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2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77440

Revert generic text dialog due wxQT merge changes * This solves the issues of the previos commit about the extern defaults wxGetTextFromUserPromptStr / wxGetTextFromUserPromptStr * Removed the now superflous textdlg.cpp that was used to define that defaults

2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77439

Remove wxQT textdlg (use generic) Note that textdlg.cpp was missing from the build (it only defines a couple of default text messages, needed for example by wxPython to avoid undefined symbol)

2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77438

Fix interface for grid renderers best height/width

2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77437

Fixed ctor and missing methods of task bar icon for wxQT (wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77436

Add window getter/setter for wxQT tooltip (wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77435

Unprotect CreateTool in wxQT toolbar (wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77434

Avoid ambiguity with wxControl::GetDefaultBorder in wxQT radiobox (wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77433

Add missing IsTDI method to MDI in wxQT (wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77432

Add mask to bitmap conversion for wxQT (wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77431

Add missing virtual stub to wxQT listctrl (for wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:08 VZ, revision 77430

Add generic drag image to wxQT (for wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:07 VZ, revision 77429

Add missing setter/getters to wxQT data format (for wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:07 VZ, revision 77428

Remove duplicate methods in wxRichTextImage interface (for wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:07 VZ, revision 77427

Add missing cursor constructors to wxQT (for wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:07 VZ, revision 77426

Add missing get pixel stub to wxQT colour (for wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:07 VZ, revision 77425

Add missing has alpha method to wxQT bitmap (for wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:07 VZ, revision 77424

Add missing ok method to wxQT accel table (for wxPython)

2014-08-23 03:07 VZ, revision 77423

Fix event loop compilation issues wxQT Android * Proper guard GetEventLoopSourcesManager * Implement wxAppTraits::GetEventLoopSourcesManager (not only wxGUIAppTraits) if console event loop is disabled * Remove unused apptbase.h in wxQT (it is using the unix version) * Minor fix to headings in android setup.h (BTW, is that file used at all?)

2014-08-23 03:07 VZ, revision 77422

Fix string conversion from Qt to use UTF8

2014-08-23 03:07 VZ, revision 77421

Fix checkbox deletion problem in wxQT WXValidateStyle was failing (assertion) so the constructor wasn't calling QtCreateControl properly to initialize internal m_qtWindow pointer. Then the checkbox Qt widget wasn't cleanly deleted. Also, removed the guard in the exec test that was causing a crash due the deletion problem, now all tests run without crashing.

2014-08-23 03:07 VZ, revision 77420

Merge master trunk into GSOC 2014 QT branch

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77419

Guard fixed default configuration for Android with wxQT

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77418

Provisional guard of wxLocale::GetInfo in wxQT (android) Android's lconv seems dummy (TODO: should investigate Java api)

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77417

Use internal wx functions for mbstowcs & wcstrombs in wxQT (Android) Android ones seems to be buggy and not completely implemented (TODO: investigate Qt or Java string conversion functions)

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77416

Add missing decl's for wscdup, wcslen, et al in wxQT (Android)

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77415

Add missing guard for console app trait loop in wxQT

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77414

Rename wxQtSpinCtrlBase to wxSpinCtrlQt for concistency (not a wxQt helper)

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77413

Rename wxTopLevelWindowNative to wxTopLevelWindowQt for concistency with other ports

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77412

Rename wxWindow to wxWindowQt for concistency with other ports

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77411

Avoid assertion in Qt if key code cannot be converted

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77410

Provisional patch to support nested event loops in wxQT Without the patch, the wxExecute (wxAppTraits::RunLoopUntilChildExit) loop.Run() don't process synchonics events (not entering the new loop), so it cannot process exit code and streams (causing a SIGSEGV crash). The problem is that QCoreApplication::exec() seems to not start a new loop, maybe it should create a real new loop with QEventLoop but then the inner loop don't seems to process events/signals for the outer one (app). Provisionaly, to get wxExecute working, it calls processEvents() on the main app loop until wxGUIEventLoop::ScheduleExit() is called, terminating the inner loop. This seems to work for the exec sample, but exec tests keep crashing, will investigate further.

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77409

Clean up socket notifiers in wxQT even loop source

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77408

Fix bitmap deselection in wxQT * Remove redundant pixmap pointer that can become stale * Handle correctly the selected bitmap and check if it's ok (not deleted) The solution is similar to wxGTK, but note that the intermediate QImage prevents to write to the bitmap (QPixmap) directly, so if the current bitmap is not deselected prior it is deleted, probably there will be drawing issues (that code don't follow the docs anyway, as Select(wxNullBitmap) is mandatory after doing anything with the bitmap data for wxMemoryDC).

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77407

Guard Exec tests in wxQT by now to avoid crashes

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77406

Implement Qt FDIO manager This fixes the test ImageTestCase::LoadFromSocketStream that was timing out and failing --HG-- rename : src/gtk/sockgtk.cpp => src/qt/sockqt.cpp

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77405

Fix SIGSEGV in tests about display size utils wxQT

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77404

Better fix for invalid reutilization of menubar in Qt

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77403

Implement MDI support (QMdiArea et al) in wxQT

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77402

Use the base class in QScrollArea methods (in preparation for MDI) wxQT

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77401

Remove redundant m_qtMainWindow pointer for frames in wxQT

2014-08-23 03:06 VZ, revision 77400

Fix SIGSEGV due menubar replacement in wxQT

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77399

correct implementation of previous reverted revert to allow the original intention

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77398

Revert "Revert "Add Qt destruction signal debugging helper"" This reverts commit 1116da62653b44935b77098dd46be688c895dafa.

