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2013-11-09 08:27 SC, revision 75143

preparing fix for non-bundled osx apps, see #15613 with fix on trunk

2013-11-08 21:26 SC, revision 75142

fixes #15613

2013-11-08 18:45 JS, revision 75141


2013-11-08 16:24 VS, revision 75140

Show keyboard focus in generic wxDVC even with single editable column. Previously, keyboard focus indicator was only shown if there were multiple editable columns. This was confusing to the user in applications where the number of editable columns changes: somethings focus would work, sometimes not. (In reality, it worked in both cases, but wasn't visually indicated.) Just always show the indicator if there are any editable columns. Notice that the indicator is only painted after the user pressed left or right arrows, thus indicating interest in keyboard focus. Without that, only the regular indicator is shown (this is the same as before this commit).

2013-11-07 13:49 JS, revision 75139

Fixed border colour parsing typo.

2013-11-07 13:44 VZ, revision 75138

Set event object for wxEVT_DATAVIEW_SELECTION_CHANGED events in wxGTK. The event object was always NULL for these events before as we didn't set it at all. Closes #13478.

2013-11-07 12:26 JS, revision 75137

Improved multiple table cell selection, especially for empty cells.

2013-11-07 12:06 JS, revision 75136

Correct the double-clicked word selection when at the end of a paragraph.

2013-11-07 00:35 VZ, revision 75135

Update wxListEvent::GetData() documentation too. It returns wxUIntPtr and not long since r75000, see #15578.

2013-11-06 17:59 VZ, revision 75134

Fix behaviour of wxComboBox using ID=1000 in wxMSW. If a wxComboBox was created with ID=1000, clicking in its drop down didn't work. It turns out that the native combobox control always creates its dropdown listbox with the ID of 1000 and that when we were getting LBN_SELCHANGE from it we mishandled this message because our code mistakenly believed that all messages from the ID of the control itself were, in fact, coming from this control, which wasn't the case here. Fix this by adding a special check for this case in wxComboBox. Also virtualize the dynamic cast which was done in wxWindow::FindItem() as this makes the code simpler and allows to get rid of __WXUNIVERSAL__ #ifdef as well. Closes #15647.

2013-11-06 16:08 JS, revision 75133

Allow the style name to be edited in the style definition editor

2013-11-06 13:44 JS, revision 75132

Don't merge text objects if they have different identifiers

2013-11-05 18:00 VZ, revision 75131

Correct check for animating non-visible windows added in r75130. Check whether the parent is not shown instead of checking the window itself because the window is never shown when we're in process of showing it. We need to avoid animations in the case when it still won't be shown even after showing it, and this is achieved by checking its parent visibility. Closes #15643.

2013-11-05 15:39 VZ, revision 75130

Don't use animations when showing non-visible windows. This is useless anyhow but also results in artefacts when the window becomes visible later. Closes #15643.

2013-11-05 14:39 VZ, revision 75129

Reduce the extra space added to wxMSW wxStaticText to just 1 pixel. This seems to be still enough to align the static text label and the text control contents when they are positioned next to each other but reduces the amount of "lost" space when they are positioned under each other. Closes #15637.

2013-11-05 14:39 VZ, revision 75128

Ignore system colour change events in not yet initialized wxPropertyGrid. Handling these events before the initialization was over could result in a crash because m_categoryDefaultCell wasn't yet initialized when the window was created. Fix this by ignoring these events during initialization. Closes #15642.

2013-11-05 14:39 VZ, revision 75127

Fix wxOleConvertVariantFlags mentions in the documentation. In some case wxConvertVariantToOleFlags was used instead. Closes #15641.

2013-11-05 02:00 BP, revision 75126

Adjusted Romanian translator list by request from Catalin.

2013-11-04 20:24 BP, revision 75125

Updated reference manual translation status table.

2013-11-04 16:13 JS, revision 75124

Made column and row spans members so they don't interfere with app-defined properties. Added identifier to wxRichTextObject so objects can be addressed by name. Generalised wxRICHTEXT_CHANGE_OBJECT command so it can now apply to a paragraph as well as an object within a paragraph.

2013-11-03 23:28 JS, revision 75123

Fixed some wxRTC dialog layout issues, and added a couple of extra text effects flags.

2013-11-02 19:01 VS, revision 75122

Make wxTextEntry::SetHint() work with all derived controls in wxOSX. Previously, the method was only implemented in wxTextCtrl even though it used wxTextEntry code to do the actual work. Move the implementation into wxTextEntry.

2013-11-02 17:55 VZ, revision 75121

Basque translations update from Xabier Aramendi.

2013-11-02 17:36 PC, revision 75120

2013-11-02 17:29 PC, revision 75119

get correct best size for wxSpinButton

2013-11-02 00:59 VZ, revision 75118

Reset current item in generic virtual wxListCtrl when items count changes. This ensures that we don't end up with an invalid current item value, which resulted in the asserts (see and possibly worse.

2013-11-02 00:59 VZ, revision 75117

Don't include sys/unistd.h unnecessarily when using MinGW. This doesn't seem to be needed under Windows where <sys/unistd.h> is just a wrapper for <io.h> which is already included just below anyhow. And doing this seems to result in problems with Cygwin MinGW cross-compiler 4.7.3 which seems to ship with broken version of this file, see the problem described in

2013-11-01 19:07 JS, revision 75116

Avoid invisible text in style list

2013-11-01 17:00 JS, revision 75115

Don't draw border if the width is zero.

2013-10-31 22:44 JS, revision 75114

Added corner radius to box attributes, and a control in the border properties page to edit it.

2013-10-31 17:03 VZ, revision 75113

Use proper accents in a contributor name.

2013-10-31 17:03 VZ, revision 75112

Fix light magenta definition in the colour database. Make it different from magenta itself, otherwise a colour constructed from "magenta" string was returning "light magenta" as its name. The exact value of this colour is not well-defined, another commonly used one seems to be 0xff80ff, but in a lot of places it is used as a synonym for fuchsia pink which is pretty unambiguously 0xff77ff. Closes #15628.

2013-10-31 13:05 VZ, revision 75111

Mention incompatible wxGridBagSizer::AddGrowable{Col,Row}() change. It now has no effect if called before adding the columns/rows to the sizer.

2013-10-31 12:56 VZ, revision 75110

Update contributor name to preferred variant.

2013-10-31 10:57 JS, revision 75109

Corrected multiple cell property editing

2013-10-31 10:40 JS, revision 75108

Fixed print preview glitch and vertical cell alignment.

2013-10-31 07:53 JS, revision 75107

Fixed selection bug.

2013-10-30 17:23 JS, revision 75106

Tidied up some file headers and fixed tooltip status accessors.

2013-10-30 16:15 JS, revision 75105

wxRTC: added spacing attribute and no-wrap behaviour for table cells.

2013-10-30 13:48 VZ, revision 75104

Minor Dutch translations update from Gideon van Melle.

2013-10-30 13:21 VZ, revision 75103

Fix wxMSW build with WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_2_6==1. Avoid conflict between wxMSW symbol defined in wx/platinfo.h in this build configuration and wxMSW namespace by renaming the latter to wxMSWImpl, which is also consistent with the namespace name used elsewhere. Closes #15624.

2013-10-30 08:25 VS, revision 75102

Add debugger visualizers for Visual Studio 2012+. Starting with 2012, Visual Studio uses a new, XML-based and actually quite understandable format for the debug visualizers. Only basics are included so far.

2013-10-29 23:54 VZ, revision 75101

Fix missing semicolon in wxFileName::SetPermissions() documentation. Closes #15623.

2013-10-29 20:20 VZ, revision 75100

Avoid pointer conversions to unsigned long in the samples. This results in errors when using g++ Win64 builds as sizeof(long) < sizeof(void*) in Win64.

2013-10-29 14:18 JS, revision 75099

Don't delete composite objects when defragmenting

2013-10-29 14:05 VZ, revision 75098

Remove accidentally committed testing "rem" from regen.bat. See #15620.

2013-10-29 13:17 VZ, revision 75097

Fix MeasureWidths() in wxSTC in non-Unicode build. Integer values must be converted to floats instead of just using memcpy(). Closes #15617.

2013-10-29 13:17 VZ, revision 75096

Fix wxSpinButton default width under GTK+ 3. The default GTK+2 width is so small as to make the control unusable under GTK+3, so use larger (but still hardcoded) width there. Closes #15619.

2013-10-29 13:17 VZ, revision 75095

Check for dot being available when building HTML documentation. This helps with ensuring that the generated CHM always has the inheritance diagrams as by default Doxygen creates it successfully even if dot is not found -- but without any graphs. Closes #15620.

2013-10-28 23:17 VZ, revision 75094

Initialize the number of items in wxSelectionStore. wxSelectionStore::m_count was somehow never initialized, and even although this seems harmless right now, don't leave it uninitialized if only to avoid Valgrind warnings about using this.

2013-10-28 21:38 VZ, revision 75093

Don't define _CRTBLD when using MSVC 12 or later. This results in fatal #errors from the standard <assert.h> which doesn't want to be included with _CRTBLD defined. Generally speaking, defining _CRTBLD looks like a very wrong thing to do and it's probably not necessary any more (considering that it was done in r25683 almost 10 years ago) but only avoid doing this with VC 12 for now to avoid breaking anything else before 3.0.

2013-10-28 16:04 VZ, revision 75092

Fix crash in wxCharBuffer if memory allocation fails. Handle memory allocation failure gracefully in wxCharTypeBuffer ctor. Closes #15616.

2013-10-28 12:24 VZ, revision 75091

Fix RC2 description in the announcement. It's second, not first.

2013-10-28 12:22 VZ, revision 75090

Update SHA1 sums of 3.0.0-rc2 binaries. Also mention the availability of two different architectures.

2013-10-28 08:48 VS, revision 75089

Fix wxWindowModalDialogEvent::GetReturnCode() on Windows. *Lots* of native dialogs don't call SetReturnCode() in their ShowModal() implementations in wxMSW. Rather than fixing them all - and having them accidentally broken again and again in the future - fix this just in the generic ShowWindowModal() implementation. This may not be the most elegant fix, but it is bullet-proof. Also revert previous attempt to fix just wxMessageDialog in r74776.

2013-10-27 21:36 VZ, revision 75088

Update SHA1 sums for the release files after remaking the release.

2013-10-27 21:21 VZ, revision 75087

Tag 3.0.0-rc2 release yet again.

2013-10-27 21:19 VZ, revision 75086
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/WX_3_0_0-rc2

Remove wrong 3.0.0-rc2 tag.

2013-10-27 21:17 VZ, revision 75085

Tag 3.0.0-rc2 release again.

2013-10-27 21:16 VZ, revision 75084

Update the version to 3.0.0-rc2 in wx/version.h as well.

2013-10-27 16:49 VZ, revision 75083

Tag 3.0.0-rc2 release

2013-10-27 16:48 VZ, revision 75082

Update checksums for the 3.0.0-rc2 release files.

2013-10-27 16:48 VZ, revision 75081

Prepare release notes and such for 3.0.0-rc2. No real changes, just change the RC number. Also update the release date.

2013-10-27 16:33 VZ, revision 75080

Simplify and update wxMSW build instructions. Keep the most important points, remove the obsolete stuff. Also get rid of 99% of the contents of BuildSVN.txt which simply duplicated the information from the other files.

2013-10-27 16:33 VZ, revision 75079

Add x64 platform to MSVS 10 solution and project files. Manually update VC10 projects to have both Win32 and x64 architectures, use "vc_x64" for the output directories and the DLL names under the latter. Closes #15568.

2013-10-26 23:40 VZ, revision 75076

Create 3.0 release branch.

2013-10-26 23:37 VZ, revision 75075

Update the binaries README for 3.0-rc2 and MinGW binaries. Also indicate that MSVS 2013 binaries are available and correct the name of the headers archive.

2013-10-26 22:29 VZ, revision 75074

Make windres command used in MinGW build configurable. This allows to pass extra arguments to windres, which is especially important when using 64 bit windres for building 32 bit applications as the generated .o file uses a wrong architecture unless "-F pe-i386" is explicitly specified. See #15601.

2013-10-26 22:29 VZ, revision 75073

Use UTF-8 for saving wxTextCtrl contents now. This ensures that the files created by wxTextCtrl::SaveFile() can be read back by wxTextCtrl::LoadFile() as previously the files were saved using the current locale encoding but read back using Latin1 (after first trying, and failing, to read them as UTF-8). This is a backwards incompatible change but it ensures that wxTextCtrl can load its own files and is also consistent with the use of UTF-8 by default in other places. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this ensures that the file contents can always be saved, i.e. there is no risk of conversion errors any more. Closes #15611.

