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2010-09-30 16:30 VZ, revision 65691

Correctly convert wxPrintf() to a buffer even when it doesn't fit. ConvertStringToBuf() helper function was defined incorrectly for converting wxString to a char* buffer as it didn't fill the buffer at all if the string didn't fit into it entirely instead of putting as much of the string into it as possible as was already done for the conversion to wchar_t* buffer. This broke wxSprintf()-related functions in when the ASCII output buffer was not big enough as it was not filled at all.

2010-09-30 16:30 VZ, revision 65690

Correct handling of %hs and %ls in our wxPrintf() implementation. The strings corresponding to %hs and %ls are always narrow/wide independently of the build so using wxArgNormalizedString which is defined differently in different builds doesn't make sense in wxPrintf(). Instead, simply expect the parameter of the appropriate matching type for these conversion specifications. Any conversions to it, if necessary, had been already done before by wxFormatString. This fixes some VsnprintfTestCase::BigToSmallBuffer() unit test failures.

2010-09-30 16:30 VZ, revision 65689

Fix handling of asterisks in wxPrintf() implementation. Count the number of asterisks before modifying the string we use to do this, otherwise we were off by one for the format specifications containing two of them. This really fixes the handling of asterisks (used for width/precision) in wxPrintf() format string, it wasn't done correctly by r60120 but now VsnprintfTestCase::Asterisk() test does pass.

2010-09-30 16:30 VZ, revision 65688

Expect an assert in wxVsnprintf() test with too many parameters. The call to wxPrintf() should provoke an assert if there are too many parameters, so update the test to expect it.

2010-09-30 16:30 VZ, revision 65687

Disable test failing under VC6 only. Somehow the expected assert is not generated by wxString::Format("%d", ptr) with VC6. Disable this test to make the test suite pass for VC6 for now to at least be able to monitor the appearance of the new errors in it. Of course, this one should ideally be debugged (by someone who is interested in VC6 support) as well...

2010-09-30 16:30 VZ, revision 65686

Insert another item in the list control in its unit test. For some reason the test fails with a single item in the control when running on the buildbot slave, check if this is still the case if we add another item to the control.

2010-09-30 16:30 VZ, revision 65685

Remove out of date code in DoStringPrintfV(). We can't clear a NULL buffer, the code didn't make any sense any more because it wasn't updated when the function was changed as part of UTF-8 transition. Closes #12529.

2010-09-30 15:09 MW, revision 65683

A couple of fixes for wxChm

2010-09-30 15:09 MW, revision 65682

A couple of fixes for wxChm

2010-09-30 14:30 VZ, revision 65681

More compilation fixes for new wxRTC image code without PCH. Add more headers needed when not using PCH.

2010-09-30 13:44 VZ, revision 65680

No changes whatsoever, just remove trailing whitespace. There are no real changes in this commit but it removes all trailing white space from our source files. This avoids problems when applying patches and making diffs and it would be nice to prevent it from reappearing.

2010-09-30 13:31 VZ, revision 65679

Use Unix EOL format for the new files.

2010-09-30 13:31 VZ, revision 65678

Include correct headers from richtextimagedlg.*. Include or forward declares the classes used by the header to make it self-contained. Do not include wx/wx.h from the source file to make compiling it faster when not using PCH. This fixes compilation under Unix after SOC2010_RTC_IMAGES branch merge.

2010-09-30 13:30 VZ, revision 65677

Remove interface/implementation #pragmas from richtextimagedlg.*. These pragmas are not necessary and may actually be harmful, no idea why were they added in the first place to a new file.

2010-09-30 12:27 VZ, revision 65676

Merge of SOC2010_RTC_IMAGES branch. Added floating images and image property dialog to wxRichTextCtrl, by Mingquan Yang as part of GSOC 2010. Also changed image block creation to use a memory stream instead of creating a temporary file.

2010-09-30 00:01 VZ, revision 65675

Correct printf() format specifiers for long variables in life demo. Fix asserts in 64 bit builds due to using %u (expecting 32 bit values on a typical Unix LP64 platform) for 64 bit long values.

2010-09-29 15:46 VZ, revision 65674

Add EVT_RIBBONBAR_TAB_LEFT_DCLICK event. Generate a special event when a ribbon bar is double clicked. Closes #12399.

2010-09-29 15:46 VZ, revision 65673

Fix crash in wxWebKitCtrl when using JavaScript. Ignore the unknown types of the script result, in particular don't crash trying to dereference an uninitialized pointer if the script didn't return anything. Closes #12361.

2010-09-29 15:46 VZ, revision 65672

Preserve page size when changing increment in wxGTK wxSpinCtrlDouble. The page size was wrongly reset when changing the increment before. See #12342.

2010-09-29 15:46 VZ, revision 65671

Fix wrong return value of wxGTK wxSpinCtrlDouble::GetIncrement(). Due to confusion in gtk_spin_button_get_increments() parameters order the page size was returned instead of the increment. See #12342.

2010-09-29 15:46 VZ, revision 65670

Return wxFONTFAMILY_DEFAULT, not UNKNOWN, from wxFont::GetFamily(). Although returning wxFONTFAMILY_UNKNOWN when the font family is not recognized makes more sense, it breaks a lot of existing code including all the font-related code generated by DialogBlocks, so prefer to return wxFONTFAMILY_DEFAULT instead -- which can't be confused for a valid font family neither but can be passed to wxFont ctor or SetFamily() without problems. To ensure that this behaviour is correctly implemented by all ports, rename the existing wxFont::GetFamily() to DoGetFamily() and call the new method from wxFontBase::GetFamily() which adjusts the return value if needed. Closes #12330.

2010-09-29 15:45 VZ, revision 65669

Improve mouse handling code in wxAuiToolBar. Capture the mouse to handle mouse input on the buttons to ensure we always reset the button when the mouse leaves it. Closes #11784.

2010-09-29 15:45 VZ, revision 65668

Include wx/defs.h before testing for wxUSE_RADIOBOX. We need to include wx/defs.h that (indirectly) defines wxUSE_RADIOBOX before testing for it in wx/radiobox.h, otherwise the test may fail if the latter header is the first wx header included by the user code. This is similar to r65210 fix for wxUSE_CHECKLISTBOX. Closes #12526.

2010-09-28 20:59 JMS, revision 65666

Reset wxPGEditor singleton instance pointers in dtors. This is useful if wxPropertyGrid is being accessed from an external main loop.

2010-09-28 08:27 JS, revision 65661

Compile fix