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77397

free idle timer

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77396

remove default case from switch statement

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77395

Merge branch 'SOC2014_QT' of into SOC2014_QT Conflicts: src/qt/frame.cpp

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77394

Fix menubar crash on removal (tentative) and minor scrollbar adjust

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77393

Fix toolbar parenting properly to avoid crashes * Removed logic to search the parent by @seandepagnier, and implemented wxFrame::SetToolBar (including removal to NULL) * Added missing AddChild that was causing SIGSEGV due toolbar not being deleted when the parent was destroyed * Adapted the code to follow current wxQT coding patterns (unifying QtToolBar -> GetHandle) and minor styling issues (space after if)

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77392

Fix toolbar tool deletion incorrect return value in wxQT This was causing an infinite loop in the related unit test

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77391

Fix stale bitmap deselection in memmory DC causing SIGSEGV (wxQT) Seems that Qt can draw directly on a QPixmap but doesn't have get pixel / blit so it is using a QImage, that doesn't update the pixmap directly. To reproduce and analyze, see the wxSearchCtrl::RenderCancelBitmap, that is not destroying the DC after using the generated bitmap, and crashing then as the bitmap (hence QPixmap) may be destroyed first. If this is a common use case, it could be causing drawing issues everywhere, and the solution will not be simple as some logic will need to be moved to wxBitmap or DC, using temporary conversions to QImage back and forth for bits methods.

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77390

Fix TLW parenting so children are deleted in proper order (wxQT) If not parented, top level window childrens (dialogs or other frames) left open will deleted sequentially, raising a segmentation fault due parent becoming stale a pointer (DeletePendingObjects CleanUp). Now, calling AddChild (because TLW is not calling wxWindow::Create) works. wxGTK also does this.

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77389

move borderless style setup to wxFrame to allow wxSplashScreen to work

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77388

correct rtti macros

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77387

fix possible crash of generic widgets with set extra style

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77386

implement several unimplemented routines

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77385

Revert "Add Qt destruction signal debugging helper" This reverts commit b7ee2e855255cc3d39b7ee1b5e6246a1c164098a.

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77384

remove WXUNUSED for now used parameters, fix compiler warning

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77383

Add Qt destruction signal debugging helper

2014-08-23 03:05 VZ, revision 77382

Fix TLW destruction after user closes it (not done by Qt) Note that Qt don't destroy the main window on close by default (except Qt::WA_DeleteOnClose is set). So, if Dialogs could remain alive (hidden) if user closes the window and the program don't call explicitelly to Destroy() / delete. This was causing a segmentation fault as when the apps finishes, the Top Level Windows where destroyed in order (and then a child dialog was being destroyed after its parent). The issue was reproducible easily with the combo sample, if the "Compare Dialog" was open using the menu, as the code was not calling Destroy nor deleting it explicitelly/implicitelly.

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77381

Fix wrong condition (copy pasting error) in text ctrl sel

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77380

Implement cairo image surface for memory DC in wxQT As for wxWindowDC, it uses an image surface internally until cairo qt surface is implemented. This was causing a SIGSEGV in unit tests.

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77379

Fix selection derived from text entry (text / combo) This was causing valgrind to report the uninitialized variables as the methods were not implemented (and they are not diferent for single, multiline and combobox in qt).

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77378

Adapted OpenGL canvas to current wxQT coding patterns

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77377

implement cursor support

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77376

Revert marking unused parameters in wxQT used in wxGTK

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77375

Merge master trunk into wxQT GSOC 2014 branch (third milestone)

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77374

Avoid default in switches over enums (wxQT)

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77373

Fixed warnings due no return value of non-void functions wxQT

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77372

Avoid unused variables compiler warning in wxQT

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77371

Removed *m_qtDialog no longer used (crashing date picker)

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77370

Implemented system settings get metric for wxQT

2014-08-23 03:04 VZ, revision 77369

Move internal utilities to private & credits update --HG-- rename : include/wx/qt/converter.h => include/wx/qt/private/converter.h rename : include/wx/qt/utils.h => include/wx/qt/private/utils.h

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77368

fully implement 3 state checkbox

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77367

implement missing routines from wxBitmap Why do we need to reference count our QPixmaps when Qt is already?

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77366

implement copy from icon

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77365

logic corrections to prevent certain dialogs from crashing

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77364

add FD monitoring support

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77363

Correct dialog logic and dirdialog setup

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77362

allow handler to work from constructors of classes like filedialog we should do this for all the classes

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77361

More Dialogs (file, dir, color, font), adapted from work by @seandepagnier Merged manually from commits done by Sean, adapted to conform current wxQT conventions (GetHandle)

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77360

Fix SIGSEGV in test due font picker expecting native info (wxWQT)

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77359

Fix fault due division by zero in wxQT listctrl

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77358

Fix issue converting lowecase key codes to Qt (uiactionsim)

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77357

Implemented Wx -> Qt key conversion mapping (for uiactionsim)

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77356

Moved qt keyboard function helpers to converter

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77355

More sane item insertion in listctrl & reuse SetItem (wxQT)

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77354

Implement image list for wxQT listctrl

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77353

Avoid a lot of paining debug messages (will remove soon)

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77352

Merge branch 'SOC2014_QT' of into test

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77351

Fix background color assertion (remove dup code)

2014-08-23 03:03 VZ, revision 77350

Minor fix to opengl iosurf sample in wxQT

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77349

Initial opengl support for wxQT by @seandepagnier

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77348

Stub support for wxQT glcanvas by @seandepagnier

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77347

Fix crash due invalid bitmap in QLabel

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77346

Fix toolbar parent search logic (adapted from @seandepagnier)

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77345

Enable on mouse enter event on toolbar button (also remove warning)

