focus.

2009-12-19 13:00 VZ, revision 62945

Document wxSpinCtrlDouble in correct header file. The public header for this class is wx/spinctrl.h, but it was documented in wx/generic/spinctrg.h which didn't even correspond to an existing real header file (which is called spinctlg.h). Move the documentation to wx/spinctrl.h and remove the old file. Closes #11548.

2009-12-19 13:00 VZ, revision 62944

Document wxSizerItem::Assign{Window,Sizer,Spacer}() methods. Also explain why SetSpacer() and SetSizer() are deprecated. Closes #11555.

2009-12-19 12:59 VZ, revision 62943

Document wxDV_NO_HEADER style. Closes #11559.

2009-12-19 12:17 VZ, revision 62942

Corrections to expander position calculations and drawing in generic wxDVC. Correct the calculation of the indent for the columns following the expander and the calculation of the position of the expander itself. See #11558.

2009-12-19 12:17 VZ, revision 62941

Correct selection/drop highlight rectangles width in generic wxDataViewCtrl. The third parameter of wxRect ctor is the width, not the right edge. See #11558.

2009-12-19 12:17 VZ, revision 62940

Always draw standard-sized checkboxes in generic wxDataViewToggleRenderer. The checkbox should be always shown in its normal size, otherwise it looks strange. And this also fixes the overflow of the checkbox in the next column which happened if the size passed to Render() had negative width before. See #11558.

2009-12-19 12:17 VZ, revision 62939

Use correct width in wxDataViewCustomRendererBase::RenderText(). The text should be ellipsized to fit in the text rectangle, not the total cell one (which is larger). See #11558.

2009-12-19 12:13 JMS, revision 62938

In wxPropertyGrid::HandleCustomEditorEvent(), also filter out excess wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_UPDATED events that originated from wxComboCtrl-derived editors.

2009-12-18 23:31 VZ, revision 62935

Don't create labels with wxST_NO_AUTORESIZE flag with empty size by default. Since r57627 wxStaticText objects with wxST_NO_AUTORESIZE flag created with wxDefaultSize were created with zero width. This accounted for the disappearance of the labels for the toolbar controls (as could be seen in the toolbar sample where the combobox label was not shown any more). Fix this by explicitly setting the correct initial size after the correct label is set.

2009-12-18 23:31 VZ, revision 62934

Don't draw over dummy separators in MSW toolbar, just don't draw them at all. Prevent the native toolbar from drawing the separators which we use simply as placeholders by excluding them from the update region when handling WM_PAINT. This reduces flicker by not redrawing the areas occupied by these separators twice and also prevents them from ever being shown (you could see them briefly appear before being erased before). The other toolbar tools still flicker though, there doesn't seem to be any simple way to prevent the control from entirely invalidating itself whenever it is resized.

2009-12-18 21:49 VZ, revision 62933

Don't explicitly set the background colour for wxChoice. This is unnecessary and results in flicker when the control is resized because we explicitly erase its background ourselves and then it does it itself.

2009-12-18 21:49 VZ, revision 62932

No real changes, just change type of MSWGetBgBrush() argument. Pass wxWindow instead of HWND to it as in most cases we already have wxWindow for the HWND we have and calling wxFindWinFromHandle() once more is unnecessary. This also makes the code of MSWGetBgBrushForChild() slightly simpler.

2009-12-18 21:49 VZ, revision 62931

Don't force themed background for wxToolBar under MSW, just use the default. Native toolbars don't have themed background under Vista/7 and don't look good with rebar background (which is the same one as used for the menus) as toolbars don't appear on the top of the window. Erasing background ourselves also results in flicker and display problems and makes the code much more complicated. Simply don't do this to avoid all the problems.

2009-12-18 18:28 JMS, revision 62930

Have wxComboCtrl honour any custom foreground and background colour.

2009-12-18 18:03 JMS, revision 62929

In wxComboCtrl, prefer focus rectangle colours over custom ones.

2009-12-18 17:42 JMS, revision 62928

Have wxComboCtrl honour any application-specified foreground and background colour.

2009-12-18 15:47 VZ, revision 62927

Don't access the first character of a possible empty USEMAP parameter. This fixes an assert when using debug CRT in VC9.

2009-12-18 15:47 VZ, revision 62926

Only call GetTextMetrics() in wxDC::GetTextExtent() if necessary. A micro-optimization: avoid ::GetTextMetrics() call if we don't use its results (as is the case if neither descent nor external leading were requested).

2009-12-18 15:47 VZ, revision 62925

Call SymCleanup() in wxStackWalker to fix problem with next call to it. Calling SymInitialize() second and subsequent times failed (and hence so did wxStackWalker::WalkFrom() and other methods) as we didn't call SymCleanup() because of some problems with old versions of debughlp.dll. These problems don't seem to exist any more so do call SymCleanup() so that we can walk the stack more than once. Closes #11544.

2009-12-18 15:46 VZ, revision 62924

Don't use "-I @" in ctags command line as cmd.exe handles '@' specially. Just use the file path instead as '@' is used for the "response files" by cmd.exe, at least under Windows 7.

2009-12-18 15:46 VZ, revision 62923

No changes, just minor cleanup. Don't call wxWindow::PrepareDC() which doesn't do anything anyhow. Use wxBitmap::IsOk() instead of Ok().

2009-12-18 15:46 VZ, revision 62922

Restore the use of the correct brush for toolbar background erasing. The call to SetBrush() was mistakenly removed in r62850 but it is needed because wxClientDC only inherits background colour but not the brush used by DrawRectangle() call in wxToolBar::MSWEraseRect(), so the wrong colour was used under systems < Vista. Restore this call now.