2013-10-26 20:51 PC, revision 75072

spelling fixes

2013-10-26 19:11 PC, revision 75071

Remove references to GTK+ 3 support being experimental

2013-10-26 18:25 PC, revision 75070

spelling fixes

2013-10-26 18:25 PC, revision 75069

minor updates to GTK-specific comments

2013-10-25 23:23 VZ, revision 75068

Fix special characters handling in wxSVGFileDC::DrawText(). Special XML characters need to be quoted before being saved in an SVG file (which is also an XML file). Closes #15602.

2013-10-25 19:51 VZ, revision 75067

Use correct contributor name for Jonathan Liu. Correct the changelog entry added by r73938, see #10625.

2013-10-25 19:51 VZ, revision 75066

Remove wxPropertyGrid colours not recognized by wxColour. Don't use colour names which can't be used to successfully initialize wxColour. This is not the best solution, we probably should add these names to the colour database instead, but for now it's better than getting errors when trying to use these colours for colour properties in wxPropertyGrid. See #15597.

2013-10-25 19:38 VZ, revision 75065

Don't draw the segment lines in wxGtkPrinterDC::DrawArc() unless it's filled. The segments should only be drawn if we're filling the arc, i.e. drawing a pie, but not if we're just drawing its outline. Add a test of this to the printing sample. Closes #15609.

2013-10-25 19:38 VZ, revision 75064

Fix DrawArc() implementation in wxGtkPrinterDC. It didn't count the angles correctly when they were equal to 90 degrees. Also simplify the code by avoiding special cases for 90 degrees anyhow, just call atan2() directly. And also avoid converting the angles to degrees just to convert them back to radians immediately afterwards. See #15609.

2013-10-25 18:16 VZ, revision 75063

Improve wxDC::DrawArc() documentation. The existing documentation was flat out wrong as it is simply impossible to pass a circle through any two arbitrary points while also fixing its centre, explain what this function really does and also use this as an opportunity to point people to DrawEllipticArc() which is much less confusing. Also clarify the segments drawing logic of DrawArc() as it is quite counterintuitive too as it depends on the brush being used and is also different from DrawEllipticArc() which uses a simpler logic. See #15609.

2013-10-25 17:17 VZ, revision 75062

Indonesian translations update from Andika Triwidada.

2013-10-25 14:17 VZ, revision 75061

Restore the check for wxTAB_TRAVERSAL in wxMSW wxWindow code. This check was replaced with a check for WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT in r74732 to avoid using ::IsDialogMessage() when WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT is not set, but it also resulted in using it when WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT is set but wxTAB_TRAVERSAL is not. Check for both of them now so that we only use IsDialogMessage() when we need it (wxTAB_TRAVERSAL) and when it is safe to do it (WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT). Closes #15565.

2013-10-25 14:17 VZ, revision 75060

Fix passing wxCStrData to a vararg function. This doesn't work with simple vararg functions and the real solution would be to use WX_DEFINE_VARARG_FUNC for wxCrashReport::Output() but for now just add a cast to make the code compile and work with minimal changes. Closes #15598.

2013-10-25 14:17 VZ, revision 75059

Fix wxMSW build when wxUSE_INTL==0. Don't use wxLocaleInfo in this case as it's not defined. Closes #15599.

2013-10-25 14:17 VZ, revision 75058

Fix wxGrid compilation in some wxUSE_XXX=0 configurations. This header uses wxScopedPtr<> but didn't include the corresponding header, do it now as we can't always rely on this happening via the other headers as it does in the default build config.

2013-10-24 09:00 JS, revision 75057

Use specified height in a text box, if there is one

2013-10-22 20:44 JS, revision 75056

Implemented editing all 4 borders at once in wxRTC borders page

2013-10-21 18:01 JS, revision 75055

Added wxEVT_RICHTEXT_CONSUMING_CHARACTER event to allow interception of character events

2013-10-21 15:12 JS, revision 75054

Fix selection drawing for table cells

2013-10-21 15:10 JS, revision 75053

Fix HasCharacter/PragraphAttributes to use the focus object

2013-10-20 19:42 JS, revision 75052

Corrected wxRTC IsDefault() implementations

2013-10-20 19:19 JS, revision 75051

Avoid crash when deleting range that includes the focus object.

2013-10-19 21:27 SC, revision 75050

CoreText is always available on 10.5+, so using all this code unconditionally, committing Vadim's suggestions with two extensions, see #15580

2013-10-19 14:05 VZ, revision 75049

Disable wxDataObject in wxDFB build at configure level. Otherwise we'd just get an error when compiling wx/dfb/chkconf.h later. Closes #15594.

2013-10-19 08:48 SC, revision 75048

turn off web wxWebView on iOS at the moment

2013-10-18 21:27 JS, revision 75047

Fixed some data transfer bugs

2013-10-18 20:15 VZ, revision 75046

Avoid sending wxEVT_CHAR events when text is inserted by the program in wxOSX. This should fix crashes due to infinite recursion in the code that calls wxTextCtrl::WriteText() from wxEVT_CHAR handler. Closes #15345.

2013-10-18 20:15 VZ, revision 75045

No real changes, just restrict wxMacEditHelper interface. There is no need to provide GetCurrentlyEditedView() when a simpler IsCurrentlyEditedView() suffices.

2013-10-18 20:15 VZ, revision 75044

Fix ItemDeleted() call in wxTreeListModel. While it doesn't matter when exactly do we call it with the generic or GTK native implementations, under OS X we must update the internal model first and call this method afterwards because it refreshes the control contents immediately and so was calling back to the model and getting the pointer to the item about to be deleted, which resulted in a crash when this pointer was dereferences later. Closes #15575.

2013-10-18 17:00 VS, revision 75043

XRC spec: say that all properties are optional. Provide defaults for all properties in the spec. In XRC schema, make all properties optional. The previously required ones are annotated as "important" (read: should be set unless you know what you're doing), but aren't enforced. The code already behaved like this, so this just synchronizes the specification with the reality.

2013-10-18 17:00 VS, revision 75042

XRC schema: Validate wxSizerItem flag property rigorously. Validating all style flags strictly would be unmaintainable mess of verbose regular expressions that would quickly get out of sync. But we can validate at least wxSizerItem flags, which are both stable and so frequently used that it is worth the effort.

2013-10-18 17:00 VS, revision 75041

XRC: File bugs in wxFileCtrl spec, schema and samples. Incredibly, there were bugs, inaccuracies or missing content in all three of them, but each one had its own unique problems. Fix them all to be in sync with the implementation.

2013-10-18 16:59 VS, revision 75040

Use wxHORIZONTAL default for wxWrapSizer in wxSizerXmlHandler. For consistency with all other wxSizer kinds, use the default of wxHORIZONTAL instead of 0 (which has no meaning here) for wxWrapSizer too.

2013-10-18 13:21 VZ, revision 75039

Add a simple README for the XRC schemas. Explain how they can be used.

2013-10-18 10:44 SC, revision 75038

adding web view files for building Xcode projects, fixes #15590

2013-10-18 10:43 SC, revision 75037

adding web view files for building Xcode projects, see #15590

2013-10-18 09:16 SC, revision 75036

fixing compile after cleanup

2013-10-18 07:13 SC, revision 75035

fixes #15591

2013-10-18 00:28 VZ, revision 75034

Revert changes to the drawing of the tree item buttons in the generic renderer. This reverts r74887 as this created problems when drawing them at standard size. See #15526.

2013-10-18 00:26 VZ, revision 75033

Fix syntax error in the dialogs sample after r75028. An extra "&&" was left in the preprocessor check, remove it. Also remove the check for __WXMAC_OSX__ as it's unneeded as USE_NATIVE_FONT_DIALOG_FOR_MACOSX is only defined as 1 under wxOSX and, actually, wrong, as __WXMAC_OSX__ is never defined anywhere and was probably a corruption of __WXOSX_MAC__ in the first place.

2013-10-18 00:26 VZ, revision 75032

Fix gcc architecture checks added to wx/msw/genrcdefs.h. Use "#if defined" instead of "#ifdef" for the checks involving "||".

2013-10-17 23:21 VZ, revision 75031

Update wxString Unicode documentation to reflect the default wchar_t use. And other minor fixes to Unicode-related documentation.

2013-10-17 18:37 PC, revision 75030

make m_modalShowing private

2013-10-17 18:00 PC, revision 75029

silence GCC warning "enumeral and non-enumeral type in conditional expression"

2013-10-17 14:34 VZ, revision 75028

Get rid of compile- and run-time checks for OS X < 10.5. As 10.5 is the minimal supported version, it doesn't make sense to check for it (or even earlier versions) during the build or run-time. Closes #15580.

2013-10-17 14:34 VZ, revision 75027

Fix wrong UMAGetSystemVersion() return value comparison in wxScreenDC. The return value of gestaltSystemVersion() represents the version as "four hexadecimal digits in the low-order word of the return value", to quote Apple documentation, not as a floating point number.

2013-10-17 14:34 VZ, revision 75026

No changes, just remove hard TABs from wxWebViewWebKit code. This will allow to commit other changes to this file without triggering svn hook checking for the TABs absence.

2013-10-17 14:33 VZ, revision 75025

Remove our own dlxxx() functions emulation for OS X <= 10.3. We don't support so old versions of OS X any more anyhow, so simplify the code by using dlopen() &c directly instead of using our own wx_dlopen() with custom implementation for OS X. See #15580.

2013-10-17 14:33 VZ, revision 75024

Always use standard mbstowcs() and wcstombs() functions. Don't provide our own (not fully functional) definitions of them and always use the system versions as we don't support OS X 10.2 which was the last platform where these functions didn't exist/work. See #15580.

2013-10-17 14:19 VZ, revision 75023

Mention -std=gnu++11 vs -std=c++11 in the build instructions. Unfortunately -std=c++11 doesn't work currently and almost certainly won't before 3.0, so at least document the workaround.

2013-10-17 14:19 VZ, revision 75022

Also add mention of TDM-GCC to the build instructions. This seems to be a very popular option for building wxWidgets too.

2013-10-17 14:19 VZ, revision 75021

Update Cygwin/MinGW build instructions. Remove very out of date information, mention MinGW-w64 and extend Cygwin explanations.

2013-10-17 14:19 VZ, revision 75020

Check for gcc architecture defines in wx/msw/genrcdefs.h too. This fixes the build for non-x86 architectures when using MinGW with makefiles (i.e. not using configure) as without this no WX_CPU_XXX was getting defined at all, resulting in failures when building any programs using wxWidgets that includes wx/msw/wx.rc (including our own minimal sample).

2013-10-17 11:49 JS, revision 75019

Include for wxSscanf

2013-10-16 22:23 JS, revision 75018

Added points to the units for editing border widths

2013-10-16 20:19 JS, revision 75017

Typo fix

2013-10-16 19:23 PC, revision 75016

remove GetMaskBitmap() declaration, should have been part of r73409

2013-10-16 19:09 PC, revision 75015

slight simplification: use another sed expression instead of running tr

2013-10-16 18:45 PC, revision 75014

Silence warnings in headers with MSC -W4

2013-10-16 18:22 JS, revision 75013

Added wxTEXT_ATTR_UNITS_HUNDREDTHS_POINT for more precise border sizes; used GetPixels() more; corrected collapsed borders implementation.

2013-10-15 22:00 SC, revision 75012

adjusting the visible items

2013-10-15 18:12 VZ, revision 75011

Include wx/defs.h before testing for wxUSE_CHOICEDLG. Fix compilation of this header if it's the first one to be included from user code.

2013-10-15 15:04 VZ, revision 75010

Simplify the code in wxTextFile::OnRead() slightly. No real changes, just use a self-explanatory "lastWasCR" variable instead of storing the last character read which wasn't used for anything except comparing it with '\r'.

2013-10-15 15:04 VZ, revision 75009

Fix reading of files with Mac EOLs in wxTextFile. The last CR-terminated line wasn't handled correctly. Fix this now and add unit tests to ensure that it stays fixed. Closes #15583.

2013-10-15 12:24 VZ, revision 75008

Italian translations update from Roberto Boriotti. Just mark a few translations non-fuzzy.

2013-10-14 17:08 VZ, revision 75007

Document that wxEVT_MENU_CLOSE can come before wxEVT_MENU. This is somewhat unexpected but is how both wxMSW and wxGTK work currently, so just document the current behaviour. See #15479.

2013-10-14 17:08 VZ, revision 75006

Don't undefine __WXMSW__ for console mode applications using wxWidgets. This partially undoes the changes of r73290 by keeping __WXMSW__ defined for the console mode user applications and only undefining it when building wxWidgets itself. This allows the existing code using __WXMSW__ to continue compiling correctly with wxWidgets 3.0. Closes #15579.

