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Changelog for wxWidgets (68397 changes):

1999-11-07 18:34 JS, revision 4424

Various fixes for various compilers...

1999-11-07 16:44 GT, revision 4423

GUI display problems fixed

1999-11-07 16:08 RR, revision 4422

More replacements of strcmp -> wxStr.. Minor change in font code.

1999-11-07 15:26 GT, revision 4421

Column name IS_DEVELOPER in index was shortened to IS_DEV to match the column name in the table. These names were shortened to allow use by dBase which only allows 8 character column names

1999-11-07 15:06 GT, revision 4420

Cleaned up a compile warning on the MAX_PATH definition.

1999-11-07 14:53 RR, revision 4419

Added wxStrnicmp and to wchar.h, not yet for Unicode mode. Changed strcmp to wxStrcmp in db.cpp and dbtable.cpp.

1999-11-07 14:43 GT, revision 4418

Undoing my last checkin so wxGTK compiles correctly under unix.

1999-11-07 12:36 JS, revision 4417

Tidied up wxHTML About HTML file (missing /td, /tr etc.: how did that work? :-)); added sample entries to index.htm; fixed some wxUSE_SPINBUTTON -> wxUSE_SPINBTN

1999-11-07 07:49 RD, revision 4416

wxPython stuff: 1. Added test for HTML printing 2. Update wxFontEnumerator 3. wxPyEvent and wxPyCommandEvent derived classes now return the actual Python object in the event handler.

1999-11-07 02:03 GT, revision 4415

Fixed a multiple define problem for strnicmp and stricmp by using the definition from utils.h if compiling for wx2

1999-11-06 19:48 VZ, revision 4414

OS/2 patch from

1999-11-06 19:46 VZ, revision 4413

compile fix for VC++ 5

1999-11-06 19:43 JS, revision 4412

Small changes

1999-11-06 19:39 RR, revision 4411

Applied a few OS/2 patches for wxGTK.

1999-11-06 19:35 VZ, revision 4410

1. more corrections to file dnd (works with testdnd GTK sample now as well) 2. restored STRING for g_textAtom, not text/plain

1999-11-06 18:23 KB, revision 4409

some fixes and speedups

1999-11-06 17:58 VZ, revision 4408

wxFileDataObject supports GNOME file dnd now

1999-11-06 17:50 GT, revision 4407

Added wxODBC_FWD_ONLY_CURSORS to allow for drivers/data sources that only support forward scrolling cursors

1999-11-06 17:44 GL, revision 4406

Fixed wxMemoryOutputStream (it wasn't working at all) Fixed wxStreamBuffer to support features of wxMemoryOutputStream wxMMedia2 updates (various fixes)

1999-11-06 17:28 VS, revision 4405

fixed URL parsing problem

1999-11-06 17:12 JS, revision 4404

Added some makefiles, fixed a BC++ problem in controls.cpp; changed some class ordering for VC++ 1.5

1999-11-06 17:09 GT, revision 4403

Renamed FWD_ONLY_CURSORS to wxODBC_FWD_ONLY_CURSORS to avoid conflicts with other libraries. The setting for this define will be included in the setup.h files so that people using the Remstar ODBC classes will now be able to use data sources/ODBC drivers that only support foward scrolling cursors (like dBase).

1999-11-06 16:59 KB, revision 4402

mouse selection handling fixed wxGTK private clipboard data format and private selection are broken!

1999-11-06 16:56 KB, revision 4401


1999-11-06 16:47 RR, revision 4400

wxListBox now sends events using AddPendingEvent(), I wonder if that really is good.