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77344

Fix toolbar painting issues adding the wxQT helper

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77343

Fix crash reverting some changes by @seandepagnier * Remove explicit deletion (that is done by the base destructor) * Remove unneeded dependency of QToolBar on QObject (no signal required)

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77342

Implemented list item find (by string and data) in wxQT

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77341

Implemented several minor auxiliar list ctrl methods * get selected item count * count per page (aproximate) * visible rect (aproximate) * item position * ensure visible (using scroll) * edit label (some glitches, maybe it should use editItem) * scroll dx / dy (aproximate) * hit test (only item and nowhere)

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77340

Implement item & subitem rect/pos in wxQT list ctrl

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77339

Implement get next list item (adapted from generic) in wxQT

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77338

Implemented item state getter and setter in wxQT list ctrl

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77337

Implemented items and column deletion in wxQT list ctrl

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77336

Implement item data in wxQT list control

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77335

Refactor qt list item handling (check if not null)

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77334

Implemented item text setter and getter

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77333

Refactor get Qt list ctrl item to its own method

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77332

Fix font in listctrl row

2014-08-23 03:02 VZ, revision 77331

Fix row colours (fg/bg) in wxQT list ctrl

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77330

Implemented column getter and setter in listctrl

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77329

Refactory the list ctrl signal handler

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77328

Implement simple listctrl methods in wxQT

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77327

Improve erasing issues (let Qt handle them)

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77326

Fix default wxTextCtrl color background due PostCreation

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77325

Implement missing wxQT helpers for QLabel This now is needed to correctly paint the background, allows the static text / bitmap to handle events and signals, and maybe a better destruction process.

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77324

Fix default widget fore/background colour

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77323

Simplificate QWidget* assignment (new PostCreation method) Also reducing the redundant m_qtWindow code, this could help to unify application of background style and default colors (for painting, that was not being enforced and could cause issues). Window style code is commented in the original, maybe it belongs to wxFrame. PostCreation method name was taken from wxGTK, that has similar features.

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77322

improve clipboard to not include qt headers in it's headers

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77321

Improve flags emitted from wx-config for building external programs

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77320

improve top level window initialization

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77319

clipboard support

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77318

Fix crash caused when exiting. The lost focus event was triggered to the central widget. Since this widget does not map to a qt widget, there is no wxWindow derived destructor for it, so the handler must be set to NULL from the frame.

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77317

Implement selection event and get item in list ctrl

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77316

Add colour support for list ctrl items

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77315

Implement set item in list ctrl (and item count and insert item return value)

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77314

Implement basic item insertion in list ctrl

2014-08-23 03:01 VZ, revision 77313

Implement column insertion basics in wxQT list ctrl

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77312

Use the correct widget QTreeWidget and helper for list control

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77311

Derive list control from wxListCtrlBase in wxQT This fixes missing methods compilation errors: EnableBellOnNoMatch, EnableAlternateRowColours, AppendColumn and OnGetItemAttr

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77310

Block Qt signals if widget is being deleted This avoid most of the problems caused by receiving a signal if the wxWindow is deleted (for example, notebook changing the default page, see previous commits). I've tried two other methods without success: * m_qtWindow::disconnect() should do the disconnection of all signals but returns false * QApplication::instance()->removePostedEvents(m_qtWindow); seems to have no effect (also, installEventFilter could be used)

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77309

Avoid crash if a control is deleted and a signal is received For example, this could happen if the wxNotebook was deleted and there were pending singals (i.e., emmited due the removal of the current page). This should not happen, signals will be blocked in the destructor in following commits, but this is in place just in case to avoid segmentation fauls (debug message will be print by the wxQT helper)

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77308

Add sanity checks for Qt event/signal handlers * Use the window pointer to detect if the class is dead or alive to avoid crashing caused by deleteLater() being processed in the event loop * Print debug messages if the handler (wxWindow) is NULL (deleted), just for safety and debugging as that code should not be reached if Qt signals are blocked or Qt events are filtered / removed (comming in future commits) * Set the window pointer immediatelly in wxQt helper template constructor to avoid problems if wxWindow base class was not fully initialized and a Qt event/signal is received GetHandler will return NULL if the wxWindow object was deleted, so it should be verified in the signal handlers in each derived class (events are automatically verified by the helper)

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77307

Fix uninitialized value causing 'Painter not active', thanks @seandepagnier

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77306

Fix missing __WXQT__ guard in include, thanks @seandepagnier

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77305

Postpone the shortcut handler destruction to avoid seg. faults

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77304

Removed GetHandle (virtual) call from wxWindow dtor in wxQT

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77303

Implemented wxBitmap::GetRawData in wxQT (similar to wxGTK)

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77302

Fix cairo image buffer paint DC in wxQT * do not destroy the image as it holds the pixel data buffer * hence, do not create a new image as it isn't necessary This solution is similar to cairo qt surface internals, that stores image and image_equiv -the cairo image surface-.

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77301

Fix wxQtDCImpl::GetHandle() to return QPainter This is needed by the grahpic context

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77300

Fix font face name getter (using actual info from Qt) It was returning an empty string (if no facename was given at the font ctor), and that caused a segmentation fault in cairo_show_text

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77299

Fix font weight and underline setters

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77298

Implement missing font family, weight & style getters

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77297

Implement missing font info constructor in wxQT (This is also needed by the drawing sample)

2014-08-23 03:00 VZ, revision 77296

Added basic Cairo paint DC for wxQT (tentative) This is a very minimal approach (drawing to a cairo image surface and not a qt surface), but will help to avoid crashing (for example, in drawing sample, even if qt surface is not available).

2014-08-23 02:59 VZ, revision 77295

Removed dummy Graphic Context in wxQT If available, use Cairo like in wxGTK and other ports, but cairo qt surface not implemented yet.