2013-10-14 17:08 VZ, revision 75005

Fix pointer truncation in wxListEvent::GetData() in LLP64 builds. We must use wxUIntPtr and not long here to avoid truncating the upper half of the pointer when sizeof(void*)>sizeof(long). Closes #15578.

2013-10-14 17:08 VZ, revision 75004

Add wxOleConvertVariant_ReturnSafeArrays flag for better SAFEARRAY handling. While we can't change the type of wxVariant to which SAFEARRAYs are converted by default, it's much more convenient to work with the variant objects of the correct type, i.e. using wxVariantDataSafeArray, when dealing with SAFEARRAYs, so add a flag which can be set to tell a wxAutomationObject to behave in this way. Closes #14700.

2013-10-14 17:08 VZ, revision 75003

Added a changelog section for 3.0-RC2. List the most important changes since 3.0-RC1 already done.

2013-10-14 17:08 VZ, revision 75002

Only auto-link wsock32.dll if net library is used. Otherwise linking with it can create problems with the code using other network libraries, which link with ws2_32.dll (Winsock 2). See #15562.

2013-10-14 17:08 VZ, revision 75001

Don't use owner drawn items under Win7 even when using larger bitmaps. The check for menu bitmaps size added in r58557 was apparently only needed for XP and earlier versions and doesn't seem to be necessary under Win7, so don't use it there, if only because it allows to retrieve the menu item text which is useful for automation/screen reader tools. Closes #13544.

2013-10-14 17:08 VZ, revision 75000

Document that autocompletion is not implemented for wxOSX wxComboBox. While the relevant methods are in wxTextEntry, they are only really implemented for wxTextCtrl in wxOSX, not wxComboBox, which also derives from wxTextEntry.

2013-10-14 17:08 VZ, revision 74999

Do define __VISUALC__ when using Intel compiler under Windows. This undoes r74888, r74913 and r74969 because all of them were still not enough to make ICC build work correctly. So instead of trying to find all the places where we need to test for __INTELC__ in addition to __VISUALC__, just revert to defining __VISUALC__ for ICC under Windows as it uses its CRT anyhow and in the vast majority of cases we are actually testing for the CRT and not the compiler anyhow. Closes #15359.

2013-10-14 17:08 VZ, revision 74998

Don't leave dangling comboboxes in the GUI unit test suite. Sort() and ReadOnly() tests created a new combobox without deleting the old one, and so these comboboxes were left on the screen for the duration of all the subsequent tests, subtly breaking them. E.g. this was responsible for spurious breakages in the event propagation test case because sometimes the context menu event showed the combobox context menu (why this didn't happen always is another question...). It would be great to find some way to ensure that nothing is left after a test terminates but I'm not sure about how to do this with cppunit. So for now just manually delete the extraneous comboboxes.

2013-10-14 17:07 VZ, revision 74997

Fix wxDataFormat comparison operators for wxDF_HTML under wxMSW. This format is special as it doesn't have a fixed value and is registered dynamically instead. So we need to call HtmlFormatFixup(), which checks if the given custom format is actually wxDF_HTML, before comparing formats to ensure that the real value assigned to this format compares correctly to the fixed wxDF_HTML value. Closes #15280.

2013-10-14 17:07 VZ, revision 74996

Update the year in the built-in wxWidgets version dialog. Simply s/2011/2013/

2013-10-14 17:07 VZ, revision 74995

Work around a failure in TreeCtrlTestCase::SelectionChange() unit test. We were getting an extra event under MSW if the control was initially unfocused, so do focus it. This is a work around as the extra event shouldn't occur but I'm too afraid of changing wxMSW code itself so close to 3.0.

2013-10-14 17:07 VZ, revision 74994

Avoid spurious errors when getting wxChoice or wxListBox client data in wxMSW. Even after the changes of r70415, we could still report an error when the item client data was set to -1 (== CB_ERR) as checking for GetLastError() was not enough, we need to also ensure that the last error is reset before trying to get the client data. Also apply the same fix to wxListBox and add the tests verifying that this does work correctly. Closes #13883. Also fix wxListBox::GetClientData().

2013-10-14 12:00 VZ, revision 74993

Fix wrong encoding of Polish translations. The file was somehow encoded in UTF-8 twice.

2013-10-13 12:30 VZ, revision 74992

Update the version in bakefile presets to 3.0 too. Also mention this file in the list of files to update when changing the version. Closes #15577.

2013-10-12 22:47 JS, revision 74991

Fixed calculation when cell widths are percentages.

2013-10-12 09:10 JS, revision 74990

Added back missing event.Skip() removed accidentally in r72302 disabling editing

2013-10-12 08:15 JS, revision 74989

Fixed image insertion in the wxRTC sample

2013-10-11 17:31 VS, revision 74988

Add schema validation to wxrc. Add --validate and --validate-only flags to wxrc that perform validation of the input files against the RELAX NG schema from misc/schema. Jing must be installed for this to work.

2013-10-11 17:31 VS, revision 74987

Fix incorrect wxExecute() use in wxrc.

2013-10-11 17:31 VS, revision 74986

XRC format: clarify that cols/rows are unsigned.

2013-10-11 17:31 VS, revision 74985

XRC schema: fix t_style to allow 0-9 in style names. Example: wxCHK_2STATE

2013-10-11 16:43 JS, revision 74984

wxRTC tables: improve collapsed border drawing by allowing cell borders at the edge if no overall border.

2013-10-11 13:13 JS, revision 74983

Corrected conversion of small dimensions to pixels

2013-10-11 10:04 JS, revision 74982

Added SetProperty with wxChar* argument

2013-10-10 22:55 VZ, revision 74981

Don't use long deprecated and now removed pangox library in wxX11 any more. Use pangoxft only now. Also remove the apparently unused src/x11/pangox11.cpp file, only src/x11/pango_x.cpp seems to be used (and this one only by being included in src/x11/dcclient.cpp). Closes #15482.

2013-10-10 18:05 PC, revision 74980

remove extraneous semicolon

2013-10-09 22:42 VZ, revision 74979

Fix wrong common_samples.bkl include path in animate sample bakefile. Surprisingly, the wrong path somehow worked all this time and still works in some installation, but not all of them. Using the correct path shouldn't hurt though. Closes #15570.

2013-10-09 21:44 VZ, revision 74978

Revert the change to wxGTK build slave configure arguments. Undo the temporary change of r74975 as it didn't help with fixing the problem with the failing unit test.

2013-10-09 20:07 PC, revision 74977

Window decoration fixes for Wayland. Allow setting no decorations, and an attempt to allow setting no title bar. closes #15553

2013-10-09 12:45 VS, revision 74976

Remove assert from wxStringOperationsUtf8::DecIter(). The assert prevented decrementing end() iterator, which is a valid operation. Fixes #15566.

2013-10-09 12:34 VZ, revision 74975

Change wxGTK build slave configuration to use built-in libpng. This is an attempt to debug the failure of ImageTestCase::ScaleCompare() unit test.

2013-10-09 12:34 VZ, revision 74974

Call SetErrorMode() for all Windows applications, not just wxMSW ones. This suppresses default system error message boxes when trying to load an invalid DLL in wxGTK/Windows. Closes #15559.

2013-10-09 12:34 VZ, revision 74973

Undo the changes to a sample message catalog by "$Id" removal. Revert the changes of r74602 to a binary file. Closes #15563.

2013-10-09 03:53 BP, revision 74972
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/docs/doxygen/images/logo_gtk.png
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/docs/doxygen/images/logo_motif.png
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/docs/doxygen/images/logo_osxleopard.png
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/docs/doxygen/images/logo_win.png
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/docs/doxygen/images/logo_x11.png
  • M /wxWidgets/trunk/docs/doxygen/mainpages/platdetails.h

Removed unnecessary 3rd party copyrighted logos from the manual, see #15564.

2013-10-09 02:34 DS, revision 74971

Fixed wxFileDialog assertion failure under wxOSX Cocoa. Using wxFD_FILE_MUST_EXIST in combination with an extra panel in wxFileDialog wasn't working properly. Simply remove the unused flag under OS X. Caused problems with Cocoa only (not Carbon), and at least under 10.6 and 10.8.

2013-10-08 22:33 DS, revision 74970

Fixed Carbon compilation. Regression since r74855 and r74954.

2013-10-08 12:40 VZ, revision 74969

Check for __INTELC__ in a couple more places. See #15359.

2013-10-08 04:17 DS, revision 74968

Regenerated Xcode projects. Updated the Xcode projects to include src/common/threadinfo.cpp. Closes #15558.

2013-10-07 23:08 VZ, revision 74967

Some minor Tamil translations fixes from DINAKAR T.D.

2013-10-07 18:50 PC, revision 74966

update GLib version check

2013-10-07 18:14 PC, revision 74965

silence unused parameter warning

2013-10-07 18:06 PC, revision 74964

build fix for wxUSE_UNICODE==0

2013-10-07 15:04 VZ, revision 74963

Tag 3.0.0-rc1 release

2013-10-07 15:01 VZ, revision 74962

Update SF release notes for 3.0.0-rc1.

2013-10-07 15:01 VZ, revision 74961

Don't use capital "H" in the header archives names. This is inconsistent with "docs" and is just strange.

2013-10-07 14:55 JS, revision 74960

Apply #15557 to fix wxRichTextParagraphLayoutBox documentation (dghart)

2013-10-07 14:07 VZ, revision 74959

Update announcement and changelog for 3.0.0-RC1.

2013-10-07 14:07 VZ, revision 74958

Mention wxWebView in the list of major changes since 2.8. It's certainly no less important than propgrid or ribbon (and arguably much more so).

2013-10-07 13:43 VS, revision 74957

Workaround OS X crash when closing FDs in wxExecute. wxExecute() closes all file descriptors in the forked child process. This is a common practice, but it unfortunately breaks in combination with libdispatch on OS X, which - instead of gracefully handling the situation - intentionally(!) crashes when something closes its kevent file descriptor in OS X 10.8. There's doesn't seem to be a simple way to get this descriptor and there's no telling when libdispatch is pulled into the executable, so just leave the file descriptors be when running under Darwin, until a better fix is found.

2013-10-07 13:43 VS, revision 74956

Fix wxExecute() default priority if wxProcess is not used. The code mistakenly assigned the lowest possible priority (0, in wx's numbering), while the intention probably was to have the same default as wxProcess, which is 0 in POSIX numbering and 50== wxPRIORITY_DEFAULT in wx's. Fixes permission denied errors if lowering priority is not permitted.

2013-10-07 13:23 SC, revision 74955

adding getURL hook

2013-10-07 13:12 SC, revision 74954

completing OnInit rework for getURL and printFiles callback

2013-10-07 11:59 VZ, revision 74953

Fix unwanted ribbon expansion on focus loss. The ribbon unexpectedly showed itself on focus loss when it was minimized. Fix this and also use switch statement on m_ribbon_state to ensure that the compiler warns us if we forget to add the code for handling any new elements of wxRibbonDisplayMode enum. Closes #15381.

2013-10-07 11:59 VZ, revision 74952

Make the test for wxBUFFER_VIRTUAL_AREA in wxBufferedDC code more clear. While "!a & b" is the same as "!(a & b)" when "b" is a single bit, the latter is much more standard and more clear, so write this test (added in r71704) like this.

2013-10-07 11:58 VZ, revision 74951

Partially account for the shifted origin in wxBufferedDC. This change slightly improves wxBufferedDC and wxBufferedPaintDC behaviour when the origin of the DC is shifted, but they still don't work quite right in this case as they don't use the buffer area of correct size in this case, which results in cropping the final bitmap (as can be seen in the drawing sample, which was modified to show wxBufferedPaintDC in action). Closes #15497.

2013-10-07 11:58 VZ, revision 74950

Generate events with specific wxFSW_WARNING_OVERFLOW type if applicable. This allows the program to distinguish between some other, unspecified, warnings and this one which can and does happen whenever too many changes occur too quickly but which has a clearly defined work around: the state kept inside the program just needs to be refreshed by rescanning the directory anew. See #12847.

2013-10-07 11:58 VZ, revision 74949

Correct sorting order for doubles and wxDateTime in wxDataViewModel. They were compared inconsistently with the numbers and strings, -1 is supposed to be returned if the first element is less than the second one, not 1. Closes #15406.

2013-10-07 11:58 VZ, revision 74948

Handle comparisons of boolean and icon-text items in wxDataViewModel. For some reasons these types were not handled in wxDataViewModel::Compare(), unlike all the other standard ones. Closes #15407.

