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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

1999-04-10 22:26 VZ, revision 2086

unitialized var initialized (mainly to reduce Purify warnings)

1999-04-10 22:24 VZ, revision 2085

tooltip bug (which I introduced recently) corrected

1999-04-10 14:15 OK, revision 2084

Added wxStrdup().

1999-04-09 20:26 RR, revision 2083

Removed this Maximize() overridden bug Changed wxFrame so that drawing into the client area draws into the client area. Removed some ugly hacks on the way. Don't forget to recompile everything.

1999-04-09 18:01 RR, revision 2082

Here it comes: Doc updates Makefile doesn't strip anylonger Makefile adapted to /src/unix etc Added wxLB_ALWAYS_SB Added MWM window manager hints Fixed event handling bugs that (among others) caused the wxListBox misbeahiour Rwwrote GtkmyFixed for GTK 1.2 Made data requests etc in wxClipboadr asynchronous Added underscores to menus (some) Tried in vain to make wxTextCtrl (and its GtkTable) behave correctly. The bottom text control in the controls samples still misbehaves upon start-up. did I change notebook.cpp ?

1999-04-09 17:31 GL, revision 2081

* Commented out "delete this;" * Finished threads can be restarted.

1999-04-09 12:42 OK, revision 2080

For non-Unicode, preserve binary compatibility by doing #define wxChar char instead of typedef char wxChar. This is a temporary measure.

1999-04-09 10:06 KB, revision 2079

No more overlap between lines (I hope).

1999-04-09 09:54 KB, revision 2078

better centering of text/images

1999-04-09 09:45 KB, revision 2077

fixed some glitches

1999-04-09 09:18 KB, revision 2076

Modified it to adjust to different icons sizes. Please check.

1999-04-08 23:38 OK, revision 2075

Unicode definitions for glibc, etc.

1999-04-08 23:22 OK, revision 2074

Unicode support is *experimental*, so disable it by default.

1999-04-08 20:52 KB, revision 2073

Removed check for pthread-0.7 on Linux which causes problems on some glibc2 systems and break static linkage.

1999-04-08 20:51 KB, revision 2072

Fixed gtk 1.2.x wxYield() problem (tested).

1999-04-08 19:36 JS, revision 2071

Added candidate wxDragImage implementation for wxMSW

1999-04-08 14:42 JS, revision 2070

Changed the focus-window event handling back

1999-04-07 21:33 JS, revision 2069

Menu/toolbar event handling now tries the window with the focus first. wxTextCtrl processes cut, copy, paste, undo, redo commands and UI updates automatically.

1999-04-07 21:08 VS, revision 2068

fixed bug with incorrect fileformat

1999-04-07 17:22 VZ, revision 2067

allow access to terminating NUL character with operator[]

1999-04-07 17:02 KB, revision 2066

workaround for counterintuitive wxString::operator[] behaviour

1999-04-07 15:01 JS, revision 2065

Some typos corrected in iniconf.cpp

1999-04-07 14:51 JS, revision 2064

Added imaggif.h, imaggif.cpp (wxImage GIF-reading support); candidate FindFocus implementation for wxMotif

1999-04-07 13:01 VZ, revision 2063

no more SetAppName/SetVendor in the config classes

1999-04-07 12:59 VZ, revision 2062

SetLabel() adjusts the label size