2014-08-23 02:59 VZ, revision 77294

Fix SIGSEGV on children destruction (frame and msgdlg)

2014-08-23 02:59 VZ, revision 77293

Remove Qt's libraries dependency from wxBase

2014-08-23 02:36 VZ, revision 77292

implement wxToolBar from QToolBar

2014-08-23 02:36 VZ, revision 77291

fix memory leak/crash in wxFrame

2014-08-23 02:36 VZ, revision 77290

fix memory leak (which also fixes crashes from events that were triggered after the message box is destroyed)

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77289

Fix DC device clipping region in wxQT Qt only uses logical coordinates for clipping methods, so this workaround removes temporarily the transformation (translation / scale) to match the physical device coordinates.

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77288

Instantiate correct DC class in Qt paint handler Uses wxPaintDC instead of wxWindowDC directly, as now it prepares the Qt painter

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77287

Fix cell editor positioning Qt seems to place slightly bigger control that will be drawn outside cell area, so then the remaining space will be not fully repainted when the editor is hidden.

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77286

Added some __WXQT__ guards in grid The size of the cell should not substract the grid line to be drawn correctly. Also, the highlight rect should not be reduced to cover all the cell like in wxGTK (if not, it left white pixel line surrounding it). The other guards (set background and layout direction) are for consistency with wxGTK. There are still some painting issues related to the clipping regions and cell editor positioning.

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77285

Prepare the Qt painter for wxDC Note that the function QtPreparePainter was already there but unused.

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77284

Fix adding child window in scroll containers in wxQT This also fixes scrolling of children that weren't moved before (for example, see the erase sample). The solution is the same as in the wxFrame case (viewport instead of centralWidget).

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77283

Implement missing static bitmap get methods This fix a sising issue too (as GetBitmap() is used in GetBestSize), see controls and erase samples.

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77282

Fix incorrect wording in erase sample

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77281

Fix background style regression (again) Qt should not clear the background in advance even in wxBG_STYLE_ERASE

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77280

Use wxGTK default row height in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77279

Use the Qt paint event region instead bounding rect

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77278

Removed now duplicate set background style

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77277

Fix draw bitmap to honour transparent background

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77276

Fix transparency style sheet setting in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77275

Only set transparency in inner scroll area viewport

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77274

Fix SIGSEGV setting background style after creation in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77273

Don't draw and reset wxClientDC if empty in wxQT This fixes an issue when wxClientDC is used just for metrics calculations (for example, in wxTreeCtrl::Expand), so there is nothing to draw but if the QPicture is not reset, wxWindow::QtHandlePaintEvent get confused and don't use a wxPaintDC for an event generated by Refresh (thinking wxClientDC is valid and asking a repaint, but it will not replay anything).

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77272

Add a debug message if qt painter is aborted

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77271

Fix erasing background regression in wxQT Default paint handler has to clear the background is style is Qt::WA_OpaquePaintEvent (needed for wxBG_STYLE_ERASE so wxClientDC works outside the paint event). The background will remain black (unpainted) or inconsistent if not cleared in this case.

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77270

Add some paint debugging messages (in wxGrid)

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77269

Use wxLogDebug for paint debugging messages Removed wxLogTrace and guards.

2014-08-23 02:33 VZ, revision 77268

Only disable auto-erasing for generic panels

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77267

Add basic logging facilities to debug wxQT paint issues

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77266

Prevent Qt to auto-erase the background on paint events This is need by wxClientDC to be able to draw outside the paint event. Now this is set by default now for all the widgets but can be changed by SetBackgroundStyle (so it will need to be revised that background erasing is working properly).

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77265

Divide wxClientDC & wxPaintDC logic in paint event handler wxClientDC should not erase the background nor generate a wxPaintEvent, it only replay the QPicture painted outside the event handler. This way was originally designed but it was not working in prior versions due lacking update region & background support.

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77264

Don't initialize the Qt Picture size This avoids setting an excesive update region that was clearing the whole widget in the paint event handler. Now, wxClientDC will only paint the effective drawn rect.

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77263

Repaint only the rect affected and handle scroll area

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77262

Make QtGetScrollBarsContainer public for wxClientDC

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77261

Remove compilation warnings in wxWindow (wxQT)

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77260

Create Qt widget painter just once in ctor outside paint event

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77259

Fix update / refresh in wxQT scroll bar containers Note that Qt don't propagate the paint event if sent to the entire area (only the viewport "virtual space" can draw anyway).

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77258

Remove last wxQT paint warnings Implemented get scroll bar container method to missing controls (that also derive from QScrollArea) as in them the painter should be created only in the viewport (logic already coded in wxWindow paint event and for wxPanel), else the following warning is emmited: {{{ QWidget::paintEngine: Should no longer be called QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 1 }}}

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77257

Add missing popup method in wxQT combo box

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77256

Always use native double buffer on wxQT (Qt's painter is double buffered)

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77255

Send Id in wxQT paint event

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77254

Fix erase event (cleared DC) in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77253

Implement leading font metric in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77252

Guard missing wxUSE_ACCEL in wxWindow wxQT

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77251

Fix default system font on wxQT

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77250

Fix region iteration in wxQT This was preventing iterating in any region (as most has only one rect), hence the grid painting was not working propertly.

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77249

Don't force a repaint if nothing to replay (wxClientDC wxQT)

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77248

Avoid painting recursion for wxClientDC in wxQT Firing a repaint inside a paint ever could be recursive, update() should be used in that case but it is not immediate. Also, note that now the wxClientDC would work even if it is used inside the paint event, and could be used to simplificate the logic.