2013-10-06 23:12 SC, revision 74947

get OnInit with complete functionality without loosing sequence for MacOpenFile being called after OnInit

2013-10-06 01:30 VZ, revision 74946

Fix capturing non-ASCII output using wxExecute(). Explicitly use wxConvLibc with wxTextInputStream to make sure we correctly decode non-ASCII data in the subprocess output. This is a hack, the real solution would be to make wxTextInputStream work properly with wxConvAuto. See #14720.

2013-10-06 01:30 VZ, revision 74945

Improve handling of keyboard entry using IME. Pass the keyboard events to the IME before generating our events for them, the IME may need them for its own use. Closes #15384.

2013-10-05 21:50 JS, revision 74944

Use the correct attributes

2013-10-05 18:31 JS, revision 74943

wxRTC: fixed bug with columns with unspecified widths, and column spans, being sized too small

2013-10-05 18:20 PC, revision 74942

Fix default size of un-resizable windows, broken in r74685 see #14870 closes #15549

2013-10-05 18:15 JS, revision 74941

Provide a fallback text colour for text in wxRTC

2013-10-05 17:35 JS, revision 74940

Changed the capitalisation of 'span' of Set/GetRow/Colspan to be less jarring

2013-10-05 17:05 VZ, revision 74939

Don't skip handled mouse wheel events in wxVScrolledWindow. Make the code consistent with wxScrolledWindow and fix the problem with wheel events always being skipped by wxVScrolledWindow which could result in processing them multiple times, e.g. for the window itself and its parent as it happened with wxPGChoiceEditor cells in wxPropertyGrid. Closes #15547.

2013-10-05 17:05 VZ, revision 74938

Replace c_str() with t_str() in wxWinCE code. This should work correctly even in UTF-8 build, should someone want to use it under Windows CE.

2013-10-05 17:05 VZ, revision 74937

Don't call SetDllDirectory() when loading dynamic libraries in wxMSW. SetDllDirectory() modifies the per-process DLL loading behaviour which is already unexpected as it can affect other threads, running code completely unrelated to wxWidgets, but, even worse, we can't undo its effect as calling SetDllDirectory(NULL) as we used to discarded any changes to the DLL directory done by the program itself, while restoring the result of GetDllDirectory() would never restore the "compatible" algorithm for DLL search used by default. So the simplest, and the only 100% correct solution, is to not call this function at all from here and call it from some higher level code only, either in the user application or wxPython itself. Closes #15534.

2013-10-05 17:01 JS, revision 74936

Implemented collapsed borders for wxRTC

2013-10-05 02:05 VZ, revision 74935

Fix crash when accessing wxThreadInfo during global initialization time. We can't rely on our own globals being already constructed if we're called during another global initialization, so use the usual trick with wrapping them in accessor functions to ensure that they are.

2013-10-05 01:48 VZ, revision 74934

Work around g++ atomic builtins detection in configure when -Os is used. Assigning __sync_sub_and_fetch() result to an unused variable can result in it being optimized away and the function support is then not really tested for, see #4542. So do make sure this variable is kept by making it volatile. Closes #15555.

2013-10-05 01:48 VZ, revision 74933

Turkish translations update from Kaya Zeren.

2013-10-05 01:48 VZ, revision 74932

Remove unnecessary forward declarations from the docview sample. MyFrame doesn't exist at all and was just confusing; DrawingView does exist but is declared in view.h and is not needed in this header.

2013-10-04 14:34 JS, revision 74931

Added conversion from points

2013-10-04 09:57 JS, revision 74930

Corrected border drawing to avoid clipping

2013-10-04 07:51 JS, revision 74929

wxRTC table layout now uses cell content to calculate column widths if no other widths specified

2013-10-03 14:12 JS, revision 74928

Include wxWANTS_CHARS style unless wxTE_READONLY is specified

2013-10-03 13:08 VS, revision 74927

Add RELAX NG schema for XRC files.

2013-10-03 13:08 VS, revision 74926

Misc validity fixes to samples/xrc/rc/*.xrc. Fix invalid XRC markup.

2013-10-03 13:08 VS, revision 74925

XRC spec: document wxRibbon* XRC handler. Format documentation was nonexistent (the few words present were incorrect). Document my best guess about the intended usage.

2013-10-03 13:08 VS, revision 74924

XRC spec: relax requirements on some commonly omitted properties. Some properties documented as required, such as labels on wxStaticText or wxCheckBox or the size of wxSizer spacers, are frequently omitted in practice. Rather than strictly requiring them, forcing the markup to include dummy empty elements, loosen the restriction in the spec and make them optional. Nothing changes about actual acceptance of files by wxXmlResource: it would already silently deal with the lack of these properties.

2013-10-03 13:08 VS, revision 74923

XRC spec: document the "title" property for wxWizard.

2013-10-03 13:08 VS, revision 74922

XRC spec: document the "focused" window property.

2013-10-03 12:34 VZ, revision 74921

Fix install_name_tool calls in OS X "make install". Unfortunately the changes of r74909 (see #15452) don't seem to have been tested and broke "make install" completely as libraries were not found in the "bin" directory where the script was looking for them. Fix it to use "lib" subdirectory as intended. Closes #15551.

2013-10-03 12:34 VZ, revision 74920

Romanian translations fixes from Catalin Raceanu.

2013-10-03 01:32 VZ, revision 74919

Avoid dropping events in wxDocParentFrameAnyBase in some circumstances. The code trying to avoid forwarding duplicate events to wxDocManager was over eager and in some situations filtered out the events which hadn't been sent to it yet and were, in fact, not handled at all. This could be seen, for example, by running the docview sample with "--sdi" command line option, creating one child frame and then trying to create another one from the parent frame menu: this failed because the existence of a valid child was considered to be enough for the event to have been already processed in it which was false in this case. Unfortunately there is no obvious fix to this problem, notably because of the very roundabout way the toolbar events are processed in MDI windows: the toolbar itself is a child of the parent frame but the events from it are still sent to the currently active child frame by wxMDIParentFrameBase. So we can't rely on any kind of parent-of-originating-window checks. Instead, remember the last event handled in the child and avoid processing the same event in wxDocManager again. This should at least avoid the false positives (like the one fixed by this commit), although it could still result in false negatives (i.e. some duplicated events) if an event handler generated other events while skipping the original one. This is a lesser evil though and should be relatively rare in practice, so live with this ugliness until someone comes with another idea of fixing the bug described above.

2013-10-03 01:32 VZ, revision 74918

No changes, just fix a typo in a comment in wx/docview.h.

2013-10-03 01:32 VZ, revision 74917

No changes, just fix a typo in a comment in docview event handling code. This code is non-trivial enough without confusingly calling a view "new".

2013-10-03 00:55 VZ, revision 74916

A couple of fixes to Brazilian Portuguese translations from Felipe.

2013-10-02 18:25 VZ, revision 74915

Add wxActivateEvent::GetActivationReason(). This method is implemented for wxMSW-only currently and allows to check whether the window is being activated by a mouse click or in some other way there. Closes #15516.

2013-10-02 18:24 VZ, revision 74914

Fix incorrect event handler functions casts in wxRibbonPanel code. Use wxMouseEventHandler() instead of (wrongly) casting a method taking wxMouseEvent to wxEvent-taking wxObjectEventFunction. Closes #15550.

2013-10-02 01:04 VZ, revision 74913

Add more checks for Intel compiler. This should have been part of r74888. Closes #15359.

2013-10-01 19:09 VZ, revision 74912

Remove support for Gnome printing from wxGTK. It was replaced by GTK+ printing several years ago and is almost never used any longer anyhow, so any problems in this code (and there are some) would never be found and fixed. Also update the message catalogs to avoid having the strings not used any more, as they were only used in Gnome printing code. Closes #15517.

2013-10-01 18:33 PC, revision 74911

Go back to using a fixed value of 3 for lines/columns per action for mouse wheel event. The native value is too large. Reverts the effect of r74805. Closes #15527

2013-10-01 18:33 JS, revision 74910

Further refine of #15226: wxRichTextCtrl: Implement setting properties with undo for objects e.g. wxRichTextTable (dghart)

2013-10-01 18:08 VZ, revision 74909

Install wxrc with proper library dependencies under OS X. In addition to changing the libraries themselves to point to the dependencies in their installed location, we also need to do the same thing for wxrc when installing it under OS X, otherwise it wouldn't run once the libraries are not available in their original location any more. Closes #15452.

2013-10-01 18:08 VZ, revision 74908
  • M /wxWidgets/trunk/build/bakefiles/
  • M /wxWidgets/trunk/build/tools/
  • M /wxWidgets/trunk/build/tools/wxwidgets.iss
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/build_all
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/changelog
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/compat
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/copyright
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxbase-dbg.postinst
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxbase-dbg.prerm
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxbase-dev.postinst
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxbase-dev.prerm
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxgtk-dbg.postinst
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxgtk-dbg.prerm
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxgtk-dev.postinst
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxgtk-dev.prerm
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxmsw-dbg.postinst
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxmsw-dbg.prerm
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxmsw-dev.postinst
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/libwxmsw-dev.prerm
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/pycrust.desktop
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/pyshell.desktop
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/python-wxgtk-dbg.postinst
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/python-wxgtk-dbg.prerm
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/python-wxgtk.postinst
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/python-wxgtk.prerm
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/README.Debian
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/README.examples
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/README.HowToBuild.txt
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/rules
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/wx-config.1
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/wx-doc.doc-base
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/wx-examples.examples
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/wxPython-tools.1
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/wxrc-tools.1
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/debian/xrced.desktop
  • M /wxWidgets/trunk/

Remove unused debian subdirectory. All Debian-based distributions use their own files for creating their packages, so get rid of our own "debian" subdirectory to avoid confusing people and to not have to maintain them any more.

2013-10-01 18:08 VZ, revision 74907

Remove RPM .spec files from the repository. They were not really used for anything but still had to be updated and maintained. Get rid of them as all RPM-based distributions use their own spec files anyhow.

2013-10-01 18:08 VZ, revision 74906
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/cwcopysetup.bat
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/cwdcopysetup.bat

Remove obsolete CodeWarrior-related batch files. This compiler is not supported (and doesn't even exist, in fact) any more and these files should have been removed in r59493.

2013-10-01 18:08 VZ, revision 74905
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/Wxwindll.icc
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/wxJpeg.icc
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/wxPng.icc
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/wxTiff.icc
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/wxWin.icc
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/wxXpm.icc
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/wxZlib.icc

Remove obsolete VisualAge-related files. These were used under OS/2 circa 2000.

2013-10-01 18:08 VZ, revision 74904

Define _CRT_NONSTDC_NO_WARNINGS for zlib compilation with MSVC. This avoids a bunch of harmless but annoying warnings due to the use of POSIX functions in zlib code.

2013-10-01 18:08 VZ, revision 74903

Upgrade bundled zlib to 1.2.8. No real changes from wxWidgets point of view. Closes #15314.

2013-10-01 17:47 JS, revision 74902

Applied #15226 wxRichTextCtrl: Implement setting properties with undo for objects e.g. wxRichTextTable (dghart)

2013-10-01 17:25 VZ, revision 74901

Exclude zlib 3rd party sources from our checks too. zlib ChangeLog file is not in UTF-8 in 1.2.8 and so doesn't pass our checks.

2013-10-01 16:00 VZ, revision 74900

Tag zlib 1.2.8.

2013-10-01 15:59 VZ, revision 74899

Load zlib-1.2.8 into wxWidgets/vendor/zlib/current.

2013-10-01 15:54 VZ, revision 74898

Tag the currently used version of zlib.

2013-10-01 15:53 VZ, revision 74897

Importing unmodified zlib 1.2.3 sources.

2013-10-01 15:03 VZ, revision 74896

Add a few missing appearance screenshots for the manual. This fixes the last remaining Doxygen warnings. Closes #15346.

2013-10-01 15:03 VZ, revision 74895

Use generic appearance for wxSimpleHtmlListBox. It doesn't make much sense to have platform-specific screenshots for this generic control. See #15346.

2013-10-01 15:03 VZ, revision 74894

Make @genericAppearance Doxygen macro consistent with @appearance. Append ".png" extension automatically, just as @appearance does.

2013-10-01 15:03 VZ, revision 74893

Use wxListCtrl screenshots for wxListView as well. wxListView appears identically to wxListCtrl in report mode and the existing wxListCtrl screenshots show it exactly in this mode, so it doesn't make much sense to duplicate them. This also avoids Doxygen warnings about missing wxListView screenshots for MSW and OSX. See #15346.

2013-10-01 15:03 VZ, revision 74892

Document domain parameter of wxTranslations::GetTranslatedString(). This parameter needs to be documented, if only to avoid a Doxygen warning. See #15346.

