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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

1999-12-07 17:54 RR, revision 4862

Correction to position of rotated text. Apps no longer give warnings if only a dialog pops up (top level windows == 0) before main loop.

1999-12-07 16:11 KB, revision 4861

Fixed XIM compilation, but doesn't work yet.

1999-12-07 15:47 RR, revision 4860

wxListCtrl sends event directly again. Also fixed problem of list otem status not being up-to-date when events get sent.

1999-12-07 15:24 KB, revision 4859


1999-12-07 15:18 VZ, revision 4858

wxMimeTypeManager::EnumAll() seems to work, couple of minor corrections to the MIME code

1999-12-07 15:06 KB, revision 4857

Test for XIM support in gdk added, relevant code for window.cpp follows this evening.

1999-12-07 14:54 RR, revision 4856

Minor optical changes to toolbar and wxHelpFrame.

1999-12-07 14:15 VZ, revision 4855

small cosmetic fix for wxListCtrl

1999-12-07 12:24 RR, revision 4854

Compile fix.

1999-12-07 11:59 RR, revision 4853

Added wxUSE_SPINCTRL, Added various HAVE_XIM patches. Added forty's headers to list of installed files.

1999-12-07 10:47 RR, revision 4852

Various things related to wxFileDialog and attributes.

1999-12-07 09:35 RR, revision 4851

doc view code inteprets wxSTREAM_EOF as correct, Added wxMask( bitmap, colour ).

1999-12-07 00:48 VZ, revision 4850

1. wxFileDialog patch for multiple selection applied (with some small changes), added demo for it in the sample and documented 2. wxMimeTypeManager works a bit better under Windows (doesn't ignore the extensions without filetypes)

1999-12-07 00:09 VZ, revision 4849

1. fixes for DrawRotatedText(), drawing sample extended to show it 2. implemented colour/font support for wxTreeCtrl items 3. corrected a bug in wxListCtrl colour/font support code, the items should now be deleted ok 4. SetProcessAffinityMask() correction, wxThread::SetConcurrency() kind of works (difficult to test on a UP machine) 5. wxMimeType::EnumAllFileTypes() added, works (somewhat) under MSW 6. made default fonts under MSW 10 points and not 12 - this is the standard size

1999-12-06 23:47 DW, revision 4848

wxDC new virtual function

1999-12-06 18:16 RR, revision 4847

Added tests for buffered streams. Made wxBufferedOutputStream call Sync() in the destructor and SeekO(). Documented this. Use buffered streams in wxImage. Seems to significantly speed-up the sample.

1999-12-06 17:56 VZ, revision 4846

compile fix

1999-12-06 17:54 VZ, revision 4845

enumerating all MIME types (half finished, doesn't work yet)

1999-12-06 17:40 VZ, revision 4844

DrawRotatedText() for MSW

1999-12-06 16:22 VZ, revision 4843

fixed LaTex error

1999-12-06 16:16 RR, revision 4842

Patch for stream.cpp for non-flushable stream, Corrected stream corruption for Umgetch()/SeekI() conflict, Docs for streams, Changed interpreteation og non-standard height in wxCombo, Other minor changes, Removed library name setting for Debian again.

1999-12-06 14:14 VZ, revision 4841

wxSetlocale() doesn't always return NULL

1999-12-06 14:06 VZ, revision 4840

implemented GetCPUCount() and SetConcurrency() for Win32

1999-12-06 13:18 VZ, revision 4839

wxTreeCtrl has colours and fonts too now

1999-12-06 12:44 VZ, revision 4838

1. test for thr_setconcurrency() added to configure 2. wxListCtrl headers always black 3. some warnings in dcpsg.cpp corrected 4. returning FALSE from OnPrintPage() should abort printing now