2014-08-23 02:32 VZ, revision 77247

Fix paint of wxClientDC in wxQT Moved the painter replay inside the paint event, so the erase and paint wx event are processed (wxPaintDC) before actions drawn outside the event handler (wxClientDC). After this, background was not prepared correctly and the drawing could become inconsistent (specially if the wxClientDC was just used for measures, ie: no drawings)

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77246

Handle central widget paint events in wxQT Add wxQtCentralWidget helper and fix minor logic in paint event to detect the scrollable area

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77245

Fix invalid destruction of painter in wxQT The DC is not really associated to the window, so the m_qtPainter is owned by this class and should be deleted in base dtor

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77244

Paint directly wxWindowDC without buffer in wxQT This solution avoid flicker and is more optimal as the intermediate buffer is not need: * use QPainter* instead of QImage* in wxWindow paint event (no more m_qtPaintBuffer) * change m_qtPainter to pointer in wxQtDCImpl (created on subclasses) * rename QtPreparePainter internal method (not used right now) * initial erase left to Qt (auto fill background) Still more tweaks are needed to avoid problems on begin() and test background erasing

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77243

Implement style background & transparency in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77242

Fix wxQT painting to honor background style Note that although this works better, the internal m_qtPaintBuffer still causes some issues and is inefficient (not needed as Qt already do a double buffering for widget painting) Also, QWidget::setBackgroundRole should be enforced too (and tested), to properly handle transparent and system backgrounds

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77241

Add wxNORMAL_FONT in native system setting

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77240

Implement native system settings GetColour in wxQT This was causing incorrect background in paint events and other drawing issues.

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77239

Fix scroll window method in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77238

Set update region for wxQT paint events

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77237

Remove superflous QtPaintClientDCPicture This is already handled inside QtHandlePaintEvent, so it duplicated some logic and could draw the picture twice (if not introducing conflicts with QPaint). Need to investigate the cases where this should be really done after the qt paint (maybe it could be related to wxEraseEvent)

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77236

Fix paint issues on scrolled controls in wxQT Warning reported by qt was related to trying to draw in an invalid painter: QPainter.begin(...) returned False, with the output: QWidget::paintEngine: Should no longer be called QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 1 This can be tested quickly with the scroll sample (nothing is drawn the QScrollArea->viewport() is used. TLW also has a QScrollArea as central widget, so this should be solved there too.

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77235

Fix scroll bar creation only for panels Other controls like wxListBox already include scroll bars (using wxHSCROLL / wxVSCROLL), and should not create / set new ones for them

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77234

Fix scrollable control creation in wxQT Moved scroll bar creation from SetScrollbar to QtSetScrollBar so it can be called from Create

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77233

Fix scroll bar window/frame in wxQT Now it is simplified using QScrollArea, so custom scroll layout was removed (that was commented and didn't work)

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77232

Fix wxFrame dtor in wxQT (removed) This could cause the incorrect deletion order of qt children and delete is not safe, either explicit or implicit using wxQtPointer -that also was removed-. The wxWindow destructor should execute the deleteLater() that is safer in qt (see prior commits).

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77231

Use Qt's safer deleteLater() in dtor Note that the comment was wrong (my mystake), destroy() is protected (and should not be used), deleteLater() is a slot and is the recommended way as it is defferred. Also, it could be called multiple times as Qt manages this in the event queue

2014-08-23 02:31 VZ, revision 77230

Remove superflous wxQtPointer helper (and header) Note that this added a new level of ref counting and the automatic deletion was causing premature destuction of Qt control's children. Direct destruction of the QObject is even discouraged and can cause chash according Qt docs, so deleteLater() is safer. For more info see QObject::~QObject comments (Qt source)

2014-08-23 02:30 VZ, revision 77229

Fix client data (missing dtor) memory leak in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:30 VZ, revision 77228
  • D /wxWidgets/branches/wxQT/include/wx/qt/panel.h
  • D /wxWidgets/branches/wxQT/src/qt/panel.cpp

Remove unused wxQT panel header and implementation

2014-08-23 02:30 VZ, revision 77227

Add dtor for wxBitmapRefData to fix memory leak in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:30 VZ, revision 77226

Fix m_rasterColourOp uninitialized value The problem is reported by valgrind in ApplyRasterColourOp. Setting it to wxQtNONE avoids the report but doesn't fix some drawing issues (don't know if it is related), so more investigation is needed about the initial value to get a correct behavior (if it should be used at all without calling first SetLogicalFunction)

2014-08-23 02:30 VZ, revision 77225

Fix memory leak in wxWindow::Init() for wxQT

2014-08-23 02:30 VZ, revision 77224

wxWindow::Init() function instead of a macro in wxQT This is needed to track down memmory issues (if not, valgrind just report the line of the macro as it is not expanded)

2014-08-23 02:30 VZ, revision 77223

Merge master trunk in SOC2014 wxQT branch Note: I did some manual edition (again) as the automatic merge incorrectly was adding __WXCOCOA__ and removing __WXQT__ ...

