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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2009-02-13 10:00 RR, revision 58875

Removed unneeded FixUpMouse() method, some more GTK prefixing

2009-02-13 09:34 RR, revision 58874

Reorder code so that you can actually set the size of a picker control at startup

2009-02-13 09:33 RR, revision 58873

Forgot to commit file for giving a GTK specific methid the prefix GTK

2009-02-13 09:18 CE, revision 58872

update for 2.8.10-rc1

2009-02-13 07:35 BP, revision 58871

GTK compilo: looks like a header missed the r58850 commit.

2009-02-12 23:29 VZ, revision 58856

added a period at the end of a sentence (test commit, really)

2009-02-12 23:18 VZ, revision 58855

return radio box own help text when origin is Origin_Unknown to make sure GetHelpText() returns the same value as was passed to SetHelpText()

2009-02-12 22:47 BIW, revision 58854

fix typo

2009-02-12 22:46 BIW, revision 58853

maximize pane should ignore floating windows (#4066)

2009-02-12 22:42 BIW, revision 58852

maximize pane should ignore floating windows (#4066)

2009-02-12 21:11 RR, revision 58850

Don't use native file/dir picker buttons when using an associated text control

2009-02-12 21:09 RR, revision 58849

wxFilePickerCtrl's button should know if it has an associated text control

2009-02-12 19:38 VS, revision 58846

compilation fix for wxABI_VERSION < 20808 (fixes #10493)

2009-02-12 17:55 CE, revision 58845

fix as in

2009-02-12 16:55 JMS, revision 58844

Fixed old font-related code that caused problems on wxMAC, also replaced all accesses to m_font with GetFont()

2009-02-12 12:09 VZ, revision 58843

made wxArrayString::assign(iterator, iterator) a template function; also fixed a bad bug in it: it didn't call clear(); mention existence of std::vector-like methods in the docs

2009-02-12 10:17 JS, revision 58842

Fixed wxRichTextRange != operator

2009-02-12 10:16 JS, revision 58841

Fix for wxRichTextRange::!=

2009-02-12 07:17 SC, revision 58840

renaming clickedAction callbacks to more generic controlAction, textctrl updates

2009-02-12 07:16 SC, revision 58839

CGContextFlush is already called in SetNativeContext

2009-02-12 02:04 KO, revision 58835

Add the interface dir.

2009-02-12 01:06 KO, revision 58825

Restore DrawRadioButton to the main wxRenderer API, create a method overload for the wxUniv API so that it can coexist with the wxUniv method of the same name.

2009-02-12 01:02 KO, revision 58824

Fix assertion when passing nil to setKeyEquivalent.

2009-02-10 07:00 SC, revision 58823

supporting graphics context on invisible views, icon refs are available under 64 bit cocoa as well, turn drawing on again, fixes #10490

2009-02-10 03:43 PC, revision 58822

corrected build fix, new code does work with GTK+ < 2.10

2009-02-10 00:38 BP, revision 58821

Fixed section identifiers (the added section needed a unique id) in topic overviews page in the manual.

2009-02-10 00:15 FM, revision 58820

fix for when wxUSE_DRAG_AND_DROP==0 (e.g. in wxX11)

2009-02-09 21:17 VZ, revision 58819

compilation fix for GTK+ < 2.10

2009-02-09 18:48 KO, revision 58817

We'll get an unhandled exception if the view is hidden, fortunately, lockFocusIfCanDraw does the right thing here, or at least the best we can hope for.

2009-02-09 18:03 SC, revision 58816

paint event handling fixes and wxClientDC implementation for osx-cocoa

2009-02-09 17:59 SC, revision 58815

make sure no delegates/impl ptrs are still set during destruction

2009-02-09 17:53 SC, revision 58814

flipped accessor conforming to plain c++ impl

2009-02-09 16:43 JMS, revision 58813

Fixed (hopefully) wx_dll.dsw regarding propgrid and stc (closes #10463)

2009-02-09 13:41 VZ, revision 58812

don't use invalid item indices in wxLC_HRULES-drawing code (closes #10484)

2009-02-09 13:16 VZ, revision 58811

fix MSVC warnings about possibly uninitialized variables; some reindentation

2009-02-09 13:12 VZ, revision 58810

compilation fix for wxUSE_STL build after latest changes

2009-02-09 10:19 RR, revision 58809

Mention wxTaskBarIcon reimplementation, other details

2009-02-09 09:54 RR, revision 58808

Compile fix

2009-02-09 09:54 SC, revision 58807

drawing code now in common file

2009-02-09 09:53 SC, revision 58806

GetRegion is not needed anymore

2009-02-09 09:41 SC, revision 58805

replacing RgnHandle with HIShapeRef usage

2009-02-09 09:01 SC, revision 58804

common drawing code for osx-cocoa and osx-carbon, also since 10.5 HIShapeRef is in ApplicationServices, so this can be used for all osx-cocoa builds as native wxRegion implementation

2009-02-09 08:48 RR, revision 58803

Fixes #10454, Applied patch for wxDataViewCtrl should not change the selection when clicking the expander. Thanks.

2009-02-09 05:22 KO, revision 58802

Remove delegates before releasing the native object, so that we don't have delegate methods getting called during destruction.

2009-02-09 02:21 KO, revision 58797

Do a sanity check to make sure GetWindow() has a valid window, and assert if it doesn't. On OS X Cocoa, try to continue on in release mode.

2009-02-09 02:20 KO, revision 58796

Initial support for EVT_ERASE_BACKGROUND for OS X Cocoa.

2009-02-09 00:53 FM, revision 58788

fix memory leak; allocate the DC before SetFont() is called on the status bar

2009-02-09 00:46 KO, revision 58787

Update OS X Cocoa build files after recent changes and rebake.

2009-02-09 00:33 FM, revision 58786

save the current status text for each pane inside wxStatusBarPane: native controls now store the (eventually) ellipsized version of the string; remove code for managing the status strings currently inside the [native|generic] control; add ellipsization support under wxMSW; now that all SetFieldsCount() implementation rrely on wxStatusBarBase::SetFieldsCount document how it behaves when adding new panes.

2009-02-08 23:46 KO, revision 58785

Initial commit of script to generate releases which doesn't rely on any manifests or other file lists.