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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

1999-05-09 14:49 JS, revision 2373

Misc. fixes

1999-05-09 14:48 JS, revision 2372

Added JPEG, BC++/VC++ makefiles. Sort of fixed jconfig.h for VC++ compilation but probably configure on Unix will go and overwrite it or something.

1999-05-09 12:24 GL, revision 2371

* Fixed two or three things in sckint.cpp but I still don't manage to fix the bug in wxSocketInternal::StopWaiter (Main thread hangs in wxThreadInternal::Wait). If someone has an idea I would be very happy ...

1999-05-09 10:54 RR, revision 2370

Applied FreeBSD patch augmented beta version to 4

1999-05-09 02:35 BM, revision 2369

Recursion bad... handle C++ style comments

1999-05-08 21:21 BM, revision 2368

Commented out 2 apparently used and invalid bitmaps

1999-05-08 21:21 BM, revision 2367

Reference counted objects should be used *much* more carefully. This was completely unnecessary.

1999-05-08 18:01 KB, revision 2366

Much improved, update rectangles almost work. Selections seem to work.

1999-05-08 14:18 RR, revision 2365

Corrected bmpbutton size added wxNO_BORDER style to button classes added WMclass and WMname strings to dialogs and frames added flag to scroll sample

1999-05-08 12:18 GL, revision 2364

* implemented VZ's idea about creating and destroying bg threads. (PB with the destruction of waiter: I think it's a race problem but I can't localize it if someone finds it please mail it to me) * Fixed race condition in threadpsx.cpp.

1999-05-08 04:58 BM, revision 2363

Fixed two missing parens

1999-05-07 23:05 KB, revision 2362

Fixed SetZoom() so it can be used from the outside.

1999-05-07 21:26 RR, revision 2361

a bit of debug code radiobox gets frames again

1999-05-07 20:48 VZ, revision 2360

compilation fix

1999-05-07 18:36 OK, revision 2359

Try to not include ctype functions for win32. Not really tested with Borland C++, as I don't have the machine with BC++ available right now, but it should probably be better anyway...

1999-05-07 18:34 GL, revision 2358

* Created a new wxObject method: wxObject::CopyObject(wxObject&) and wxObject::Clone() uses it. * Added some CopyObject to events. * Reenable the idle loop in wxEvtHandler::ProcessThreadEvent(...) * Some correctness in wxSocket. Major bugs remaining: - it seems there is a mutex problem when it works too quickly - all threads aren't destroyed ...

1999-05-07 18:02 VZ, revision 2357

tree ctrl sorting shouldn't crash when items don't have data

1999-05-07 10:51 KB, revision 2356

Crude hack to fix crash for 8bit displays. Seems to work fine. PLEASE CHECK

1999-05-07 10:20 OK, revision 2355

Took care of those missing frees from failure conditions in wxExecute.

1999-05-06 18:40 VZ, revision 2354

printf => wxLogTrace

1999-05-06 15:13 KB, revision 2353

Removed superfluous GDK_DECOR_BORDER.

1999-05-06 14:30 RR, revision 2352

minor fixes cursor fix for splitter window

1999-05-06 09:47 KB, revision 2351

Minor fixes, should be ok now.

1999-05-06 08:38 JS, revision 2350

Some doc corrections; various small fixes for Cygwin and BC++

1999-05-06 08:31 JS, revision 2349

Defined PBS_SMOOTH, PBS_VERTICAL in gauge95.cpp, if required