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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2000-02-14 18:54 VZ, revision 6013

list of official wxWin translators

2000-02-14 18:21 VZ, revision 6012

fixes for compilation with the old mingw32, wxUSE_NORLANDER_HEADERS is always defined (as 0 or 1)

2000-02-14 18:12 GL, revision 6011

Added a bigger wxMMedia2 demonstration: wxMultimediaBoard: it is a sort of light clone of the Windows Media Player. Early development, but it plays WAV/AIFF files and should work on Windows as soon as I build the makefiles.

2000-02-14 18:09 GL, revision 6010

* Various fixes * Introduced FinishPreparation() in wxSoundFileStream as a conclusion to PrepareToPlay()

2000-02-14 15:32 VZ, revision 6009

USE_DYNLIB_CLASS set to 1 by default

2000-02-14 15:06 VZ, revision 6008

fix for id of CHAR_HOOK events

2000-02-14 14:58 MJ, revision 6007

dbtree.cpp de/ de/dbbrowse.po de/mo.cmd

2000-02-14 11:14 MJ, revision 6006


2000-02-14 11:05 RD, revision 6005

wxGridCellEditor plugged in and operational for strings.

2000-02-14 11:05 MJ, revision 6004

browsedb.cpp dbbrowse.cpp dbgrid.cpp dbtree.cpp doc.cpp de/ de/dbbrowse.po

2000-02-14 09:07 MJ, revision 6003

browsedb.cpp dbtree.cpp dlguser.cpp dlguser.h pgmctrl.cpp de/ de/dbbrowse.po

2000-02-14 08:53 RD, revision 6002

1. Fixed slow-click timer. 2. Fix for full cell background to be painted. (One line on the edges was showing through to the background.) 3. Added current cell highlight. Currently it just draws a thick border using the gridLineColour just inside the cell borders. 4. Make dragging a little less sensitive by ensuring that the mouse drags at least 3 pixels before anything is done to the grid. 5. CaptureMouse while drag-selecting cells and fixed to make cells visible if dragging outside window boundaries. Still a problem here though, it moves way to fast to see what's happening (at least on MSW.)

2000-02-14 05:00 DW, revision 6001

Fix for VA 4.0

2000-02-14 04:58 DW, revision 6000

Minor updates

2000-02-13 23:49 GRG, revision 5999

Still with the same 'read after close' thing...

2000-02-13 19:43 SN, revision 5998

Shift edit control (since we shifted cells in last version!) Only draw valid help lines in resizing. First try to enable EditCtrl on slow clicking: Doesn't work yet.

2000-02-13 19:04 GRG, revision 5997

Solved a 'bug' in GSocket_Select (a bug in the user side, I'd say)

2000-02-13 18:33 MJ, revision 5996
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/demos/dbbrowse/de/
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/demos/dbbrowse/de/pgmtext.po pgmtext.po

2000-02-13 18:31 MJ, revision 5995

dbbrowse.cpp dbgrid.cpp dlguser.cpp pgmctrl.cpp de/ de/help.po de/ de/dbbrowse.po

2000-02-13 16:58 SN, revision 5994

Added enabling/disabling of cell edit control. Moved grid lines and cells by one pixel. Call SelectBlock in SetCurrentCell (possibly not, what we want?)

2000-02-13 16:28 JS, revision 5993

Bitmap name changes (also done by RR, oops)

2000-02-13 15:08 RR, revision 5992

Applied colour reduction and changes to use Windows standard palette to plot BMPs.

2000-02-13 14:50 RR, revision 5991

Reverted Vadims change for the size of filled rects, the are the same now on GTK and Win95.

2000-02-13 14:49 RR, revision 5990

Corrected BMP names for plot window.

2000-02-13 14:48 RR, revision 5989

Added mingw32 makefile for plot demo.