2014-08-23 02:30 VZ, revision 77222

Remove duplicate wxFrame dtor in wxQT This was removed in other ports and moved to wxFrameBase, see:

2014-08-23 02:30 VZ, revision 77221

Merge GSOC 2014 wxQT branch with master trunk

2014-08-23 02:27 VZ, revision 77220

Add missing wxFont ctor using wxFontInfo in wxQT (this is needed to build the tests)

2014-08-23 02:27 VZ, revision 77219

Remove private include (helper) from wxQT headers

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77218

Refactor menu item (wxQtAction) to make it a thin helper

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77217

Move helper template to private and rename last _qt.h --HG-- rename : include/wx/qt/pointer_qt.h => include/wx/qt/pointer.h rename : include/wx/qt/winevent_qt.h => include/wx/qt/private/winevent.h

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77216

Make wxQtWidget helper internal (remove header)

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77215

Make wxQT helpers internals in dialgo, frame, msgdlg, scrolbar and statusbar

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77214

Make spin control helper internal / private in wxQT * Move helper (wxQtSpinBoxBase et al) declaration to c++ sources * Use QSpinBox / QDoubleSpinBox for header declarations (instead of the helper) * Refactor Create to instantiate the helper in the derived classes of wxSpinCtrlBase * Use a dynamic_cast in SetValue(wxString&) to safely access the derived class helper * Make SetValue (overloaded) virtual and reimplement both to avoid hiding * Change the controls sample to test SetValue(wxString&) Note that the dynamic_cast is needed now to access QSpinBox::valueFromText that is protected and is redeclared in the helper as public (all the other heplers didn't have this requeriment so far).

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77213

Fix qt to wx date conversion function

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77212

Make calendar control helper internal / private * Declaration of wxQtCalendarWidget moved from header to c++ source file * Renamed method to match signal names

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77211

Fix SIGSEGV handling paint event in wxQT The logic was checking for m_qtPicture but used m_qtPaintBuffer (that is used bellow in a alternate block) Although the segmentation fail is fixed, this should be revised as it seems to be an explicit QtPaintClientDCPicture with this logic

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77210

Fix unused variable due combobox z-order in contols sample wxQT

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77209

Clean up controls sample * Removed invalid combo insert test that causes an error in wxGTK * Removed unused variable (compiler warning)

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77208

Add wxGA_TEXT to wxGauge interface

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77207

Test methods of wxCheckListBox in controls sample * Add a toggle check button that call wxCheckListBox::Check * Show (in the log) the wxCheckListBox::IsCheck status when a item is selected

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77206

Implement IsChecked / Check for wxCheckListBox in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:26 VZ, revision 77205

Use wxCheckListBox in controls sample Replaced wxListBox with wxCheckListBox to test this derived class. The behavior will be similar as in most platforms it is just based on wxListBox

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77204

Implement wxCheckListBox based on wxListBox (wxQT) Solution taken from wxGTK (but overriden Init private method to set m_hasCheckBoxes)

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77203

Add test text event methods to controls sample

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77202

Move setting initial text before CreateControl Note that CreateBase (in QtCreateControl) was not being called before setting the initial text value (ChangeValue), hence basic methods like HasFlag or IsMultiline weren't working at that point (and this caused a SIGSEGV in wxTextCtrl as it relies on flags to distinguish between m_qtLineEdit and m_qtTextEdit) In wxGTK CreateBase is called explicitly before creating the gtk control (for example, in wxTextCtrl::Create)

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77201

Add wxQtTextEdit helper for multiline text control Note that only wxEVT_TEXT is implemented by now as qt lacks returnPressed signal in QTextEdit. Also, the signal textChanged has no parameter for QTextEdit, so text entries are not uniform in Qt regarding events notifications too. This also raised a SIGSEGV, issue with GetValue() called inside the event when setting the initial text (that was changed as it don't have to be sent according the docs), so please see the next commit

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77200

Add wxQtTextEdit helper for multiline text control Note that only wxEVT_TEXT is implemented by now as qt lacks returnPressed signal in QTextEdit. Also, the signal textChanged has no parameter for QTextEdit, so text entries are not uniform in Qt regarding events notifications too. This also raised an issue with GetValue() called inside the event when setting the initial text (that don't have to be sent according the docs), so see the next commit

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77199

Implement proper set value method for wxTextCtrl * Send events depending on flags (blocking qt signals) * Replace all the text without sending two events (removal and insert like wxGTK) Note that this add stub methods in wxTextEntry just for consistency. This should be revisited evaluating if wxTextEntry implementations is required at all (seems qt has different text entry controls methods so there could be nothing in common)

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77198

Add wxQtLineEdit helper for single line TextCtrl Events similar to wxGTK (wxEVT_TEXT and wxEVT_TEXT_ENTER, checking wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER style flag)

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77197

Honor slider tick position style flags in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77196

Add wxGA_TEXT style for text percent in wxQT gauge

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77195

Hide text in wxQT progress bar for consistency (percentage completed, not shown by other ports) and fix minor coding styling issue

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77194

Add safety check in wxQT list box item access (to avoid segmentation fault if null item is returned by qt)

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77193

Use the new, short event type (wxEVT_CHECKBOX,) instead of the old verbose name (wxEVT_COMMAND_CHECKBOX_CLICKED)

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77192

Refactor wxComboBox to be derived from wxChoice and wxTextEntry in wxQT (similar to wxGTK and wxMSW). Now it reuses a lot of code (as both are based on QComboBox), but it has to reimplement some wxTextEntry methods as they differ between qt text controls. Also now uses wxControlWithItemsBase::SendSelectionChangedEvent

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77191

Fix slider event in wxQT, now using valueChanged signal as tracking is enabled by default. Note that using sliderMoved only works for mouse events (not for keyboard ones), and don't catch the final value when released (slider didn't reach 100%). Also, removed a comment copy-pasted by mistake.

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77190

Implement slider tick frequency and marks in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77189

Force font selection on controls sample (to check font family works ok and to avoid default font -that can be different in wxQT than in wxGTK-)

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77188

Fix notebook tab change events and insertion (move selection logic from qt helper to wx class, and block firing qt signals to avoid initialization problems and to better simulate signal vetoing -to not show the page in advance-). Solution for selection logic taken from wxGTK (now using base clases). Note also that most methods of QTabWidget cannot be overriden (IMHO enforcing the thin qt helpers approach).