2013-10-01 15:03 VZ, revision 74891

Fix wrong references to wxImageList description in XRC format docs. xrc_wximagelist reference didn't exist and resulted in Doxygen errors. See #15346.

2013-10-01 14:19 VS, revision 74890

Destroy the wxDialog::ShowWindowModalThenDo() functor a.s.a.p. Previously, the functor was kept in a helper event handler that was bound to wxEVT_WINDOW_MODAL_DIALOG_CLOSED and only marked as already called, but never unbound. Consequently, the functor object remained allocated for as long as the event table existed and was only freed with the dialog instance. Change the logic to destroy the functor object as soon as it was called and is no longer needed for anything. This is particularly important when used with C++11 lambdas that capture the dialog in a wxWindowPtr pointer, because the pointer would be retained forever otherwise.

2013-10-01 01:49 VZ, revision 74889

Fix crash when auto-sizing a wxDataViewCtrl column. The code was confused about the difference between the model and view columns indices and incorrectly used the former as the latter, which could result in an out of bound array access. Closes #15420.

2013-10-01 01:49 VZ, revision 74888

Do not define __VISUALC__ for Intel C++ compiler under Windows. This is confusing and makes it more difficult to test for the "real" MSVC, test for __INTELC__ explicitly wherever needed instead. Also document __INTELC__ in our list of compilers. Closes #15359.

2013-10-01 01:49 VZ, revision 74887

Improve drawing of the tree item buttons in the generic renderer. Draw the "-" and "+" signs always properly centered. Closes #15526.

2013-10-01 01:49 VZ, revision 74886

MinGW-w64 provides isfinite() in both 32 and 64 bit builds. So use __MINGW64_TOOLCHAIN__ to test for it and not __MINGW64__, which is only defined in 64 bits.

2013-10-01 01:49 VZ, revision 74885

Define __MINGW64_TOOLCHAIN__ and __MINGW32_TOOLCHAIN__ symbols. __MINGW64_TOOLCHAIN__ macro is more readable and shorter than the standard predefined __MINGW64_VERSION_MAJOR and __MINGW32_TOOLCHAIN__ is defined for the symmetry and also because it will make many tests simpler as we often need to test not so much for MinGW-w64 for its own sake but rather to disable the workarounds for MinGW32 when using it.

2013-10-01 01:48 VZ, revision 74884

Polish translations update from Grzegorz Zlotowicz.

2013-10-01 01:48 VZ, revision 74883

Fix problem with COMDLG_FILTERSPEC declaration with MinGW-w64 4.8. Forward declaring as a struct a symbol previously defined as a typedef results in an error when using MinGW-w64 4.8.1, so forward declare the struct itself instead.

2013-10-01 01:48 VZ, revision 74882

Don't check for tr1/type_traits in configure if type_traits was found. This is just an optimization: don't waste time checking for tr1 header if we already found the standard one that we're going to use if it's available.

2013-10-01 01:48 VZ, revision 74881

Avoid using wxHtmlTag::HasParam() unnecessarily. Use GetParamAsXXX() accessors instead as they combine the calls to HasParam() and GetParam() and make the code shorter and avoid the duplication of the tag name.

2013-10-01 01:48 VZ, revision 74880

Store HTML "id" parameter value in wxHtmlCell. Pass on the value of the ID to the cell object when adding a new cell. Closes #15535.

2013-10-01 01:48 VZ, revision 74879

Add wxHtmlTag::GetParamAsString() convenience method. This is more convenient to use than HasParam() + GetParam() and also slightly more efficient as we search for the tag name only once.

2013-10-01 01:48 VZ, revision 74878

No changes, just use "@since 3.0" consistently in the documentation. This was the only place where "@since 3.0.0" was used, replace it with just "3.0" for consistency with all the others.

2013-10-01 01:48 VZ, revision 74877

Brazilian Portuguese translations update from Felipe.

2013-10-01 01:48 VZ, revision 74876

Chinese translations update from Jiawei Huang.

2013-09-30 19:12 VS, revision 74875

Compilation fix for !wxUSE_OWNER_DRAWN.

2013-09-29 18:08 JS, revision 74874

Applied #15226 with modifications: wxRichTextCtrl: Implement setting properties with undo for objects e.g. wxRichTextTable (dghart)

2013-09-29 16:01 JS, revision 74873

Don't redraw borders for cells that are hidden - fixes drawing glitch in sample

2013-09-29 15:35 JS, revision 74872

Added wxRichTextTableBlock class to help with table UI operations

2013-09-29 15:11 JS, revision 74871

Fixed capitalisation

2013-09-29 14:58 JS, revision 74870

Applied patch #15540: wxRichTextTable: crashes due to an invalid focus object (dghart)

2013-09-29 14:14 JS, revision 74869

Applied #15539: wxRichTextCtrl: demonstrate adding and deleting table rows and columns in the richtext sample (dghart)

2013-09-29 14:06 JS, revision 74868

wxRTC: save and load the 'shown' status in case there's a situation where layout doesn't restore it

2013-09-27 15:36 JS, revision 74866

wxRTC: fixed guidelines overwriting adjacent cell borders; corrected capitalisation in command labels; now sends text update event when an object is changed.

2013-09-26 14:55 VS, revision 74865

Misc XRC format docs corrections.

2013-09-26 14:55 VS, revision 74864

XRC: make wxStaticText's wrap property a dimension. Parse it as dimension type (including dlg units) and not just integer. This is backward compatible.

2013-09-26 14:55 VS, revision 74863

XRC: make wxSplitterWindow's sashpos and minpanesize dimensions. Parse them as dimension type (including dlg units) and not just integers. This is backward compatible.

2013-09-26 12:00 JS, revision 74862

Corrected disabling of controls in cell editor.

2013-09-26 08:31 SC, revision 74861

always use hw-accel, fixes #15536, applied with thanks

2013-09-24 14:05 JS, revision 74860

Added wxRichTextAction::SetOldAndNewObjects for clarity when submitting a wxRICHTEXT_CHANGE_OBJECT command.

2013-09-24 07:50 PC, revision 74859

avoid calling GetDefaultSize() twice

2013-09-23 11:07 JS, revision 74858

Make wxRichTextRectArray usable by other parts of wxRTC

2013-09-22 22:34 JS, revision 74857

Partial fix for #15196: wxRichTextCell caret issues (dghart)

2013-09-22 22:22 JS, revision 74856

Allow absent checkbox when transferring dimension data

2013-09-21 12:11 VS, revision 74855

Make public headers compatible with Objective-C++ with ARC. OSXGetViewOrWindow() virtual methods were defined in headers and were casting NSView*/NSWindow* to void*, which the compiler complains about with ARC enabled. Rather than writing conditional code in the header, move the implementations into .cpp files. They were virtual anyway, so this is no less efficient, and doesn't leave any problematic code in public headers.

2013-09-21 11:28 VS, revision 74854

Revert "using #ifdef wxABORT_ON_CONFIG_ERROR not just #if as elsewhere" This reverts commit r74656, because it breaks initialization order by calling OnInit() too late. See

2013-09-21 11:28 VS, revision 74853

Add virtual ~wxAnyScrollHelperBase() to fix compiler warning.

2013-09-21 11:28 VS, revision 74852

Fix wxOSX warnings about int-to-void* casts.

2013-09-21 11:28 VS, revision 74851

Set missing Language: headers in PO files.

2013-09-21 11:28 VS, revision 74850

Standardize Project-Id-Version in PO files. Set it to "wxWidgets 3.0". Add where missing.

2013-09-20 19:27 VS, revision 74849

Try loading even English translations if provided. Doing so has negligible cost and can be useful in some situations (e.g. when using symbolic msgids despite gettext best practices). Patch by tmsorensen. Fixes #15522.

2013-09-20 17:21 PC, revision 74848

fix vertical mouse wheel event rotation value, sign was reversed in r74805 fixes #15524

2013-09-20 13:34 JS, revision 74847

Added setters for table row and column count

2013-09-20 08:07 JJ, revision 74846

Update OpenVMS makefile

2013-09-19 20:23 JS, revision 74845

The alignment controls are now left-aligned if the floating controls are not shown.

2013-09-19 15:14 JS, revision 74844

Corrections to border placement

2013-09-19 13:09 JS, revision 74843

Second part of #15224 fix: AddRows, AddColumns (dghart)

2013-09-19 10:38 JS, revision 74842

Fix for #15224: wxRichTextTable: Setting a cell's text colour affects subsequent cells (dghart)

2013-09-19 09:48 JS, revision 74841

Fix for #15520: wxRichTextCtrl: Drawing the selection doesn't respect its container (dghart)

2013-09-19 08:16 PC, revision 74840

fix building with WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_2_8 == 0 wxPG_EX_DISABLE_TLP_TRACKING does nothing since r61779

2013-09-19 07:33 PC, revision 74839

fix wxSystemSettings::GetColour() for wxGTK3 closes #15519

2013-09-18 20:02 VZ, revision 74838

Add missing c_str() call to fix wxGTK ANSI+STL build. Closes #15518.

2013-09-18 19:30 VZ, revision 74837

Use std::isfinite() for wxFinite() for C++11 compilers. This should fix compilation with MinGW 4.8.1 cross-compiler in C++11 mode as it doesn't seem to provide finite() any more then. Also, only defined wxFinite() and wxIsNaN() for C++, not C. This makes the checks for __cplusplus >= 201103 simpler and is consistent with how wxIsSameDouble() and wxRound() were already only defined for C++ (this is also the source of most of the changes in this diff, viewing it ignoring whitespace will show the only real changes).

2013-09-18 18:03 VS, revision 74836

Add wxTranslations::GetTranslatedString(). Replace GetString(), which always returns something (possibly the original string) with GetTranslatedString() that returns either a pointer to translated string or NULL. This simplifies the code a bit, all handling of missing translations is now done in wxGetTranslation().

2013-09-18 18:03 VS, revision 74835

Remove unused wxLocale::GetUntranslatedString().

2013-09-18 18:03 VS, revision 74834

Deallocate wxThreadSpecificInfo when wxThread ends. Cleanup wxThreadSpecificInfo after wxThread::Entry returns to be more memory efficient.

2013-09-18 18:03 VS, revision 74833

Make _() and friends safe to call from any thread. The GetUntranslatedString() hack keeps a global copy of all strings, so that it can return a const reference as wxGetTranslation() return value. A global wxHashSet instance shared by all threads won't do, even guarded with a critical section, because it may internally copy values on any insert and thus invalidate pointers that may still be used on another thread.

2013-09-18 18:03 VS, revision 74832

Make storing non-trivial data in wxThreadSpecificInfo possible.

2013-09-18 17:12 SJL, revision 74831

Update vc10 build file versions to 3.0.0. See r74781.

2013-09-18 10:18 JS, revision 74830

Ensure that the overall table border doesn't get overdrawn by cell borders with a different colour

2013-09-17 19:35 VZ, revision 74829

Fix badly translated wildcard string in German message catalog. "*.*" should be "*.*" even in German.

2013-09-17 19:35 VZ, revision 74828

More German translations updates from Sebastian Walderich.

2013-09-17 17:25 VZ, revision 74827

Fix assorted typos in comments and other non-code. Closes #15509.

2013-09-17 17:25 VZ, revision 74826

Use mask when drawing bitmaps in generic wxDataViewCtrl. This allows to have bitmaps with transparent areas in them. Closes #15510.

2013-09-17 17:25 VZ, revision 74825

Add wxDataViewRendererBase::GetEffectiveAlignment() and use it. This helper method falls back on the alignment of the column if the renderer alignment is not specified. This is almost always what should be used instead of GetAlignment() to determine the alignment that really should be used in the drawing code. In particular, using GetEffectiveAlignment() in wxDataViewCustomRenderer fixes the problem with bitmap columns ignoring column alignment for their bitmaps. Closes #15498.

2013-09-16 17:47 PC, revision 74824

remove executable property from non-executable files, closes #15504

2013-09-16 17:15 VS, revision 74823

Fix wrong type information for {v,h}gap in XRC format docs.

2013-09-15 13:57 VZ, revision 74820

Revert "Make wxMSW stack walking methods work with Unicode identifiers." This reverts r74817 because it broke compilation with VC8 and it doesn't seem obvious to fix this. See #15138, closes #15500.

2013-09-15 02:16 VZ, revision 74819

Add code showing stereo support to the OpenGL cube sample. Show how WX_GL_STEREO attribute can be used, if available. See #15434.

2013-09-15 02:16 VZ, revision 74818

Show full screen windows with WS_POPUP style in wxMSW. This doesn't make any difference for most windows but fixes a problem with wxGLCanvas windows using stereo support of Nvidia cards and generally it does make sense to use WS_POPUP with full screen windows as they are definitely not overlapped, so just use this style unconditionally. Closes #15434.

