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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2010-09-27 20:13 JS, revision 65660

Image dialog properties.

2010-09-27 14:55 VZ, revision 65659

Replace some stray _T()s with wxT(). We use wxT() exclusively now so replace some _T()s which crept in unnoticed. This also fixes compilation using Sun CC. See #12452.

2010-09-27 14:55 VZ, revision 65658

Fix wx/event.h compilation with Sun CC compiler. Move wxObjectEventFunctor::operator() definition after wxEvtHandler declaration as it uses call through a pointer to member of this class and Sun CC refuses to compile this without having the full class declaration. Closes #12452.

2010-09-27 14:48 VZ, revision 65657

Use wxString methods for UTF-8 conversions in wxX11 code. Use wxString::utf8_str() and FromUTF8() to convert to and from UTF-8. This is more efficient than using wxConvUTF8 as the code did before as it avoids the conversion entirely when wxString uses UTF-8 internally (as it does by default in wxX11) and also has the advantage of compiling in STL build unlike the old code. Closes #12518.

2010-09-27 14:48 VZ, revision 65656

Small clean up in wxX11 Pango code. Don't use unnecessary explicit casts of wxCharBuffer to "const char *". Use wxCharBuffer::length() instead of strlen().

2010-09-27 14:48 VZ, revision 65655

Fix wxX11 compilation when using PCH. wx/unix/utilsx11.h is not included by wx/wxprec.h so we need to include it when using PCH too. Closes #12517.

2010-09-27 13:57 VZ, revision 65654

Document wxSpinDoubleEvent class. Add documentation for the class itself and the associated EVT_SPINCTRLDOUBLE macro. Patch by Carsten Fuchs. Closes #12520.

2010-09-27 13:52 VZ, revision 65653

Close a modal dialog even when it doesn't have any buttons. The close button in the dialog title bar should work even if there are no buttons in the dialog itself (unlike the Escape key which works as an accelerator for a button), so close the dialog explicitly if the emulated button click wasn't processed in wxDialogBase::OnCloseWindow(). Closes #12513.

2010-09-27 13:51 VZ, revision 65652

Fix typo in wxStandardPathsBase::ResourceCat description and document it. Document the enum itself and also correct GetLocalizedResourcesDir() documentation which didn't specify the default value for the category parameter. Closes #12523.

2010-09-27 00:11 VZ, revision 65651

Compilation fix for MinGW STL build. std::tr1::unordeded_map<T *>::find() doesn't accept "const T *" pointer, at least with MinGW 4.4.0 standard library version, so add an explicit const_cast<> to fix compilation.

2010-09-27 00:11 VZ, revision 65650

Compilation fix for MinGW 4.x in new keyboard code. Explicitly choose the comparison operator to use when comparing wchar_t and int values, otherwise MinGW (correctly) complains about ambiguity between (int, int) and (wchar_t, const wxUniChar&) overloads.

2010-09-27 00:11 VZ, revision 65649

Make wxDateTime::Tm::yday public and document it. There doesn't seem any reason to allow access to all the other struct Tm fields but not yday so make it public, fill it in correctly when creating Tm without using its ctor from struct tm and document struct Tm itself including its yday field.

2010-09-27 00:11 VZ, revision 65648

Initialize wxDateTime::Tm::yday in the ctor. Set Tm::yday to a fixed value in the ctor as well instead of not initializing it at all. This bug actually didn't have any visible consequences as yday is currently a private member of struct tm and didn't seem to be used anywhere but it at least avoids MinGW 4.x warnings about possibly uninitialized variable and might become important in the future if we allow accessing this field.

2010-09-27 00:11 VZ, revision 65647

Correct g++ 4.x warnings about suggested explicit braces. Several warnings were generated for wxLogLastError() calls inside CALL_CARET_API macro by MinGW 4.4. Fix them by adding the extra braces. See also r61475.

2010-09-26 22:26 PMO, revision 65646

Added basic implementation for wxRadioBox and simplified choices handling for wxComboBox and wxChoice

2010-09-26 20:39 PMO, revision 65645

Added basic implementation for wxCheckBox

2010-09-26 18:38 PMO, revision 65644

Added implementation of wxWindow::DoFindFocus

2010-09-26 18:07 JS, revision 65643

General tidying of the floating image layout code Added CanEditProperties, EditProperties to make object editing more generic

2010-09-26 16:39 PMO, revision 65642

Added missing wxStaticLine::GetHandle() implementation

2010-09-26 16:33 PMO, revision 65641

Removed manual deletion of Qt widgets (wxQtPointer destructor is doing this now)

2010-09-26 14:00 PMO, revision 65640

Replaced QPointer usage with wxQtPointer

2010-09-25 16:15 JS, revision 65639


2010-09-24 19:44 JMS, revision 65631

Correct empty space drawing

2010-09-24 19:40 JMS, revision 65630

Removed debug log message

2010-09-24 17:22 JMS, revision 65629

Fixed PCH-less build