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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2009-02-19 05:34 PC, revision 59015

fix for IBM xlC 8, it can't compile Clone() if wxDataFormat is not defined

2009-02-19 05:33 PC, revision 59014

fix for IBM and HP compilers, which don't allow ->* operator with undefined class

2009-02-19 04:54 KO, revision 59013

Error codes can go beyond the value acceptable to use with exit, so just return 1 explicitly.

2009-02-19 03:43 KO, revision 59009

svn merge -r 57959:59008

2009-02-19 01:03 VZ, revision 59008

AIX compilation fix

2009-02-18 21:21 RR, revision 59006

Uncomment code accidentally left commented

2009-02-18 21:20 RR, revision 59005

Don't use default size of control has a sizer (as per other ports)

2009-02-18 19:32 FM, revision 59002

name wxThreadEvent and YieldFor in wxProgressDialog and in thread overview; update the sample code to use new event macros; minor other changes

2009-02-18 18:02 PC, revision 59001

use bool expression rather than implicit conversion

2009-02-18 17:58 FM, revision 59000

make distinction between classes which send events (use @beginEventEmissionTable for them) from event classes (use @beginEventTable for them); add event tables for wxWindow, wxFrame, wxTopLevelWindow, wxApp

2009-02-18 17:15 PC, revision 58999

remove unused wxKeyEvent member m_scanCode

2009-02-18 16:16 JMS, revision 58998

Under wxGTK, always use wxPopupTransientWindow as the popup window, even if UseAltPopupWindow() has been called. Do this because, of all popup window types, only wxPopupTransientWindow is able to have focused child controls when the popup is shown in wxGTK modal dialog.

2009-02-18 15:59 JS, revision 58996

Added licensing information

2009-02-18 15:58 JS, revision 58995

Added licensing information

2009-02-18 15:49 FM, revision 58994

always NUL-terminate the m_szFlags buffer; add test for %*s case

2009-02-18 15:33 FM, revision 58993

remove comment erroneously committed in r58654

2009-02-18 15:14 FM, revision 58992

fix typo: the leave/enter order for the m_handlersWithPendingEventsLocker critical section was flipped

2009-02-18 14:57 FM, revision 58989

make the testcase more readable; add a few checks to Asterisk() test; make unicode part of S() test compile with MSVC

2009-02-18 11:30 FM, revision 58986

fix typo

2009-02-18 11:05 FM, revision 58985

test if CXXFLAGS/CFLAGS contains the -g or the -O options before adding our -g and -O2 flags: this avoids duplicates in the GCC command line which just generate confusion

2009-02-18 10:42 FM, revision 58984

do not exceed the 80 column limit when printing the list of available libraries

2009-02-18 10:32 FM, revision 58983

fix wxGTK1 build

2009-02-18 04:06 PC, revision 58979

build fixes for wxUSE_THREADS==0

2009-02-18 00:19 BP, revision 58978

Fix manual references to the events overview after it's page ID was changed in r58712 (VZ).

2009-02-17 22:06 BP, revision 58977

Fixed the logo image output in the manual after (obviously untested) image filename changes.

2009-02-17 20:52 JMS, revision 58976

Have wxComboCtrl respect parent's wxTAB_TRAVERSAL flag; Also cleaned up key event redirecting code

2009-02-17 20:19 JMS, revision 58975

Also redirect wxEVT_KEY_UP and wxEVT_CHAR from the embedded wxTextCtrl

2009-02-17 18:46 RR, revision 58974

Corrected meaning of parameter col as the position not ID in wxLisrCtrl::InsertColumn() under OSX/Carbon

2009-02-17 18:36 JMS, revision 58973

Improved documentation for GetProperty(), GetPropertyByName()

2009-02-17 18:07 JMS, revision 58972

Test for m_pPropGrid in wxPropertyGridPageState::DoClear()

2009-02-17 18:01 JMS, revision 58971

Clear grid selection more consistently prior clear operations; improved Clear() tests (fixes #10497)

2009-02-17 17:47 BP, revision 58970

Updated version numbers tech note with new doxygen manual locations to update, and updated the main page of the manual.

2009-02-17 16:43 VZ, revision 58969

don't skip the event in wxGridCellEditorEvtHandler::OnKillFocus() to fix crashes which happen if the control receiving this event gets deleted from it

2009-02-17 13:31 SC, revision 58967

adding bitmap button version for colour picker, used by setting wxCLRBTN_USES_BMP_BUTTON to 1, off by default also on Mac for binary compat reasons.

2009-02-17 13:07 JJ, revision 58966

add wx/log.h for non-PCH build

2009-02-17 12:01 VZ, revision 58965

suppress unused parameter warning

2009-02-17 11:30 RR, revision 58964

Blind implementation of YieldFor() for OSX/Cocoa, copied from OSX/Carbon

2009-02-17 11:24 RR, revision 58963

Blind implementation of GetSubItemRect() for wxListCtrl under carbon

2009-02-17 11:11 FM, revision 58962

fixed test failures under wxMSW when using our wxVsnprintf implementation (remains 1 bug introduced by the wx29 string changes)

2009-02-17 10:42 FM, revision 58961

revert debugging modifications and build into test.exe all non-GUI tests

2009-02-17 10:26 FM, revision 58960

give credit to the author of the patch for adding wxImage options for PNG saving

2009-02-17 09:57 VZ, revision 58959

add missing stdcall to fix crash when using state image lists after r58572

2009-02-17 09:53 VZ, revision 58958

add event.Skip() in EVT_CONTEXT_MENU handler

2009-02-17 05:35 SC, revision 58957

fixing typo

2009-02-17 03:32 PC, revision 58956

fix deferred show when SetSize() is called after SetClientSize()

2009-02-16 21:14 FM, revision 58954

don't consider EOF an unrecoverable error

2009-02-16 17:22 PC, revision 58952

non-pch build fix

2009-02-16 17:19 PC, revision 58951

fix evtloop.h header dependency implementation headers go first to catch this kind of problem, don't move them to fix a build error

2009-02-16 10:59 SC, revision 58947

fixing retain semantics

2009-02-16 10:55 SC, revision 58946

adding new defines for OSX