2014-08-23 02:25 VZ, revision 77187

Move wxQT notebook helper from header to source (make it internal)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77186

Remove wxQT button helper from header and split signal handlers (using parameter, removing m_eventType and renaming the method following qt signal name). Note: cannot be unified as wxEVT_TOGGLEBUTTON is only defined in tglbtn, so a new inherited QtCreate method to instantiate the wxQtPushButton or wxQtToggleButton was introduced.

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77185

Fix to ensure font family is enforced under wxQT (discarding facename if set, forcing qt to choose a proper font)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77184

Add wxFont::SetFaceName for wxQT to actually force the qt "font matching algoritm" to select a proper font (if not, wxFont::SetFamily has no effect). Also note that calling wxFontBase::SetFaceName causes a segmentation fault, probably caused by the UnRef() due wxFontEnumerator::IsValidFacename returns false (EnumerateFacenames is currently not implemented)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77183

Fix to draw ellipse with 'no fill' if pen is not transparent in wxQT (in fact, filled with text background color like in wxGTK)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77182

Fix wxMemoryDC object de-selection (using wxNullBitmap), storing the selected bitmap and implementing GetSelectedBitmap in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77181

Implement spin control event in wxQT (connecting the value changed signal, similar to wxGTK)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77180

Derive wxQtSpinBox polymorphy helpers from wxQtEventSignalHandler to proccess QSpinBox events. Note that wxQtSpinCtrlBase is not a helper derived from Qt (it is in fact the wxQT implementation derived from wxSpinCtrlBase)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77179

Implement wxTextCtr SetSelection and GetValue methods (needed by SetValue) in wxQt

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77178

Rename internal helper wxQtSpinBox to wxQtSpinButton in order to avoid collision (and segmentation fault) with wxSpinCtrl

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77177

Implement spin button event (wxQtSpinBox internal helper)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77176

Add text event and allow edition in wxQtComboBox

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77175

Implement basic slider methods (set/get range and value) in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77174

Implement wxSlider event handling (including internal wxQtSlider helper)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77173

Implement basic gauge methods (set/get range and value)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77172

Add wxQtProgressBar stub internal helper for gauge (just for generic events, no signal needed now)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77171

Add wxQtButtonGroup internal intermediate helper to connect wxQtRadioBox (QGroupBox) button signal. Note this one is not a 'visual' control so it doesn't derives from QWidget, then using wxQtSignalHandler instead of wxQtEventSignalHandler

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77170

Implement wxQtGroupBox and wxQtRadioBox internal helpers (just to handle qt events as no signal connected by now)

2014-08-23 02:24 VZ, revision 77169

Remove shared groupbox_qt header for wxQtGroupBox stub (real wxQT internal hepers will be implemented for wxStaticBox and wxRadioGroup)

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77168

Implement combobox event (fixing wxQtComboBox helper signal handler), it should use SendSelectionChangedEvent but wxControlWithItemsBase collides with wxComboBoxBase, and it cannot derive from wxChoice as in wxGTK as in wxQT wxTextEntry is not completely implemented. So, the current implementation is not optimal (it has some minor code duplication) but it works ok

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77167

Remove combobox_qt header as it is no longer used (helper implementations are now internal to wxChoice and wxComboBox)

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77166

Implement combobox basic methods (adding internal wxQtComboBox helper), very similar to wxChoice implementation to wxQT. Note that the old wxQtComboBox superseded and no more shared with wxChoice

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77165

Implement choice basic methods for wxQT (this was simpler than wxListBox as no intermediate item class like QListWidgetItem is used)

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77164

Implement choice event (adding internal wxQtChoice helper), note the explicit cast needed as the qt signal is overloaded

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77163

Implement DoInsertItems in wxQT list box (additional DoInsertOneItem is needed by wxItemContainer::DoInsertItemsInLoop)

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77162

Implement client data in wxQT list box inside user role (using QVariant to store the pointer, similar to wxWindow::QtStoreWindowPointer but not using Q_DECLARE_METATYPE)

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77161

Implement list box clear and item deletion methods in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77160

Implement list box basic selection method in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77159

Implement list box string methods in wxQT (used in SendEvent)

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77158

Implement list box events (adding internal wxQtListBox helper), note the additional wxListBox::QtSendEvent method as wxListBoxBase:SendEvent is protected (taken from wxGTK solution)

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77157

Implement check box event (adding wxQtCheckBox helper)

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77156

Implement window enable/disable in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77155

Refactor wxQT button implementation adding wxAnyButton to avoid code duplication with toggle buttons and simplify wxQPushButton helper (only signal and event handling left on the derived Qt class) --HG-- rename : include/wx/gtk/anybutton.h => include/wx/qt/anybutton.h rename : src/qt/button.cpp => src/qt/anybutton.cpp

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77154

Send toggle button checked state in wxQtPushButton event

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77153

Send different event types from wxQtPushButton (to support toggle buttons that are the same class in qt)

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77152

Add wxStaticText:SetLabel implmentation to wxQT

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77151

Ensure the cursor is visible after writing in wxQT multiline wxTextCtrl

2014-08-23 02:23 VZ, revision 77150

Ensure the cursor is visible after setting insertion point in wxQT multiline wxTextCtrl

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77149

Revert fake change that shoul't had been commited

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77148

Implement cursor position (insertion point) in wxTextCtrl for wxQT (methods are different for QLineEdit and QTextEdit and even QComboBox, so it is not implemented in wxTextEntry)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77147

Implement wxTextCtrl::WriteText in wxQT (used by wxLogTextCtrl)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77146

