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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2009-12-31 00:40 KO, revision 63027

Fix issue that was causing ShowWithoutActivating to indirectly call wxNonOwnedWindow::Show.

2009-12-30 18:44 MW, revision 63024

Add another test for sparse file support so that the large file tests can run as part of the default suite for more platforms.

2009-12-30 18:41 KO, revision 63023

To support playing async sounds on the stack on Mac, do not delete the wxSoundData when its wxSound object is destroyed if it's in the queue of sounds to be played. Instead, mark it to be deleted and delete it after it has played.

2009-12-30 18:39 MW, revision 63022

Repair the stream tests.

2009-12-30 18:38 MW, revision 63021

Support large files with stdio on mingw.

2009-12-30 18:07 JMS, revision 63020

wxOwnerDrawComboCtrl -> wxComboCtrl

2009-12-30 18:06 JMS, revision 63019

Updated entries regarding wxPropertyGridManager

2009-12-30 14:46 VZ, revision 63017

Don't create an invalid iterator in wxDateTime::ParseTime(). Creating an iterator pointing beyond the string end resulted in an assert from MSVC 9 CRT. Fix this by using wxString ctor taking length (which may be greater than the length of the string) instead of the one taking two iterators (which must both be valid).

2009-12-30 14:38 VZ, revision 63016

Explicitly mention MSVC std::fstream(wxString) incompatibility issue. The fact that std::fstream provides a non-standard constructor in MSVC CRT implementation is sufficiently confusing to merit a special mention.

2009-12-30 09:35 SC, revision 63015

fixing SetSubMenu for OSX_Cocoa, fixes #11581

2009-12-29 17:04 JMS, revision 63012

Changed wxPropertyCategory to use same cell rendering code as regular properties. This allows labels for category columns other than the first. Rendering code was heavily modified to allow 'merging' of cells when needed.

2009-12-28 21:01 VZ, revision 63008

Use memmove() instead of memcpy() in wxString::AssignCopy(). This allows the code like "s = s.c_str()" to work correctly, although it doesn't fix all self-assignment-related bugs. See #11245.

2009-12-28 17:18 VZ, revision 63007

Ensure that frame is re-laid out when its toolbar is deleted. The code in wxFrameBase::SetToolBar() didn't work correctly when toolbar was unset using SetToolBar(NULL) because the frame toolbar pointer was reset before layout was done resulting in the frame not recognizing its (still existing) toolbar child as one of its bars and so nothing was done at all when the frame had a single child, as in the toolbar sample. Correct this by carefully ensuring that the toolbar pointer is still set at the moment of the layout but hide the toolbar to ensure that no place is allocated for it. Also mention that it is not necessary to call SetToolBar(NULL) at all if the toolbar is being deleted anyhow in the sample as toolbar does this itself in its destructor.

2009-12-28 17:18 VZ, revision 63006

Correct initial value of "Toggle toolbar" check menu item in the sample. This item should initially be checked because the toolbar is initially shown.

2009-12-28 02:56 PC, revision 63003

don't use ==, fixes ##11580

2009-12-27 20:40 VZ, revision 63001

Account for cells spanning multiple grid cells better when autosizing. The total size of a multi-span cell was accounted for each row/column it covered, resulting in too much space being allocated to them. Only take into account the average size of each row/column computed by dividing the total cell size by number of rows/columns it occupies to fix this. Closes #11498.

2009-12-27 20:40 VZ, revision 63000

Return the kind of cells span from wxGrid::GetCellSize(). Behaviour of GetCellSize() may be very surprising for the unwary as it can return negative or null "size" of the cell. Add CellSpan return value to allow the caller to check what kind of cell are we dealing with easier. Also document the new return value as well as the function (and matching SetCellSize()) itself carefully as its behaviour is far from obvious.

2009-12-27 20:40 VZ, revision 62999

Don't call SetMinSize() when creating the window if no initial size was given. Calling SetMinSize() is unnecessary in this case. It also results in GTK+ errors when creating wxFileDialog as it is not created yet when this is called (but it does take care to pass wxDefaultSize to this function as its size can't be set yet). See r62814 and r62817.

2009-12-27 20:40 VZ, revision 62998

Avoid defining COMPILER_PREFIX for autoconf format. This fixes a fatal bakefile error due to undefined COMPILER variable when using wx presets with autoconf backend introduced in r62458.

2009-12-27 20:40 VZ, revision 62997

Correct wxUSE_MACOSX_VERSION_MIN setting when running under OS X 10.4. sw_vers outputs e.g. 10.4.11 under 10.4 so comparing its result with just 10.4 is wrong, match it against "10.4*" using case instead to ensure that 10.4.11 is indeed recognized as 10.4. Closes #11579.

2009-12-27 20:40 VZ, revision 62996

Document wxString::operator<<(wxUniChar). wxUniChar overload was somehow omitted from the list. Closes #11568.

2009-12-27 20:39 VZ, revision 62995

Override some methods in wxF(F)ileStream to resolve ambiguities. Override virtual methods IsSeekable(), GetLength() and OnSysSeek/Tell() to forward to wxF(F)InputStream base class as otherwise it's impossible to use them at all because of ambiguity between the versions inherited from this class and wxF(F)OutputStream (even though the two versions should do the same thing as they operate on the same file descriptor/handle). Also improve documentation of these classes: provide a brief description, correct the base classes. Closes #11577.

2009-12-26 17:36 VZ, revision 62994

Take into account the initial buttons state when creating wxGTK toolbar. With wxMSW it is possible to call e.g. wxToolBarTool::Enable(false) on a tool before calling wxToolBar::Realize() to create the tool in an initially disabled state but this wasn't done in wxGTK version. Override Realize() now under wxGTK to bring the native toolbar buttons state in sync with the internal state of the corresponding wxToolBarTools.

2009-12-26 17:36 VZ, revision 62993

Don't forward declare wxSystemColour enum. Forward declaring enums is illegal in standard C++ and while MSVC allows this as an extension, it doesn't compile with g++. Just include wx/settings.h instead.

2009-12-26 17:36 VZ, revision 62992

No changes, just fix a typo in and rephrase a comment. Comment in wxToolBarBase::Realize() was probably copied from some port-specific file but didn't make sense any more in common code.