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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

1999-04-20 10:49 RR, revision 2248

two people fixing the same thing...

1999-04-20 10:30 KB, revision 2247

typos fixed

1999-04-20 10:26 KB, revision 2246

Tests for wchar.h/wcstr.h - PLEASE DO NOT GUESS BUT USE CONFIGURE TO TEST!!!

1999-04-20 10:25 KB, revision 2245

I think I fixed the wxGenericPrintSetupDialog but PLEASE CHECK

1999-04-20 10:09 RR, revision 2244

little doc updates removed GTK 1.0 Drag'n'Drop added (const char*) constructor to wxDataFormat added -I pointing to embedded /png and /jpeg dirs corrected frame/dialog resizing

1999-04-19 20:43 JS, revision 2243

Fixed wxPostScript printing problem (used wrong constructor, and the right one was wrong anyway...) Fixed include dir ordering in wxMotif makefiles (wrong version of zlib.h picked up) and added wxchar.cpp to Motif makefile. Changed buffer.h since there's no wchar.h on my system.

1999-04-19 20:27 VZ, revision 2242

a wxCHECK added

1999-04-19 19:54 OK, revision 2241

Must include wchar.h in non-Unicode build too, since buffer.h depends on it

1999-04-19 18:27 OK, revision 2240

Hmm, seems Borland also doesn't want wchar_t in fopen() and friends (correct me if I'm wrong?)

1999-04-19 18:23 OK, revision 2239

More wxChar conversion

1999-04-19 18:04 OK, revision 2238

Those pesky globals declared all over again

1999-04-19 18:02 OK, revision 2237

Unicode conversion for MSW, or something

1999-04-19 17:48 OK, revision 2236

Helps Borland compile further in Unicode mode.

1999-04-19 17:47 OK, revision 2235

Some Unicode changes.

1999-04-19 16:31 KB, revision 2234

SOCKLEN_T expanded to socklen_t if supported, neede by ALPHA (yes, it's back!)

1999-04-19 16:11 OK, revision 2233

Forgot an additional prototype.

1999-04-19 16:07 OK, revision 2232

Attempts to make this wchar_t business compile with Borland C++ 4.52. (While I was at it, I made the macro usage even more confus... I mean portable... than before.)

1999-04-19 15:13 RR, revision 2231

JPEG fixes

1999-04-19 12:51 VZ, revision 2230

wxTextCtrl::DiscardEdits doesn't empty the text ctrl

1999-04-19 10:14 JS, revision 2229

Fixed wxexpr.cpp bug (quote wasn't being removed in new MB code); fixed one of the remaining memory leaks (wxMSW, wxDefaultValidator)

1999-04-18 21:22 VZ, revision 2228

fix for the fix for the umask fix in wxTempFile

1999-04-18 10:48 OK, revision 2227

glibc2.1 chokes on null input to wcstombs()

1999-04-18 00:20 OK, revision 2226

...for both buffer types...

1999-04-18 00:18 OK, revision 2225

Oops. The typecasting was interpreted as a constructor call...

1999-04-17 23:01 OK, revision 2224

Defer retrieval of LANG env var, too. No memory management or conversion is now performed in wxCSConv constructor.