Fix toggle button ctor in wxQT to create and size the qt control correctly

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77145

Move bitmap setting to wxButton::DoSetBitmap so it can be reused from other methods and deriver classes (wxQT, skeleton taken from wxGTK wxAnyButton)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77144

Display bitmap in wxBitmapButton wxQT

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77143

Add minimal support for single line text control for wxQT (using QLineEdit vs QTextEdit)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77142

Enable wrapping in static text in wxQT (solution similar to wxGTK)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77141

Fix adding initial items in wxQT wxListBox (taken from wxQtComboBox::AddChoices)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77140

Fix zorder between combo box and static box in controls sample for wxQT (so the combobox can receive events after staticbox is created)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77139

Fix choice best size calculation (it was overriding wxQT hints, specially for default height)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77138

Fix combobox sizing in wxQT (minimal is bigger than normal hint in this case) IMPORTANT: not seting MinSize as semantic seems a bit different with wxWidgets so it causes regressions in wxNotebook

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77137

Use label height for top border in static box (to fix inner sizing issues in wxQT, similar solution than wxMSW)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77136

Fix radio box vertical / horizontal style implementation (selecting QVBoxLayout or QHBoxLayout accordingly)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77135

Fix sizing in radio box using a QVBoxLayout so get best size works (qt sizeHint)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77134

Remove rule for Qt's moc precompiler as no longer needed

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77133

Use new Qt5 syntax to connect signals to QObject's member functions in wxQT, removing SLOT and SIGNAL macros (third stage to remove moc)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77132

Remove Q_OBJECT and Q_SLOTS from wxQT headers to avoid vtable linking issues (second stage to remove moc)

2014-08-23 02:22 VZ, revision 77131

Unify wxQT helpers code (*_qt.cpp) inside main source files (*.cpp), some headers (*_qt.h) remains independent to avoid include problems (first stage to remove moc)

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77130

Remove Q_OBJECT macro for wxQT notebook to avoid vtable link-time error due no moc precompilation being used (not needed as not using slots)

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77129

Use wxQtEventSignalHandler for wxQtTabWidget helper (and move declaration to header)

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77128

Revert wxQT provisional notebook size fix in sample control (fixed in previous commits)

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77127

Move DoGetBestSize() from wxWindow to wxControl to let wxWindowBase properly calculate sizes (ie. tabs inside wxNotebook) in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77126

Fix bad logic preventing wxSizeEvent triggering at Window::Show() due unreachable code in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77125

Fix notebook tab selection on insert (wxQt)

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77124

Use wxVector<int> in new code for storage of internal imageId in notebook tabs (wxQT), wxArrayXXX stuff is legacy

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77123

Fix style coding guidelines remarks

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77122

Add support for notebook page change events in wxQT (using helper and new Qt5 connect syntax calling QObject member)

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77121

Add some checks and to test wxQT notebook implementation with controls sample

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77120

Fix notebook page removal in wxQT (add missing call to base)

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77119

Add internal imageId array to implement notebook tabs image retrival in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77118

Implement notebook set page image and removal in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77117

Add support for images (QIcon) in notebook tabs (wxQT)

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77116

Add inserted notebook page to the internal array of pages in wxQT (fix page order and possibly other issues)

2014-08-23 02:21 VZ, revision 77115

Comment out incorrect notebook set tab enabled in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77114

Merge wxQT GSOC2014 branch with master trunk (svn rev 76659)

2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77113

Update build files by bakefile_gen / autoconf

2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77112

Remove $ from wxQT branch sources and includes

2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77111


2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77110

Remove redundant text dialog generic .cpp include in wxQT

2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77109

Use generic tree control in wxQT (qt/treectrl.cpp and header not used but still not removed yet)

2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77108

Fix compilation regression in other ports (gtk) due commented entries in bakefiles (missing qt features)

2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77107

Fix QtGlobal include for for QT_VERSION_STR constants (wxQT)

2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77106

Add wxQtEventLoopSourcesManager stub implementation to fix wxQT linking error: reference to 'wxGUIAppTraits::GetEventLoopSourcesManager()' not defined (see svn r74477 and #15305)

2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77105

Add generic wxTextMeasure to wxQT QT_LOWLEVEL_SRC bakefile section (and regenerate build files) to fix error: reference to 'vtable for wxTextMeasure' not defined

2014-08-23 02:20 VZ, revision 77104

Add direct wxQT implementation of wxBitmap::Create(int, int, wxDC&) needed in wxAuiTabContainer::Render for retina support (not using the dc, see svn r76601 r74294)

2014-08-23 02:19 VZ, revision 77103

Add dummy wxDropTarget::GetMatchingPair for wxQT (not implemented as in osx)

2014-08-23 02:19 VZ, revision 77102

Define wxHAS_GENERIC_DATAVIEWCTRL for wxQT (as GetTextExtent is not defined)

2014-08-23 02:19 VZ, revision 77101

Use const arrays for wxDC array parameters in wxQtDCImpl and wxPrinterDCImpl (see svn r73382 #10712)

2014-08-23 02:19 VZ, revision 77100

2014-08-23 02:19 VZ, revision 77099

Fix missing qt tooltip include due bad merge

2014-08-23 02:19 VZ, revision 77098

Add wxSpinCtrl SetBase and GetBase methods to wxQT (only base 10, see svn r72414)

2014-08-23 02:19 VZ, revision 77097

Remove wxRA_USE_CHECKBOX (see svn r70345)

2014-08-23 02:19 VZ, revision 77096

Refactor wxQtEventLoopBase methods DoRun, ScheduleExit, DoYieldFor (based on svn r74333 r74335 r76061)

2014-08-23 02:19 VZ, revision 77095

Regenerate build files with bakefile_gen and autoconf after merge

2014-08-23 02:17 VZ, revision 77094