2013-09-15 02:16 VZ, revision 74817

Make wxMSW stack walking methods work with Unicode identifiers. This allows to show the stack properly for e.g. Japanese programs. Closes #15138.

2013-09-15 02:15 VZ, revision 74816

Disable handling of wxEVT_MOUSEWHEEL in wxVarScrollHelperEvtHandler in wxGTK. Just for consistency with wxScrollHelperBase, not really sure what problem exactly does this solve. See #15357.

2013-09-15 02:15 VZ, revision 74815

Make default keyboard handling available in wxVarScrollHelperEvtHandler too. Factor out the keyboard handling code in wxAnyScrollHelperBase allowing its reuse in wxVarScrollHelperEvtHandler. Now wxVarScrollHelperBase handles cursor keys in a sane way by default too and also allows disabling their handling, just as wxScrolledWindow. See #15357.

2013-09-15 02:15 VZ, revision 74814

Propagate the event handling fixes to wxVarScrollHelperBase. Merge the fixes to wxScrollHelperBase::ProcessEvent() of r64358, r64370, r64464, r72939 and possibly a few more in wxVarScrollHelperBase to fix its behaviour too, as it wasn't generating the correct events any longer. Unfortunately the fix right now is to physically copy the code from one class to the other. This should be avoided, of course, and a more in depth refactoring should be done to move the code common to both classes into wxAnyScrollHelperBase after 3.0 release. But for now continuing to duplicate code is better than not having a working wxVarScrollHelperBase. See #15357.

2013-09-15 02:15 VZ, revision 74813

Add wxAnyScrollHelperBase to reduce code duplication in wxVarScrollHelperBase. This is just a small refactoring to move some trivially common parts of wxScrollHelperBase and wxVarScrollHelperBase in a new common base class. This will make it possible to apply other corrections to wxVarScrollHelperBase without having to physically duplicate the code from wxScrollHelperBase in it. See #15357.

2013-09-15 02:15 VZ, revision 74812

Use wxGetTranslation() instead of _() in the public headers. This allows the code in them to compile even when WXINTL_NO_GETTEXT_MACRO is defined. Closes #15443.

2013-09-15 02:14 VZ, revision 74811

Fix flickering of wxStaticBox background in wxMSW. First of all, don't erase background in WM_ERASEBKGND at all if we erase it anyhow in WM_PAINT, this is totally useless and is what wxBG_STYLE_PAINT is for. Second, clip out not only the siblings of the static box but also its children when erasing the background to avoid painting over the controls created as the box children, which is the preferred way to create them now. Closes #15150.

2013-09-15 02:14 VZ, revision 74810

Don't crash when laying out wxGridBagSizer with only hidden elements. wxGridBagSizer lay out algorithm needs at least a single row and a single column to work, so simply don't run it at all if there is nothing to lay out. Closes #15475.

2013-09-15 02:14 VZ, revision 74809

Mention that wxSizer::Clear() always deletes child sizers. The existence of "delete_windows" argument could mislead people into thinking that sizers were not deleted neither when it had false value, see #15475.

2013-09-15 02:14 VZ, revision 74808

Improve composite flags handling in the property grid wxFlagsProperty. Don't consider that a flag is on just because one of its bits is enabled in the current flags, for the composite flags (e.g. something like "BOTH = ONE | TWO") all the bits composing the flag must be on for it to be enabled. Closes #15499.

2013-09-14 22:46 JS, revision 74807

Workaround for #15404: wxRichTextCtrl: caret does not disappear when focus is lost (Mac) (briceandre)

2013-09-14 20:15 PC, revision 74806

add support for GDK_SCROLL_SMOOTH mouse wheel event, introduced in GTK+ 3.4

2013-09-14 20:06 PC, revision 74805

use native lines/columns per action for mouse wheel event

2013-09-13 14:55 SJL, revision 74804

Handle WebKitWebView create-web-view. In some cases a new window is signalled using create-web-view rather than new-window-policy-decision-requested and so we need to handle it to emit the correct new window events. Fixes #15447.

2013-09-13 13:35 VZ, revision 74803

German translations update from Sebastian Walderich.

2013-09-12 22:49 VZ, revision 74802

Another Tamil translations update from Dinakar T.D.

2013-09-12 22:49 VZ, revision 74801

Polish translations update from Grzegorz Zlotowicz.

2013-09-12 22:49 VZ, revision 74800

2013-09-12 22:49 VZ, revision 74799

Don't reset m_fp if wxFFile::Open() fails. This makes it behaviour consistent with wxFile::Open(). Also don't use Detach() in Close(), again for consistency with wxFile, even if this has no user-visible effects at all. See #15494.

2013-09-12 22:49 VZ, revision 74798

Return the old file descriptor/pointer from wx(F)File::Detach(). Make Detach() more convenient to use. Closes #15494.

2013-09-11 19:02 RD, revision 74792

Add missing Calc*Exposed methods

2013-09-11 17:20 VS, revision 74791

Don't lie about wxImageList in XRC format spec. The documentation for setting image lists on controls was a complete fabrication. It pretended that image lists were created as child <object>s, while in reality they are properties just as e.g. fonts are. Fix this and also better document the related 'image' property.

2013-09-11 17:20 VS, revision 74790

Minor corrections to XRC format description.

2013-09-11 17:20 VS, revision 74789

Fix incorrect XRC format docs for wxMenu(Bar)'s "style" property. It is not true that no standard properties are allowed, "style" is.

2013-09-11 17:20 VS, revision 74788

Better name for wxXmlResource::GetDirection() argument. 'dir' is not very descriptive (of course it's a direction!), it's better to include 'default' in the name to indicate this is the default value to use in absence of a specific one.

2013-09-11 17:20 VS, revision 74787

Fix needlessly convoluted test in wxXmlResourceHandlerImpl::GetImageList().

2013-09-11 17:06 VZ, revision 74786

Fix another crash when conversion fails in Unix PostScript code. Returning 0 length from GetTextExtent() is hardly ideal but it's better than crashing. Closes #15489.

2013-09-11 17:05 VZ, revision 74785

Tamil translations update from Dinakar T.D.

2013-09-11 17:05 VZ, revision 74784

2013-09-11 14:03 SJL, revision 74783

Fix stc doxygen warnings and regen stc files. We need to manually escape a few parts of the autogenerated documentation. See #15346.

2013-09-11 12:10 SJL, revision 74782

Fix doxygen warnings. Using @since inside a style or event list causes doxygen warnings, replace with plain text. See #15346.

2013-09-11 03:46 VZ, revision 74781

Change version to 3.0.0. Keep "RC1" in the version string for now, but otherwise all version numbers should be updated.

2013-09-10 14:12 VZ, revision 74780

Fix wrong in wxListCtrl::SetItemColumnImage() in r74716. The check for "image == -1" was added to a wrong line. See #15421.

2013-09-10 14:12 VZ, revision 74779

Fix configure on GNU Hurd. Closes #15480.

2013-09-08 20:00 VZ, revision 74777

Consistently handle DST start time in wxDateTime::Set(). Always move the dates invalid due to DST (i.e. falling into the "missing" hour on the DST start date) forward, as GNU libc does, even when using a different CRT implementation, such as MSVC one which moves the invalid dates backwards. This seems more expected and also fixes an especially bad problem which happened due to moving the date backwards in Brazilian time zone where DST starts at midnight as doing this changed the day and totally broke ParseDate() assumption that setting wxDateTime to 00:00:00 at the given date really did set it to this date. Closes #15419.

2013-09-06 19:09 VS, revision 74776

wxMSW: return correct value from wxMessageDialog::GetReturnCode(). wxMessageDialog's native code didn't call SetReturnCode() as it should. As a result, it didn't work with ShowWindowModal().

2013-09-06 19:09 VS, revision 74775

Add lambda-friendly wxDialog::ShowWindowModalThenDo(). Add a convenience ShowWindowModalThenDo() variant of ShowWindowModal() that takes a functor argument and calls it when the dialog is closed. This is, of course, particularly useful when the argument is a C++11 lambda, especially when having more than one window-modal dialog invoked from the same window, which can get messy quickly with all the wxEVT_WINDOW_MODAL_DIALOG_CLOSED handlers.

2013-09-06 19:09 VS, revision 74774

Add wxWindowPtr smart pointer.

2013-09-06 19:09 VS, revision 74773

Add basic deleter support to wxSharedPtr<T>.

2013-09-06 19:09 VS, revision 74772

Document wxWindowModalDialogEvent.

2013-09-06 19:09 VS, revision 74771

Add wxCondition::Wait() overload that also tests the condition. Add Wait() overload that takes a functor argument and doesn't return until the condition is signaled _and_ the predicate returns true. This is useful for dealing with spurious wakeups and is modeled after C++11 std::condition_variable's corresponding method.

2013-09-06 19:09 VS, revision 74770

Fix outdated comment for wxCondition::Wait().

2013-09-06 14:27 VZ, revision 74769

Fix bug with not selecting wxAuiNotebook page when its child was focused. The code in OnChildFocusNotebook() handler only worked correctly if the page itself was focused but not if the focus was given to one of its children -- which should still make the page itself current. Closes #15471.

2013-09-06 11:50 SJL, revision 74768

Fix history storing in wxWebViewWebKit with custom schemes. When the history has just been cleared there is no existing item so we should add the new history item even in this case. Fixes #15446.

2013-09-06 02:20 VZ, revision 74764

Fix horizontal mouse wheel scrolling in wxGTK. Change the value of the appropriate adjustment instead of always using the vertical one. Closes #15469.

2013-09-05 16:10 VZ, revision 74763

Export recently added wxRichTextXMLHelper to fix link errors. This class is referenced from outside the library, see e.g. this build log: x86 wxGTK trunk/builds/2961/steps/compile utils/logs/stdio and so must be exported, otherwise the build fails under Linux (and under Windows when using DLL). Perhaps it would be better to make it completely private to the library if it is not meant to be public, but this would require more changes.

2013-09-05 16:10 VZ, revision 74762

Revert wxDO_LOG_IF_ENABLED() change for MSVC6 in r74735. The old solution worked fine for that compiler and the new one fails when wxLogXXX() is used inside a switch statement to the wrong rules used by VC6 for the scope of the variables defined inside the for loop. Simply revert back to using the old version for it, this will be easy to re-revert after 3.0 by simply removing the check for it. See #11829.

2013-09-04 15:07 VZ, revision 74759

Just remove redundant wxDocument::SetDocumentTemplate() call. This is already done from InitDocument() called from wxDocTemplate::CreateDocument(). Closes #15467.

2013-09-04 02:14 VZ, revision 74758

Restore correct wx-config creation and work around MinGW lack of symlinks. This undoes the changes of r72205 and r72249 (see #14517) as using relative paths for wx-config symlink didn't work correctly if non-default values for $bindir and/or $libdir were used (i.e. if they were not siblings). Instead, fix the original problem of lack of symlinks when using MinGW directly: just use "cp -p" if "ln -s" fails. This should work everywhere and do the right thing. Closes #15463.

2013-09-04 02:14 VZ, revision 74757

Correct erasing of background behind controls in a toolbar in wxMSW. We need to handle WM_PRINTCLIENT in wxToolBar itself as the default handler for this message forwards to WM_ERASEBKGND of the parent window and our handler for that message only erases the client part of the window, in wx sense, i.e. including a relatively big vertical offset accounting for the toolbar. This means that when we get WM_PRINTCLIENT from the embedded control drawing code, we don't erase anything at all as the control rectangle height is smaller than the offset. This fix is not perfect as ideally the existing MSWGetBgBrushForChild() should be taken into account automatically by the default MSWPrintChild() implementation but at least it fixes the ugly visual artefacts. Closes #12307.

2013-09-04 02:14 VZ, revision 74756

Remove unnecessary wxHTML dependency from the notebook sample. r70321 added html library to the notebook sample, apparently accidentally as the commit message only mentioned aui one. Remove html and rebake.

2013-09-04 02:14 VZ, revision 74755

Add a test for a tooltip for a control inside a static box. Also create the controls as children of the static box, not its siblings, to make the tooltip work under wxGTK and because this is how we recommend doing things now. See #9859.

2013-09-04 02:14 VZ, revision 74754

Add wxDEPRECATED_MSG() and use it in a couple of places. This macro should be used instead of wxDEPRECATED() for the new deprecations as it allows to give a helpful explanatory message (if supported by the compiler) and also is simpler to use as it doesn't require wrapping the entire declaration in it but can be simply used before it. Also add wxDEPRECATED() support for clang as a side effect.

