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2010-10-25 00:40 VZ, revision 65898

Fix conversion of 32 bit ARGB bitmaps to wxImage in wxMSW. wxDIB::m_hasAlpha can't be trusted when the DIB was loaded from a file so don't rely on it in wxDIB::ConvertToImage(). Instead, suppose that 32 bpp bitmaps do have alpha channel and only get rid of it at the end of conversion if it turns out that all alpha values were 0. Closes #10133.

2010-10-25 00:40 VZ, revision 65897

Don't hard code "open" verb in wxMSW wxLaunchDefaultApplication(). Don't choose the verb explicitly and let ShellExecuteEx() choose the default one. In the vast majority of cases this will do the same thing but if some file type doesn't have an "open" verb the new version will still open it correctly using its default verb while the old version failed. See #10707.

2010-10-25 00:40 VZ, revision 65896

Add support for specifying child process cwd and env to wxExecute(). Add an optional wxExecuteEnv parameter to wxExecute() which allows to specify the initial working directory and custom environment for the child process. Closes #12163.

2010-10-25 00:40 VZ, revision 65895

Treat wxToolbook symmetrically with others in the notebook sample. Use wxToolbook as the default notebook type if the other ones are not available. Closes #12610.

2010-10-25 00:39 VZ, revision 65894

Don't reserve space for hidden controller in wxBookCtrl. Even when the controller was hidden, space was still allocated for it by wxBookCtrl. Fix this by only reserving extra space when the controller is shown. Closes #12609.

2010-10-24 16:34 VZ, revision 65893

Set wxKeyEvent::m_rawFlags to hardware key code in wxGTK. The raw flags were previously unused in wxGTK but hardware key code is an important information which may be useful to the application, so pass it in the flags (this is rather symmetric with passing lParam in it under MSW as lParam contains the scan code, among other things). Also document the meaning of raw key code and flags in all the major ports.

2010-10-24 16:34 VZ, revision 65892

Output header to the same directory as the .cpp file in wxrc. If "-o" option is given, generate the output header file in the same directory as the .cpp file and not in the current directory. Closes #4054.

2010-10-24 16:34 VZ, revision 65891

Use wxChoicebook instead of wxNotebook in the xrc sample. wxNotebook was unusable with so many pages under all platforms and completely unusable under Mac. Replace it with wxChoicebook which allows to select any page quickly instead of having to do it sequentially (or not being able to do it at all under Mac). Another possibility could be to use wxTreebook and organize the pages in categories, similarly to how it is done in the widgets sample. Closes #3699.

2010-10-24 16:34 VZ, revision 65890

Rearrange xrc sample controls in alphabetical order. Several new pages were added in random positions, rearrange them to be in alphabetical order. Also remove wxToolBar from "The Rest" page as it is shown in one of the other pages now.

2010-10-24 16:33 VZ, revision 65889

Make it easier to define custom wxSizerXmlHandler subclasses. No real changes but refactor wxSizerXmlHandler to make it easier to derive from it by adding virtual IsSizerNode() and DoCreateSizer() methods. To add support for a custom sizer class you only need to override them in wxSizerXmlHandler subclass now. Also document wxSizerXmlHandler which was not documented at all previously. Closes #11845.

2010-10-24 16:23 VZ, revision 65888

Make wxXmlResourceHandler::IsOfClass() static. This simple helper function doesn't use any wxXmlResourceHandler data as it's just a trivial wrapper for wxXmlNode::GetAttribute(). Making it static allows, in particular, to call it from const member functions of wxXmlResourceHandler-derived classes (making it "const" itself would achieve this too, of course, but it just doesn't need to be non-static).

2010-10-23 23:47 VZ, revision 65887

Add wxIcon::GetSize() to wxIcon in wxOSX. This fixes the compilation errors under OS X after r65884 due to the lack of this method there.

2010-10-23 20:56 VZ, revision 65886

Don't use non-existent icon in XRC sample. appicon.xpm was removed so use another icon in the controls demo in the sample instead, it doesn't matter which one we use anyhow.

2010-10-23 20:56 VZ, revision 65885

Add XRC handler for wxToolbook. Closes #11615.

2010-10-23 20:56 VZ, revision 65884

Don't assume any particular default size for XRC image lists. Let the image list deduce its size from the first bitmap in it. This is better than the old behaviour of using the standard icon size as it allows to omit the size from the image lists provided they contain the bitmaps of the same size.

2010-10-23 20:56 VZ, revision 65883

Correct wxDialog::SetAffirmativeId() documentation. The return value of ShowModal() is the affirmative id and not wxID_OK, of course. See ##11413 (specifically comment 5).

2010-10-23 16:10 VZ, revision 65882

Added wxThread::OnKill() and OnDelete() callbacks. Call OnXXX() from wxThread::Kill() and Delete() respectively to allow the thread being terminated perform some cleanup. Closes #9046.

2010-10-23 16:10 VZ, revision 65881

Construct paths using wxFileName in wxHTML help. Use wxFileName instead of more complicated and error-prone manipulations with strings. Closes #12602.

2010-10-23 16:09 VZ, revision 65880

Use rpmbuild to build the RPMs in "make rpm" target. In recent versions of rpm rpmbuild must be used for building the RPMs instead of rpm itself. See #12567.

2010-10-23 16:09 VZ, revision 65879

Add more headers to "make dist" and remove .mo files. Add wx/persist headers to the list of files used by "make dist" and remove the message catalogs which shouldn't be part of the source distribution. See #12567.

2010-10-23 16:09 VZ, revision 65878

Include wxscintilla library in wxGTK RPM. Include libwxscintilla.a for static linking. See #12567.

2010-10-23 16:09 VZ, revision 65877

Generate the full list of wxBase headers paths in wxGTK.spec. Instead of hardcoding the list of wxBase headers path, build it automatically from the list of their base names which is generated by bakefile and so is always up to date. See #12567.

2010-10-23 16:09 VZ, revision 65876

Force the use of GNOME printing support and wxMediaCtrl in wxGTK RPMs. Explicitly enable the use of GNOME printing and media control to ensure that RPMs are always created with these features enabled. See #12567.

2010-10-23 16:09 VZ, revision 65875

Remove "release" suffix from wx-config links used in RPMs. We don't distinguish debug and release builds under Unix any more in 2.9 and don't use "release" and "debug" suffixes in full wx-config names. Remove these suffixes from the wx-config links created by RPM post-installation step. See #12567.

2010-10-23 16:09 VZ, revision 65874

Document that wxProcess::GetOutputStream() can't be used after CloseOutput(). As closing the output stream makes it unusable, it is destroyed as well and so GetOutputStream() returns NULL after calling CloseOutput(). Closes #12605.