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Changelog for wxWidgets (68423 changes):

1998-10-27 17:09 VZ, revision 924

"unsigned char" restored in wxColour ctor

1998-10-27 15:04 RR, revision 923

Added background colour again Added wxTextCtrl methods Removed Imlib -> Recompile

1998-10-27 09:55 KB, revision 922

more fixes, printing works quite fine now

1998-10-26 18:34 JS, revision 921

Added OnEraseBackground to wxNotebook on wxMSW to avoid black background; wxTreeCtrl mod for BC++

1998-10-26 18:32 JS, revision 920

Added simple notebook sample

1998-10-26 17:11 VZ, revision 919

final (?) changes to the generic tree ctrl -- seems to work ok

1998-10-26 17:10 JS, revision 918

Motif and other mods

1998-10-26 13:29 VZ, revision 917

interchanged w and h in wxSplitterWindow::OnSashPositionChange (now it does what expected)

1998-10-26 10:56 RR, revision 916

Implemented wxScreenDC the hard way INcreased menu bar size Ripped off handles (a few days ago) Corrected $Id:$ somewhere

1998-10-26 00:19 RR, revision 915

Did much work on colors. It doesn't work and I guess it's a GTK bug. Small change to Blit() Added GTK_NO_TYPE_CHECK when compiling without debug_flag Added more wxCHECK_XXX

1998-10-25 17:04 UG, revision 914

no message

1998-10-25 16:31 UG, revision 913

no message

1998-10-25 11:08 KB, revision 912

Printing moreless works now.

1998-10-25 11:07 KB, revision 911

Fixed a trivial error.

1998-10-25 07:37 UG, revision 910

no message

1998-10-25 01:48 UG, revision 909

minor changes for windows compilability

1998-10-24 23:53 VZ, revision 908

some new functions: 1. wxTreeItemData::SetId() added 2. wxTreeCtrl::SetItemHasChildren() added

1998-10-24 20:25 RR, revision 907

Added support for frames without borders (such as for splash screen) with wxSIMPLE_BORDER Fixed tooltip bug -> recompile everything Added validators to wxListCtrl Fixed Create/Realize bug

1998-10-24 18:08 KB, revision 906

Rewrite. Cursor handling better, split Layout() and Draw(), faster. Printing almost works.

1998-10-24 17:12 RR, revision 905

Removed usage of GdkImlib Added platform independent wxImage class Changed wxBitmap and wxImageList accordingly Correctted header text

1998-10-24 14:55 UG, revision 904

uint to unsigned int

1998-10-24 05:52 DP, revision 903

Prealpha, prebeta of new wxTreeCtrl for GTK. It is possible to AddRoot, AppendItem... InsertItem and PrependItem is not working... Sample modified to new API. I understand that operator wxTreeItemId::long() exists on MSW wxWindows, but on wxGTK id type is a pointer... 2Vadim: Please test the sample with MSW wxTreeCtrl.

1998-10-23 18:22 JS, revision 902

More Motif changes (colour/font stuff)

1998-10-23 13:15 VZ, revision 901

1. Split{Horizontal|Vertical} now accept negative args to set the size of right/lower pane (positive arg sets the size of left/upper one as before, 0 is the same as -1 before: choose default) 2. OnSashPositionChange() virtual function added - it may return FALSE to cancel position change 3. splitter sample and docs (couldn't compile them though) updated

1998-10-22 14:13 JS, revision 900

Added casts to fix compile problem