2013-09-04 02:14 VZ, revision 74753

Don't take hidden wxGrid row/columns into account when auto-sizing. The contents not shown to the user shouldn't affect the fitting width/height of the columns/rows that are shown. See #15464.

2013-09-04 02:14 VZ, revision 74752

Remove superfluous mouse capturing in wxGrid row/column labels windows. This code recaptured the mouse in the window which had already had it, thus triggering the (recently added, see r74677) asserts in CaptureMouse(). It also didn't preserve the invariant of m_winCapture always having the capture. And it was apparently completely unnecessary too. So simply remove it to fix the asserts while drag-resizing wxGrid rows/columns.

2013-09-04 02:14 VZ, revision 74751

Simplify wxGridCellAutoWrapStringRenderer::GetBestSize(). The code there was pretty wild, making clearly wrong assumptions (column size doesn't, and AFAICS never did, include 20 pixel margin) and also was clearly uncertain about what it was doing by trying to limit the number of iterations to some arbitrary cutoff when it is pretty clear that the loop increasing the width and decreasing the height on each iteration will reach the condition of "width >= height*1.68" sooner or later.

2013-09-04 02:14 VZ, revision 74750

Don't crash in wxGridCellAutoWrapStringRenderer when the column is hidden. Our methods should arguably not be called at all in this case, but if this does happen, at least don't crash. Closes #15464.

2013-09-03 18:47 JS, revision 74749

wxRTC: extracted XML utilities into a separate class for potential reuse.

2013-09-03 16:45 VS, revision 74748

Add missing XRC format docs for wxComboCtrl and wxEditableListBox.

2013-09-03 16:45 VS, revision 74747

Remove reduntant content from XRC format docs. Window styles are documented globally, no need for control-specific content for wxStatusBar. Also, it was outdated and incorrect.

2013-09-03 07:37 PC, revision 74746

Fix referencing of cairo_t returned from wxDCImpl::GetCairoContext(). It was assumed that all callers were going to unref the cairo_t, but that is not true, so callers that are going to unref it should ref it themselves. See #15455

2013-09-02 14:17 VS, revision 74742

Replace @since 2.9.6 with 3.0 in the docs.

2013-08-31 19:41 VZ, revision 74735

Rewrite wxLogXXX() macros to avoid "ambiguous else" warnings. Use a dummy for loop instead of an if statement to avoid all problems with the dangling else clauses: both the need for an artificially inversed "if" to make the code like if ( something ) wxLogError("..."); else something-else; to work as expected and to avoid warnings given by some versions of g++ and clang for the code above advising to add explicit braces. Closes #11829.

2013-08-31 19:41 VZ, revision 74734

Removed a method using wxColour from non-GUI benchmark code. No idea how could this work before but the presence of this code in the non-GUI benchmark project prevented it from building. As it's not used anyhow, just remove it.

2013-08-31 05:25 PC, revision 74733

Don't update position of widgets in a wxPizza from size_allocate handler. The values in m_{x,y} are not the same as client coordinates if the wxPizza is scrolled. Closes #15444

2013-08-31 01:32 VZ, revision 74732

Fix infinite loop in wxMSW with wxStaticBox inside non-wxTAB_TRAVERSAL parent. We didn't ensure that the parent of a (native) control with WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT had this style as well, unlike for our own windows. Fix this now to make certain that we never call ::IsDialogMessage() on a window whose parent doesn't have WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT as it simply hangs in this case, entering an infinite loop searching for the default button. Also try to reduce the possibility of such bugs in the future by checking for WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT and not wxTAB_TRAVERSAL before calling ::IsDialogMessage() even if this doesn't totally prevent them (it wasn't sufficient to fix even this particular bug). Closes #15458.

2013-08-31 01:32 VZ, revision 74731

Fix wxMenu::GetTitle() before the menu is appended to the menu bar. The mnemonics conversion was not done correctly when the menu title contained them but the menu hadn't been appended to the menu bar yet. Closes #15461.

2013-08-30 15:14 VS, revision 74730

Loosen the assert in IsScrollIncrement(). wxWindowGTK::GTKGetScrollEventType() tries to map GtkAdjustment's delta to either step or page increment by comparing it with the respective GtkAdjustment steps. Both of them can be 0, but this code is not expected to be called in such case. Yet, in practice, it occasionally is, see e.g. (wxWebView is prone to it as well). Check for >= 0 instead, to be more robust when faced with unexpected input from GTK+.

2013-08-29 22:44 VZ, revision 74729

Initialize wxImageFileProperty correctly when file is given in the ctor. Previously the file had to be specified later and the value passed to the ctor was ignored. Closes #15456.

2013-08-29 14:33 VZ, revision 74728

Don't define __STRICT_ANSI__, we should build both with and without it. For some reason, wxDialUpManager code defined __STRICT_ANSI__ itself, don't do it as __STRICT_ANSI__ can be predefined by the compiler resulting in the redefinition warnings and, in any case, our code should build both with and without it.

2013-08-29 13:41 JS, revision 74727

Crash fix for inserting text into a buffer without an associated control

2013-08-29 13:15 VZ, revision 74726

Only patch bk-deps in configure if dependency tracking is used. Otherwise we get (harmless) errors when trying to patch a non-existent file. See #15454.

2013-08-29 08:39 JJ, revision 74725

wxGTK1 : another msiing include file in evtloop.cpp

2013-08-28 22:52 VZ, revision 74724

Czech translations update from Zbyn?k Schwarz.

2013-08-28 08:01 JJ, revision 74723

wxGTK1 : wx/private/eventloopsourcesmanager.h was missing in evtloop.cpp

2013-08-28 00:49 VZ, revision 74722

Don't enable dialog navigation inside wxFrame by default. This was done, apparently accidentally, by r68366 and resulted in cursor arrow keys not being sent by default to the wxFrame children under MSW any more as they were used for dialog navigation instead. So don't derive wxTopLevelWindow from wxNavigationEnabled<> any more and only derive from it at wxDialog level. Closes #15445.

2013-08-28 00:49 VZ, revision 74721

Don't recurse into top level children in wxWindow::FindWindow(). Finding a button in a child dialog when looking for it in the current window is totally unexpected and can result in subtle bugs, see #15442.

2013-08-28 00:49 VZ, revision 74720

Handle custom configurations in MSVC-specific setup.h. Account for wxCFG when building the paths used for MSVC autolinking. This variable should be defined to the same value as CFG during (command line) build. Closes #15431.

2013-08-28 00:49 VZ, revision 74719

Explicitly specify target names for all configurations in VC10 projects. The target names were not specified for the "Release" configuration in some projects, resulting in (harmless, but annoying) warnings during the build. Closes #15439.

2013-08-28 00:49 VZ, revision 74718

Use $(OutDir) instead of explicit directories in VC10 project files. This makes it simpler to use a different output directory as it only needs to be changed in one place. See #15439.

2013-08-28 00:49 VZ, revision 74717

Correct making the newly inserted menu item owner drawn in some cases. The item being inserted is not inserted yet when we call SetOwnerDrawnMenuItem() so we must call it separately for it after inserting it. Closes #15437.

2013-08-28 00:49 VZ, revision 74716

Don't use any icon for items inserted without one in wxMSW wxListCtrl. Previously we erroneously used the first icon in the image list for them instead. This was inconsistent with wxGTK and didn't make much sense, even if it is the default behaviour of the native control, so don't do this any more and explicitly specify I_IMAGENONE for the icon if it wasn't given. Closes #15421.

2013-08-27 15:12 VZ, revision 74714

Make wxWindow::HasScrollbar() respect wxScrolled::ShowScrollbars(). Override CanScroll() in wxScrolled to return the real state of the scrollbar instead of just relying on the wx[HV]SCROLL styles. Closes #15440.

2013-08-27 15:12 VZ, revision 74713

No real changes, just make wxWindow::CanScroll() virtual. This will allow overriding it in wxScrolled<>, see #15440.

2013-08-27 14:02 JJ, revision 74712

Update OpenVMS compile support

2013-08-27 13:46 JJ, revision 74711

revert nested event loop support for wxGTK1 because it causes applications hangs

2013-08-25 10:36 SC, revision 74710

correct base for carbon is 10.6 max

2013-08-25 10:28 SC, revision 74709

adding correct valid architectures

2013-08-24 21:20 SC, revision 74708

proper default for iphone

2013-08-24 21:05 SC, revision 74707

carbon sdk must be 10.7 max, 10.8 is not supported anymore

2013-08-24 21:00 SC, revision 74706

leave i386 compiler to default

2013-08-24 16:33 VZ, revision 74705

Add webviewarchivehandler.cpp to manually maintained VC10 project file. Closes #15427.

2013-08-24 16:33 VZ, revision 74704

Fix Doxygen warnings due to documenting overloaded functions together. Apparently we can't make @param statements apply just to some overloads, so document them separately now. See #15346.

2013-08-24 16:33 VZ, revision 74703

Move code removing "-psn_xxx" command line arguments to common code. We need to do this when using any port under OS X, not just wxOSX, e.g. the -psn_xxx arguments passed by the Finder when launching the application, must also be ignored when using wxGTK. Closes #15432.

2013-08-24 16:33 VZ, revision 74702

Fix DLL targets names in manually maintained VC10 project files. This takes care of annoying warning about "target name does not match linker output file name" when building the DLLs. Closes #15435.

2013-08-24 16:33 VZ, revision 74701

Fix recreating of wxBitmapComboBox using untyped client data. Use the correct array when restoring the client data, correcting a fatal typo in the changes of r73880. Closes #15436.

2013-08-24 07:11 PC, revision 74700

remove redundant initialization of base class member variables

2013-08-24 07:04 PC, revision 74699

wxDialogBase only has one ctor, so just do initialization in ctor instead of Init()

2013-08-24 03:03 VZ, revision 74698

Fix typo in wxConfig example in the documentation.

2013-08-24 03:02 VZ, revision 74697

Another Basque translations update from Xabier Aramendi.

2013-08-23 18:37 VZ, revision 74696

Fix wxHtmlHelpData::SetTempDir() to behave correctly without trailing slash. The path passed to this function is always a directory, so use wxFileName::AssignDir() instead of the default constructor of wxFileName which considers the name to be a name of a file unless it ends with a path separator.

2013-08-23 18:23 VZ, revision 74695

Update Basque translations after wxGetTranslation() strings addition.

2013-08-23 18:22 VZ, revision 74694

Basque translations update from Xabier Aramendi.

2013-08-23 18:22 VZ, revision 74693

Regenerated message catalogs with the strings inside wxGetTranslation(). We didn't extract the strings inside wxGetTranslation() in the message catalog when creating it using xgettext, do it now. This notably fixes the missing translations for the generic progress dialog elapsed/estimated/remaining time labels.

2013-08-21 17:50 RD, revision 74692

fix missing ;

2013-08-21 17:26 SJL, revision 74691

Fix various documentation warnings throughout core and base. See #15346.

2013-08-21 17:21 SJL, revision 74690

Fix ribbon documentation warnings. See #15346.

2013-08-21 17:20 SJL, revision 74689

Fix html documentation warnings. See #15346.

2013-08-21 15:24 SJL, revision 74688

Fix warnings in rich text documentation. See #15346.

2013-08-19 19:25 PC, revision 74685

Remove DoSetSizeHints() call from Create() The reason it was added does not seem to be reproducible anymore, and it interferes with wxRESIZE_BORDER on Ubuntu. Closes #14870

2013-08-19 18:58 PC, revision 74684

revert r74683, wxTLW has its own {Width,Height}Default() which are not the ones called by PreCreation()

2013-08-19 07:42 PC, revision 74683

Remove some old redundant code Default size stuff is done by PreCreation()

2013-08-18 18:00 PC, revision 74682

avoid setting initial position if it was not specified, broken in r70734

2013-08-18 17:01 PC, revision 74681

Move code that does not need realized GdkWinow out of realize handler These calls can be made much earlier, and it seems like a good idea to do so.

2013-08-18 15:28 VZ, revision 74680

Only give capture to wxPopupTransientWindow child if it's the only one. This removes the arbitrariness of using the first child which didn't make any sense when the popup had several controls inside it, e.g. in wxRichToolTip case this resulted in the mouse capture being given to wxStaticBitmap showing the tooltip icon even though it didn't need it at all. This probably doesn't really change the observable behaviour but seems more logical. See #15288.

2013-08-18 15:28 VZ, revision 74679

Use wxFindWindowAtPoint() for hit testing in wxPopupTransientWindow. This works even with irregularly shaped windows such as wxRichToolTip unlike the old naive test using wxRect::Contains() which didn't and resulted in us believing that the mouse was outside the window when it was still in it and (somehow, the details are not totally clear) recapturing the mouse again and again in the same window which resulted in assert failures with the new checks in wxWindowBase::CaptureMouse() or the capture stack corruption before this. Closes #15288.

