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Changelog for wxWidgets (68397 changes):

1999-04-16 14:05 VZ, revision 2198

don't log empty status messages in wxLogWindow

1999-04-16 12:49 OK, revision 2197

Needed the reverse operator+ too...

1999-04-16 12:24 OK, revision 2196

operator+(const wxString&, const wx[W]CharBuffer)

1999-04-16 11:30 OK, revision 2195

wxGetUserHome() may return const val.

1999-04-16 11:20 OK, revision 2194

wxGetUserHome() returns a const value in Unicode mode.

1999-04-16 11:19 OK, revision 2193

Compiles in Unicode mode. OK, I've still got generic/ left to convert...

1999-04-16 11:18 OK, revision 2192

wxGetUserHome() returns "const wxMB2WXbuf" for Unix in Unicode build.

1999-04-16 09:58 OK, revision 2191

wxLoadCharacterSets() now appears to work (was a bit slow, but since it's not called until someone actually uses wxConv_local, it should not affect too many).

1999-04-16 09:52 RR, revision 2190

wxImage now uses GTK 1.2's fast rendering code if possible

1999-04-15 19:29 RR, revision 2189

removed some test code

1999-04-15 19:16 VZ, revision 2188

log messages given during program initialization are not discarded any more

1999-04-15 19:10 RR, revision 2187

small mods to tree ctrl

1999-04-15 18:09 OK, revision 2186

Defer loading of character sets, and some anti-crash checks related to missing or incomplete LANG env var.

1999-04-15 18:07 OK, revision 2185

Slightly better style?

1999-04-15 16:02 OK, revision 2184

Right-o, wxConv_local does cause some weird crashes, but things appears to work without right now, so I #if-ed it out for now.

1999-04-15 15:38 OK, revision 2183

(ugh, I need to get a faster computer) Applied the more beautiful compilation fix.

1999-04-15 15:13 OK, revision 2182

Another inline constructor to facilitate Unicode conversion without #if-ing...

1999-04-15 14:54 OK, revision 2181

Compilation problem in non-Unicode mode. (Will fix in a more beautiful way later)

1999-04-15 14:51 OK, revision 2180

Compiler warning in non-Unicode mode fixed. (No, does not fix a real problem, the library is still compiling here)

1999-04-15 14:40 KB, revision 2179

Added a wxYield() warning to wxExecute() entry.

1999-04-15 14:36 OK, revision 2178

OK, while I wait for the non-Unicode build to compile, I can report that now all files in gtk/ compiles in Unicode mode. unix/ is still missing, but that probably wouldn't take too long.

1999-04-15 14:18 KB, revision 2177

Added wxEnableTopLevelWindows(bool enable) for use by wxSafeYield().

1999-04-15 14:16 VZ, revision 2176

workaround for mingw32 div() bug

1999-04-15 13:53 VZ, revision 2175

GTK 1.0.x compilation fix

1999-04-15 13:47 VZ, revision 2174

GTK 1.0.x compilation fix