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2011-08-04 20:46 SJL, revision 68523

Add documentation for virtual file system support in wxWebView.

2011-08-04 18:12 VZ, revision 68522

Add missing header for minimalistic builds not using PCH. wxWindow might not be fully declared in dcbase.cpp but we need its full declaration for wxDCImpl::InheritAttributes() so explicitly include wx/window.h -- while this is usually already included from somewhere else it might not be in minimal builds with a lot of features disabled. Closes #13380.

2011-08-04 18:12 VZ, revision 68521

Compilation fixes for wxUSE_GEOMETRY==0 build. Add missing wxUSE_GEOMETRY checks to wxAffineMatrix2D-related code. Closes #13379.

2011-08-04 18:12 VZ, revision 68520

Use wxWindowMSW instead of wxWindow to fix wxUniv/MSW compilation. wxFindWindowAtPoint() only returns wxWindowMSW, not the derived wxWindow, in wxUniv build so assign its return value to wxWindowMSW to avoid compilation problems in it. Closes #12534.

2011-08-04 15:19 VZ, revision 68519

Avoid unwanted line break in wxDataViewListModel::GetCount() docs. Using "i.e." in the brief Doxygen comment makes it end it after the second period and results in truncated brief description and an unwanted line break in the full description. Just avoid using periods for now inside the brief description. Maybe a better solution could be found in the future.

2011-08-04 14:31 JS, revision 68518

Added Page Break control to spacing page

2011-08-04 14:31 JS, revision 68517

Added Page Break control to spacing page

2011-08-04 10:54 SJL, revision 68516

Update wxWebFileHandler to handle paths with fragments correctly, some backends pass this to the handler and some don't so we strip it if necessary.

2011-08-04 10:30 SJL, revision 68515

Fix recursion problems when loading pages from a virtual file system using the WebKitGTK+ backend. Navigating through pages in an archive now works correctly.

2011-08-04 02:49 LV, revision 68514

Some wxNotebook tests

2011-08-04 02:49 LV, revision 68513

wxTableCell checks for bitmap validity

2011-08-04 02:49 LV, revision 68512

Most UIButtons stopped showing themselves, sizeToFit reports (0; 0)

2011-08-03 20:51 SJL, revision 68509

Rename wxWebFileHandler name from test to file.

2011-08-03 20:31 SJL, revision 68507

Rework IE virtual file system support to use new syntax. Remove now unused code for resolving links ourselves, we can let the backend resolves them itself.

2011-08-03 17:46 JS, revision 68506

Return sensible major and minor version numbers for Mac OS X

2011-08-03 13:41 JS, revision 68505

Outline and line spacing can now be reset via the UI; format dialog layout improvements

2011-08-03 13:40 JS, revision 68504

Outline and line spacing can now be reset via the UI; format dialog layout improvements

2011-08-03 11:29 SJL, revision 68503

Initial work on virtual file system support for the WebKitGTK+ backend. It now supports loading single pages from the VFS system.

2011-08-03 02:45 VZ, revision 68502

Fix bug with TAB being able to switch focus between MDI frames. The keyboard navigation code correctly checked that TAB was not propagated above the TLW containing the window in which the key was pressed to avoid switching focus between different TLWs by pressing TAB. However wxMDIChildFrame is not a TLW and so it was possible to switch focus between two different MDI child frames by pressing TAB. This was unexpected and counterintuitive, especially because the frame receiving focus was not even activated (which might be another bug). Fix this by adding a new wxWindow::IsTopNavigationDomain() virtual method that can be overridden to indicate that a window is a self-contained "keyboard navigation domain" and that keyboard events shouldn't propagate outside of it and override it in both wxTopLevelWindow and wxMDIChildFrame to ensure that it behaves correctly.

2011-08-03 02:45 VZ, revision 68501

No real changes, just rename a variable. "focussed" spelling is unusual and inconsistent with "focused" used in many other places in the same file, so renamed "focussed_child_of_parent" and also use standard camelCase naming convention for it.

2011-08-02 22:23 RD, revision 68495

If -1 is passed to InsertItem for the imageIndex then don't set wxLIST_MASK_IMAGE

2011-08-02 21:49 RD, revision 68494

Initialize the native printer info for ConvertFromNative if it hasn't been done already.

2011-08-02 21:46 VZ, revision 68493

Don't un-maximize the window when Iconize(false) is called in wxMSW. Calling Iconize(false) on a maximized window restored it to its normal state instead of doing nothing as expected. Return immediately from Iconize() if the requested state is already the current one to avoid it. Closes #13373.

2011-08-02 21:46 VZ, revision 68492

Fix wxSocket::WaitForAccept() in blocking mode. When wxSocket::WaitForAccept() was called from another thread or on a socket with wxSOCKET_BLOCK flag it didn't work because it called wxSocketImpl::Select() with wxSOCKET_CONNECTION_FLAG which was only handled for the client sockets in this function. Handle it now for the server ones too, this should allow blocking server sockets to work again. Closes #12836.

2011-08-02 21:46 VZ, revision 68491

Remove documentation of non-existent wxTextAttr::CreateFont(). This method doesn't exist (only GetFont() does), so don't document it. Closes #13372.