2013-08-18 15:28 VZ, revision 74678

Return NULL from wxWindow::GetCapture() when the capture is being lost. Make GetCapture() return NULL during wxEVT_MOUSE_CAPTURE_{LOST,CHANGED} events processing in wxMSW to help their handlers to avoid calling ReleaseCapture(): this shouldn't be done as the mouse capture is being lost anyhow and results in reentrancy problems between NotifyCaptureLost() and ReleaseCapture() if it's called.

2013-08-18 15:28 VZ, revision 74677

Make mouse capture checking asserts stronger and more detailed. Verify not only that we don't destroy the window having the capture now but also that this window is not in the mouse capture stack at all, not necessarily on top. This is important as keeping a dangling pointer in the capture stack would result in difficult to diagnose bugs later. Also check that we don't recapture the mouse in the same window as this should never be necessary. Finally, give more details in the assert checking that the window does have capture in ReleaseMouse().

2013-08-18 15:28 VZ, revision 74676

Don't set even try to set focus to wxPopupWindow itself in wxMSW. This doesn't work anyhow with our popup window implementation (it's a child of the desktop and we can't set focus to it) and provokes error messages due to ::SetFocus() failures, so simply don't do this at all.

2013-08-18 15:28 VZ, revision 74675

No changes, just change data structures used by mouse capture code. Use a simple stack of windows instead of a separate singly linked list and a separate current capture pointer.

2013-08-18 15:28 VZ, revision 74674

No changes, just use wxRecursionGuard instead of manual boolean flag. Use wxRecursionGuard with the flag indicating whether the mouse capture is changing to ensure that we always reset it correctly and make the code slightly shorter.

2013-08-18 15:28 VZ, revision 74673

No changes, just move mouse capturing bookkeeping data out of wxWindow. All mouse capture-related data doesn't have to be declared in wxWindow itself and can just be global in wincmn.cpp, so move it there, this will facilitate further changes as they won't require recompiling everything any more.

2013-08-18 06:28 PC, revision 74672

should have been part of r74664: Avoid calling gtk_window_get_position() from "configure-event" handler

2013-08-17 18:38 PC, revision 74665

avoid duplicate move events

2013-08-17 18:25 PC, revision 74664

Avoid calling gtk_window_get_position() from "configure-event" handler, if possible. This avoids a round trip to the X server, which is expensive over a remote connection. Closes #15116

2013-08-16 20:17 BP, revision 74663

Fix typo in wxSingleInstanceChecker docs, props Lauri Nurmi.

2013-08-16 20:12 BP, revision 74662

Duplicate argument name fix, props Lauri Nurmi.

2013-08-16 17:43 PC, revision 74661

use names for gs_requestFrameExtentsStatus values

2013-08-16 13:04 VZ, revision 74660

Replace wxFONTFAMILY_DEFAULT with wxFONTFAMILY_SWISS when comparing fonts. Otherwise comparison always failed as no existing fonts had wxFONTFAMILY_DEFAULT as their family in all ports except wxOSX, which does keep wxFONTFAMILY_DEFAULT. Closes #15410.

2013-08-14 22:34 SC, revision 74659

forgotten commit :-( remove #if 0 if things work again

2013-08-14 17:47 VS, revision 74658

Fix wxComboCtrlBase::DoGetSizeFromTextSize() performance regression. r72935 introduced code that created a temporary wxComboBox control to take measurements. This is very expensive in MSW and adds noticeable delay when creating more than a few controls. Replace with equivalent wxMSW code that computes the height in the same way other wxMSW controls do. The wxGTK version cannot be eliminated in the same way, so at least add some basic caching there. It's much less of a problem, because GTK+ controls creation is much cheaper than MSW one.

2013-08-14 11:43 SC, revision 74657

using terminate: terminates prematurely, OnExit is not called anymore

2013-08-14 11:15 SC, revision 74656

using #ifdef wxABORT_ON_CONFIG_ERROR not just #if as elsewhere

2013-08-13 19:36 VZ, revision 74655

Don't hide the window in its dtor in wxGTK. This results in sending an unexpected wxShowEvent to an already half-destroyed (because the derived class dtor had been already executed) by now object which could provoke crashes. And it also seems to be completely unnecessary as the window is going to be destroyed anyhow -- and the other ports don't hide it before this happens (unless it's a TLW in which case it is already hidden in wxTopLevelWindowBase::Destroy()).

2013-08-12 18:24 PC, revision 74654

avoid setting pango matrix when not needed

2013-08-11 08:39 SC, revision 74653

using #ifdef wxABORT_ON_CONFIG_ERROR not just #if as elsewhere

2013-08-09 22:55 VZ, revision 74649

Tamil translations update from Dinakar T.D.

2013-08-09 22:55 VZ, revision 74648

Remove never implemented wxDateTime::IsGregorianDate(). This method was declared and even documented but never actually implemented, and GregorianAdoption enum used by it had many incorrectly defined elements. Just remove both the method and the enum instead of fixing/implementing them as they are not that important (as witnessed by the fact that nobody has complained about the method being missing since almost 15 years). Closes #15400.

2013-08-09 13:56 JS, revision 74647

Applied #15393 (dghart) fixing wxRichTextTable for percentage widths

2013-08-08 07:59 PC, revision 74646

add other known types for gdk_pixbuf_save()

2013-08-08 07:43 PC, revision 74645

Try native method first in LoadFile() and SaveFile() closes #15394

2013-08-07 19:33 VS, revision 74644

Make wxOwnerDrawnComboBox::DoGetBestSize() twice as fast. Don't call the very expensive wxComboCtrlBase::DoGetBestSize() method when not needed - it calls wxComboCtrlBase::DoGetSizeFromTextSize(), which is very expensive. Also fix the code so that it doesn't apply GetSizeFromTextSize() twice (once in the base class' DoGetBestSize(), once here).

2013-08-07 17:44 VZ, revision 74643

Compilation fix for wxMSW with wxUSE_MSGBOX_HOOK==0. Include wx/fontutil.h unconditionally, it's needed outside message box hook code. Closes #15395.

2013-08-07 14:08 VZ, revision 74642

Compilation fix to propgrid sample after r74628. Use wxMax() and wxMin() instead of std::max() and min(). Also work around wrong for loop scoping for VC6. See #15368.

2013-08-07 13:08 VZ, revision 74641

Document light grey colour handling in wxMSW wxBitmap::LoadFile(). For historical/compatibility reasons we handle this colour as transparent in wxMSW when loading the bitmaps from resources, but this is rather not obvious for the new users, so document it and provide a way of compensating for this in the documentation as well. Closes #15371.

2013-08-07 13:08 VZ, revision 74640

Define __VISUALC__ for ICC under Windows again. During the refactoring of r74496, the logic of the check for Intel compiler was slightly altered resulting in not defining __VISUALC__ for it any longer which broke compilation with it. Restore this definition now to fix it, even though it could admittedly be better to explicitly check for __INTELC__ in the places where we currently only check for __VISUALC__ and reserve the latter only for the case when we are really using MSVC. Closes #15359.

2013-08-07 13:08 VZ, revision 74639

Add wxFileName::SetPermissions(). This is a simple wrapper for the POSIX chmod(). Closes #12951.

2013-08-07 13:08 VZ, revision 74638

Update Travis configuration to run tests and build more configurations. Install libcppunit-dev in order to be able to run the unit tests (at least the non-GUI ones for now). Also build in several configurations: shared/static, multilib/monolithic and also STL. This should help to find problems appearing only in some specific build variants. Closes #15369.

2013-08-07 13:08 VZ, revision 74637

Don't document wxSortedArrayString as deriving from wxArrayString. This is no longer the case since quite some time. Closes #15374.

2013-08-07 13:08 VZ, revision 74636

Don't use DDEExec registry key in wxMSW wxExecute() if it's empty. Some file types have DDEExec subkey in the registry but no value for it, don't use DDE for launching the files of these types in this case as this only results in errors. Closes #15388.

2013-08-06 19:36 VZ, revision 74635

Fix column sorting UI in wxDataViewCtrl under wxOSX. Use -outlineView:didClickTableColumn: delegate method instead of mouseDownInHeaderOfTableColumn: one to ensure that: (a) We don't sort the column if it's being dragged/resized (closes #15340). (b) We sort the column on mouse up, not down (closes #15386).

2013-08-06 19:36 VZ, revision 74634

Fix a couple of spelling mistakes in the documentation. Closes #15382.

2013-08-06 19:00 VZ, revision 74633

Use RIAA wrapper for wxSpinCtrl event disabling in wxGTK. The use of wxSpinCtrlEventDisabler class ensures that we never forget to reenable the events after disabling them.

2013-08-06 19:00 VZ, revision 74632

Reflect changes in stc.cpp in from which it's generated. This should have been part of r74596, see #15353.

2013-08-06 19:00 VZ, revision 74631

Don't generate any events from wxSpinCtrl and wxSpinCtrlDouble methods. After the changes of r53758 wxMSW didn't generate any wxEVT_TEXT events but this was still the case for the generic version (and hence for wxSpinCtrlDouble under MSW too) and wasn't documented. Fix all versions to avoid sending events for programmatic actions, add unit tests checking this behaviour and document it.

2013-08-06 18:59 VZ, revision 74630

Add test for absence of events from wxSpinCtrlDouble ctor. Run the same NoEventsInCtor() test as we already had for wxSpinCtrl for wxSpinCtrlDouble as well. Unfortunately currently there is no way to reuse the tests between these two classes, we should refactor these test cases to use a common SpinCtrlTestCaseBase<T> base class. See #15375 which fixed the underlying bug.

2013-08-06 18:59 VZ, revision 74629

Document wxTreeCtrl::GetItemFont() behaviour for items without font. Explain that this method returns wxNullFont if no font was set for the item. Closes #15390.

2013-08-06 15:05 VZ, revision 74628

Add wxPropertyGridPageState::GetColumnFullWidth(). This method allows to get the full width needed by wxPropertyGrid and is useful for determining the space to allocate for it, e.g. when creating a popup showing the property grid, as shown by the changes to the sample. Closes #15368.

2013-08-06 15:05 VZ, revision 74627

Fix wxPropertyGrid::GetPropertyRect when the last item is collapsed. Return the real height instead of -1. Closes #15367.

2013-08-06 14:31 VZ, revision 74626

Dutch translations update from Gideon van Melle.

2013-08-06 08:05 PC, revision 74625

Rewrite ConvertToGreyscale() and ConvertToDisabled() They do almost the same thing, so use almost the same code. Fixes ConvertToDisabled() modifying its own data. Closes #15389

2013-08-05 19:10 PC, revision 74624

prevent infinite loop if gtk_menu_popup() fails, fixes #15387

2013-08-05 10:59 SC, revision 74623

follow up parent chain to properly support modal dialog parents, see #15383

2013-08-04 09:58 JS, revision 74622

Comment-only update

2013-08-03 06:48 PC, revision 74621

remove ancient defines left over from GTK1 and some minor cleanup

2013-08-03 06:39 PC, revision 74620

remove obsolete check for GTK 2.6

2013-08-02 19:01 PC, revision 74619

fix Gtk-CRITICAL errors when deleting wxDirButton

2013-07-31 18:03 PC, revision 74618

defer calling SetCanFocus() on wxGTK until after creation

2013-07-31 12:47 JS, revision 74617

Applied #15375 to stop event-sending in generic wxSpinCtrl ctor (eco)

2013-07-31 07:56 PC, revision 74616

don't pass false as a wxWindowID

2013-07-31 07:35 PC, revision 74615

fix tab traversal of wxStaticBox children, closes #15376

2013-07-29 00:58 VZ, revision 74614

Turkish translations update from Kaya Zeren.

2013-07-28 19:36 SC, revision 74613

first attempt at adding the minimal set needed for dead-key support, see #15345

2013-07-28 16:52 SC, revision 74612

adapting to new event version

2013-07-28 16:37 SC, revision 74611

changing to allow for 2x ramping up NSApp run

2013-07-28 16:32 SC, revision 74610

using Run of base class

2013-07-28 15:08 VZ, revision 74609

Work around missing mode_t definition with ICC. Just handle it in the same way as MSVC. Closes #15361.

2013-07-27 22:22 SC, revision 74608

using Run of base class

2013-07-27 21:39 VS, revision 74607

Make wxComboCtrlBase::Set*groundColour() methods public. SetForegroundColour() and SetBackgroundColour() were -- presumably accidentally -- protected in wxComboCtrlBase, even though they are documented public virtual methods of wxWindow. This prevented their use from user code.