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Changelog for wxWidgets (68404 changes):

1998-08-15 18:58 RR, revision 555

Fixed my own Makefile bug New INSTALL Fixed path in imrc

1998-08-15 18:47 KB, revision 554

fixed GetSelection() inversion bug

1998-08-15 17:48 JS, revision 553

Added isosurf wxGLCanvas sample, cured OnPaint bug (missing wxPaintDC object)

1998-08-15 17:05 KB, revision 552

fixed a logical error (! isempty) instead of isempty

1998-08-15 15:59 RR, revision 551

Added graying out of menus and buttons

1998-08-15 15:23 RR, revision 550

DialogEd's missing icons.

1998-08-15 14:45 RR, revision 549

DialogEd now compiles, links and runs under wxGTK I didn't say it worked, eh.

1998-08-15 14:42 DP, revision 548

DP: Just came back from 3 days fishing and found that forget to commit some changes. GetBitmap added

1998-08-15 13:20 RR, revision 547

Added wxPropList library

1998-08-15 12:43 JS, revision 546

Added GLCanvas library (Win only at present).

1998-08-15 12:30 JS, revision 545

2 GnuWin32 compile bugs fixed, incl. printf bug in prntdlgg that sent GnuWin32 into an endless loop

1998-08-15 12:06 RR, revision 544

Resource sample works now, apart from wxRadioBox, which is #ifdef 0 in resource.cpp Fixed tiny thing in resource.cpp

1998-08-15 10:52 RR, revision 543

See last changelog

1998-08-15 10:47 RR, revision 542

Makefile fixes Added resource sample (segvs) Added functions to menu, mdi, frame, dialog, window that were missing e.g. in wxPython

1998-08-15 07:36 RD, revision 541

- Moved the header in the .i files out of the code that gets put into the .cpp files. It caused CVS conflicts because of the RCS ID being different each time. - A few minor fixes.

1998-08-15 00:23 JS, revision 540

Changes mostly as a result of __WXSTUBS__ compilation. The stubs code now compiles under Windows with VC++. Also OGL enhancements espec. wxDrawnShape.

1998-08-14 23:36 RD, revision 539

Beginings of wxGTK compatibility

1998-08-14 22:53 RR, revision 538

Added validation support Fixed a few minor things in wxGrid Fixed bug in SetClippingregion Disabled SetDefault again Fixed bug in AddChild, SetSize et al. Add PROCESS_ENTER and wxEVT_TEXT_CHANGE Renamed OnOk -> OnOK Added a few compatibilty functions Added code to make iinterception of events possible and work

1998-08-14 21:49 VZ, revision 537

wxLogWindoe changed again: now takes a parent frame in ctor

1998-08-14 21:47 VZ, revision 536

a small GUI glitch corrected (if a frame with child frames was resized, it was lowered below it's children)

1998-08-14 21:41 VZ, revision 535

WM_MOVE processing added (wxMoveEvent generated)

1998-08-14 20:12 AN, revision 534

-somewhat more elegant method, supporting the src subdir (-Markus)

1998-08-14 11:20 KB, revision 533

added option to hide page controls

1998-08-14 11:15 JS, revision 532

wxToolBarBase -> wxToolBar

1998-08-14 11:02 KB, revision 531

printing works, page number controls are hidden portrait/landscape doesn't work, pages are printed wrong