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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

1999-10-31 12:03 JS, revision 4274

Fixes for VC++ 4 compilation; fixed wxCommandEvent arg in grid.h; added $(RM) variable to Mingw32 makefile

1999-10-31 10:22 RR, revision 4273

More tab code corrections.

1999-10-30 21:36 VS, revision 4272

fixed bug that caused assertion failure during HTML printing under wxGTK

1999-10-30 15:08 RR, revision 4271

Some work on tabbing and menu accels, Added a missing "Activate()" to docvwmdi sample.

1999-10-30 12:10 OK, revision 4270

Someone forgot wxT()

1999-10-30 00:08 VZ, revision 4269

wxFontEnumerator mostly works for wxMSW

1999-10-29 22:29 RD, revision 4268

Fixed windows installer to not need a reboot and therefore not have the bogus error message that freaked everybody out...

1999-10-29 22:29 DW, revision 4267

Execution control stuff

1999-10-29 22:26 RD, revision 4266

fixed typo

1999-10-29 22:25 RD, revision 4265

Added wxPython support of new HTML Printing classes. Fixed thread problem Other miscellaneous fixes, minor additions, etc.

1999-10-29 22:21 RD, revision 4264

Added wxPython support of new HTML Printing classes.

1999-10-29 22:18 RD, revision 4263

Added WXDLLEXPORT to wxWndProc definition so wxGLCanvas could be used with wxWindows DLL

1999-10-29 22:16 RD, revision 4262

wxPython doc updates

1999-10-29 19:45 VZ, revision 4261

styles for listboxes added for testing purposes

1999-10-29 19:41 VZ, revision 4260

platform.htm added

1999-10-29 17:55 VZ, revision 4259

forgotten files

1999-10-29 17:54 VZ, revision 4258

1. added encoding param to wxFontEncoding::EnumFamilies() which allows to get the list of families supporting the given encoding 2. added encoding decoding logic to src/gtk/font.cpp so that now choosing an encoding different from default in GTK+ font selector dialog actually works

1999-10-29 17:32 RD, revision 4257

EXPORTED an array to quiet the DLL compilation

1999-10-29 17:20 RR, revision 4256

Renamed GtkMyFixed to GtkPizza, Made default button work more often than before.

1999-10-29 15:36 VZ, revision 4255

/usr/include added back for AIX

1999-10-29 15:17 VZ, revision 4254

compilation fix for AIX

1999-10-29 15:11 SB, revision 4253

Add operator << (ostream&, const wxString&)

1999-10-29 11:18 SB, revision 4252

Accept list of separators as a wxString instead of wxChar\nTurn NextNonWhiteSpace to NextNonSeparators\nIntroduce EatEOL (major factorization)\nFix GetC() call on last char introduce a bug

1999-10-29 07:43 MB, revision 4251

Changes to fix problem where spurious scrollbar(s) were displayed when the window size had changed and was able to display all rows and/or all cols.

1999-10-29 03:10 OK, revision 4250

Well, wxHTML compiles in Unicode mode now. But if it works (without further changes), it shall be considered proof that there is such a thing as a divine intervention.