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Changelog for wxWidgets (68421 changes):

1999-10-07 16:29 KB, revision 3873

added missing implementation (untested, but compiles)

1999-10-07 16:06 VZ, revision 3872

compilation fix

1999-10-07 16:02 VZ, revision 3871

item about Borland C++ dislike for objects in ternary operator added

1999-10-07 15:54 VZ, revision 3870

compile fix for BC++

1999-10-07 15:52 KB, revision 3869


1999-10-07 14:19 GT, revision 3868

Added support for dBase, PostGres, MySQL, Access, MS SQL Server. Added QUERY_ONLY data connection types. SQL logging code addded. Cleaned up handling compilation under both 1.6x and 2.x. Added debug code to warn when connections were not released on program termination. MS-VC6 corrections due to larger memory buffers required. Parameter added to not require CreateView() and CreateTable() to drop the view or table first. DropView() function added. Database UserIDs can now be passed to functions that need them. SQLUnbind() called where needed now to prevent resource leaks. TableExists() function now handles dBase files. Dbms() function added to determine which database the program is currently running against. Comments have been added to the Dbms() function to indicate issues specific to different data sources. Dynamic cursor support added (no longer creates 5-7 cursors for every wxTable instance). wxTable dtor is now virtual. Parameter added to not require CreateIndex() and CreateTable() to drop the view or table first. DropIndex() and DropTable() functions added.

1999-10-07 14:07 VZ, revision 3867

some fixes after global _T() => T() change

1999-10-07 12:02 VZ, revision 3866

Unicode overview added

1999-10-07 11:06 GT, revision 3865

no message

1999-10-07 11:04 GT, revision 3864

Fixed the GUI so it will now work correctly when widgets are clicked/used. This demo program was not really even usable, although the database portions worked correctly.

1999-10-07 07:55 JL, revision 3863

switch /MD /MDd depend on FINAL

1999-10-07 06:36 MB, revision 3862

Added page up and page down key support.

1999-10-07 04:44 DW, revision 3861

*** empty log message ***

1999-10-06 23:49 RD, revision 3860

more tweaks and fixes

1999-10-06 23:00 VZ, revision 3859

added wxDialUpManager::IsAlwaysConnected() and GetISPNames(), also Dial() is now smart enough to propose to choose from available ISPs and tries to find out the username and password on its own

1999-10-06 22:57 VZ, revision 3858

fix for base-only files

1999-10-06 22:41 VZ, revision 3857

fix for .c files in msw subdir for VC++ 6

1999-10-06 19:09 RD, revision 3856

Allow override of /MDd

1999-10-06 18:12 VZ, revision 3855

_T() restored for compatibility

1999-10-06 18:12 VZ, revision 3854

some warnings suppressed

1999-10-06 18:11 VZ, revision 3853

wxRegion::IsEmpty() added

1999-10-06 17:48 VZ, revision 3852

more changes for wxBase - starts to work under Unix

1999-10-06 17:29 JL, revision 3851

compile error with VC6.0 fixed. #include "wx/wxprec.h" moved to top of file

1999-10-06 16:27 RD, revision 3850

removed some test code that accidentally was left in

1999-10-06 15:42 KB, revision 3849

cvs debugging