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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

1998-09-12 17:31 JS, revision 731

Added variant.h/cpp; changed variable names in object.h; added some functions to wxStringList; added wxTrue and wxFalse to supress some warnings; some bugs fixes

1998-09-12 17:29 JS, revision 730

Added variant.h/cpp; changed variable names in object.h; added some functions to wxStringList; some bugs fixes

1998-09-12 17:18 RR, revision 729

Changed instal path for setup.h changed socket stream inheritance to virtual removed a few more warnings from the samples corrected thread habdling in removed dancing sliders from scrollbars corrected notebook send event bug and added it the controls sample

1998-09-11 09:05 RR, revision 728

Updates to memcheck Corrected and beautified memory (output) Fixed a few memory leaks Fixed resizing in in wxRadioBox Added many wxFAIL and wxASSERT Corrected other wxFAIL (removed from ..::Ok()) Added wxBrush::Set..() functions Added CopyOnWrite support in GDI objects (Unshare) Disabled all occurences of WXDEBUG_NEW made clean, recompiled with mem_chcking on

1998-09-11 01:28 RD, revision 727

Added #include to get FIONBIO on Solaris 2.6

1998-09-10 17:22 GL, revision 726

* Bug fix in wxFilter*Stream * corrected the URL parser

1998-09-10 11:41 JS, revision 725

Eliminated some warnings under Windows; wxGetHomeDir problem in wxFile; eliminated memory leak report by making class table dynamically allocated/freed; tidied up names in wxClassInfo.

1998-09-09 09:57 RR, revision 724

Tried to find a non-existing bug in the cursor-code Removed Karsten's third attempt

1998-09-09 09:06 KB, revision 723

fixed typo

1998-09-09 09:00 KB, revision 722

removed wxsetup.h from libdir

1998-09-09 08:49 KB, revision 721

removed __WXMSW__ define

1998-09-09 07:57 HB, revision 720

DEC Alpha does not need -ldl, therefore check for it.

1998-09-08 22:27 JS, revision 719

Additional makefiles; changes for compilation with BC++ and GnuWin32

1998-09-08 22:24 JS, revision 718

Added Latex style file

1998-09-08 19:09 KB, revision 717

now installs properly

1998-09-08 18:21 RR, revision 716

It's now possible to drag a listbox filled with entries Removed #ifdef 0 from resource.cpp around reading code for wxRadioBox #ifdeffed a Refresh call that causes DialogEd to dump code in wxGTK when deleting an item Suppressed some warnings Readded socket stuffto

1998-09-08 17:19 GL, revision 715

* some C++ness correction in wxStream. * added support for DLL on Borland32 * fixed export bugs * fixed a portability problem in socket.cpp * added a missing function in utilsexc.cpp

1998-09-08 14:38 JS, revision 714

Updated OGL documentation and tidied up some code

1998-09-08 00:27 RR, revision 713

Rewrote wxRadioBox (recompile)

1998-09-07 22:38 RR, revision 712

I debug DialogEd for five hours and then Karsten tells me that CaptureMouse is broken. Doh.

1998-09-07 22:04 RR, revision 711

Changed DnD MIME file type for file DnD. Understood?

1998-09-07 22:01 RR, revision 710

After resolving all conflicts that came down the telephone line: DialogEd is ready for general consumption now.

1998-09-07 21:53 JS, revision 709

Fixed wxCheckBox on wxGTK (SetLabel called before widget creation), wxListBox::GetSelection returning -1 now doesn't assert; wxProp improvements for wxGTK; parser.y includes <io.h> under VC++ to eliminate 'read' warning

1998-09-07 18:04 RR, revision 708

Suppress warnings

1998-09-07 17:23 RR, revision 707

Added USE_CONFIG A little more DnD work wxDialog now inherits from wxPanel (recompile)