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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2000-02-25 16:21 VZ, revision 6288

attempts at making wxSocket work with wxBase - it doesn't work but already compiles :-|

2000-02-25 16:20 JS, revision 6287

Fixed wxWindow::HandleCommand so multiple toolbars work again (e.g. ogl/studio sample); added border to OGL studio window

2000-02-25 15:32 VZ, revision 6286

attempt at fixing LDFLAGS

2000-02-25 15:16 JS, revision 6285

Added fix to wxMDIClientWindow to redisplay contents when window is repositioned

2000-02-25 15:00 BJ, revision 6284

fix memory allocation problem for strings

2000-02-25 14:02 VZ, revision 6283

assigning values to wxString is better than assigning to 'wxChar *' - editing of bugs table works

2000-02-25 13:56 VZ, revision 6282

compatibility/compilation fix

2000-02-25 12:01 MJ, revision 6281

dbgrid.cpp dbgrid.h bitmaps/logo.xpm

2000-02-25 09:08 GL, revision 6280

Major changes in wxVidXANIM (support for output filtering) Several API addings Added process.cpp, process.h and utilsunx.cpp in wxMMedia directory They should be moved to src/unix, src/common and include/wx to use them

2000-02-25 07:13 GRG, revision 6279

Corrected an HTML typo

2000-02-25 06:56 MB, revision 6278

Added call to CalcDimensions() at end of wxGrid::Init so that you can, for example, put a grid in a dialog, size it and then call CreateGrid at some later stage.

2000-02-25 04:19 DW, revision 6277

Visualge V3.0 fix

2000-02-25 04:17 DW, revision 6276

latest wxWindow updates

2000-02-25 04:16 DW, revision 6275

Change m_SubControls from wxList to wxArrayLong

2000-02-25 02:29 VZ, revision 6274

F2 enables edit in place

2000-02-25 02:20 VZ, revision 6273

1. corrected problem with label updating in wxProgressDialog 2. optical fix in wxTipDlg: use wxTE_RICH control to avoid vert scrollbar 3. put wxProgressDialog demo into dialogs sample, seems more appropriate 4. fixed a serious bug in wxProgressDialog when its parent was not a top level window (as in controls sample) 5. fixes in BringWindowToTop() usage in msw/dialog.cpp 6. fixed another serious bug in wxProgressDialog::OnClose() 7. wxDialog restores focus to previously focused window once again 8. attempts at fixing wxBusyCursor with modal dialogs problem - unsuccessful

2000-02-25 00:03 VZ, revision 6272

fix for bug #29 (blank lines in GetLineText)

2000-02-24 23:52 GRG, revision 6271

Very minor changes

2000-02-24 23:40 VZ, revision 6270

1. corrected bug in MDI sample (which resulted in missing horz scrollbar) 2. wxRegKey::Rename() added, regtest sample shows copying/moving/renaming keys and values now 3. using wxLog() insread of WriteText() contorsions in the listctrl sample, show client data from events in the log messages

2000-02-24 23:33 VZ, revision 6269

1. corrected bug in MDI sample (which resulted in missing horz scrollbar) 2. define LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT ourselves if compiler headers don't 3. wxSafeYield() will only reenable windows which had been enabled, not all windows in the application 4. selection in wxTreeCtrl is not broken after dnd operation 5. wxRegKey::Rename() added, regtest sample shows copying/moving/renaming keys and values now 6. wxListEvent accessors made const 7. wxListCtrl sets client data field in generated events under MSW too

2000-02-24 20:18 JS, revision 6268

Fix to MDI to restore 3D border; kludge to OGL Studio sample to redraw the first client frame properly (need wxWindow::Redraw in wxWin API?)

2000-02-24 19:05 GL, revision 6267

Added a missing wxStream_NOERROR

2000-02-24 18:52 GL, revision 6266

Cut out some duplicate symbol in datstrm.tex

2000-02-24 18:09 RR, revision 6265

Minor optical things.

2000-02-24 17:17 JS, revision 6264

Added missing SetToolBitmapSize