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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

1999-04-12 22:03 OK, revision 2111

Unicode support. Uses wxWCharBuffer in Unicode build. Compiles, at least.

1999-04-12 21:58 OK, revision 2110

Unicode support. The _() macro is made to imply _T() (would be boring to type _(_T("text")), I think). That means you have to use wxGetString() directly if you need to look up from a string variable instead of a literal.

1999-04-12 21:14 OK, revision 2109

Unicode support for wxString (wxchar.cpp won't compile without it, so I figured I couldn't hold it back anyway). Added many macros. Changed most char to wxChar, and literals wrapped in _T(). Added conversion classes. Added new constructors to wxString, and mb_str(), wc_str(), and fn_str() (the last is mb_str() on Unix and c_str() on Windows, since Windows takes file names in Unicode (I think), while Unix doesn't). Rewrote wxString::Printf().

1999-04-12 20:44 OK, revision 2108

Added wxchar.cpp/.obj

1999-04-12 20:10 OK, revision 2107

Added allocation constructor (makes it easy to convert right into a buffer allocated to size by this class), copy constructor (egcs does not like const wxCharBuffer& mb_str() { return wxCharBuffer(...); }, so it HAS to be copiable), and assignment constructor (so it can be stored to a variable for efficiency, instead of being converted every time the string is needed). (The copy and assignment operator wipes the source, so the buffer is essentially passed on to the new instance without being freed by the old.) wcsdup() is not declared in glibc by default, so use malloc() instead. Added some 'convenience' macros.

1999-04-12 20:06 KB, revision 2106

Countless (some half-finished) optimisations. Started implementing selections.

1999-04-12 20:01 OK, revision 2105

For non-Unicode added #include <ctype.h> and <string.h> to avoid some missing declaration warnings, added wxAtof, changed wxStrtok declaration, added conditional declarations for functions in wxchar.cpp

1999-04-12 19:56 OK, revision 2104

Added wxchar.cpp, which contains: wxMB2WC, wxWC2MB (wrappers for mbstowcs and wcstombs) wxStrdup and thread-safe wxStrtok, for when libc does not supply it wxSetlocale, wxSprintf, wxVsprintf, wxAtof, wxAtoi, wxAtol, wxGetenv, wxSystem: Unicode-supporting wrappers

1999-04-12 14:41 RR, revision 2103

Fixing a few fixes..

1999-04-12 14:02 VZ, revision 2102

wxUSE_THREADS typo corrected

1999-04-12 13:47 RR, revision 2101

added moving subwindow when scrolling (tested in image.cpp )

1999-04-12 13:44 VS, revision 2100


1999-04-12 13:18 RR, revision 2099

clipboards tests WM hint corrections (guesses)

1999-04-12 11:51 VZ, revision 2098

fixed compilation under Motif

1999-04-12 11:48 VZ, revision 2097

HitTest test added

1999-04-12 11:39 VZ, revision 2096

GTK 1.0.x compilation fixes

1999-04-12 09:57 VZ, revision 2095

auto buffer class(es)

1999-04-12 01:30 RD, revision 2094

Added $(WAITFLAG) so other shells can use appropriate flag

1999-04-12 01:22 RD, revision 2093

Added SetPaperId. It seemed to want such a method.

1999-04-11 23:19 VZ, revision 2092

wxGetCwd fixed

1999-04-11 23:15 VZ, revision 2091

thread deletion fixed

1999-04-11 22:43 RR, revision 2090

Rewrote MDI system

1999-04-11 19:07 VS, revision 2089

direct stream use

1999-04-11 19:07 VS, revision 2088

MIME support

1999-04-10 22:27 VZ, revision 2087

oops... fatal bug (which I recently introduced) with uninit callback corrected