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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2000-07-02 18:25 VS, revision 7663

modified status of Czech translation to DONE

2000-07-01 12:01 VS, revision 7662

fixed problems with translating titles for wxLogGui/wxLogDialog (no reentrancy danger)

2000-06-30 15:42 JS, revision 7661

Oops, test for parent being NULL in DoModalShow

2000-06-30 13:42 VZ, revision 7660

fix for the previous fix

2000-06-30 13:38 VZ, revision 7659

unset the dialog as top level window in Destroy(), not in dtor

2000-06-30 12:40 JJ, revision 7658

Committing in . VMS/GTK update Modified Files: Tag: WX_2_2_BRANCH wxWindows/setup.h_vms ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2000-06-29 20:28 JS, revision 7657

Fixed DoShowModal again, to check that the oldFocus object isn't dead. Added integer handling for wxTextCtrls in wxGenericValidator. Added virtual function to wxGenericDragImage so it can do _really_ smooth dragging under app control.

2000-06-28 18:27 VS, revision 7656

updated Czech catalogue

2000-06-28 18:26 VS, revision 7655

wxPrintPaperType::GetName now uses wxGetTranslation to obtain correct paper name

2000-06-28 18:26 VS, revision 7654

list of papers now uses wxTRANSLATE() instead of _()

2000-06-28 16:47 SN, revision 7653

Fix for hiding cell edit control that actually is smaller than a cell. Use CellToRect in to more places instead of doing the same thing by hand.

2000-06-28 15:56 VS, revision 7652

wxHtmlWindow: fixed passing flags to wxScrolledWindow

2000-06-28 15:49 VZ, revision 7651

added some extra comparison operators to fix Sun CC 5.0 compilation to wxLongLongWx

2000-06-28 12:19 VZ, revision 7650

added missing parameters to some GetPageXXX()s

2000-06-28 11:12 VZ, revision 7649

fixed (and documented) wxColourDialog::Create()

2000-06-28 07:37 JS, revision 7648

Altered default wxTextCtrl height; removed wx_msw from cube.cpp; widened a couple of controls in resource sample; changed a BC++ test in longlong.h

2000-06-28 03:50 RL, revision 7647

fix for (re)setting a control to the system default colours

2000-06-27 19:54 JS, revision 7646

Fixed C++ comments, sorry about that.

2000-06-27 15:53 RL, revision 7645

typo fixes

2000-06-27 10:27 VZ, revision 7644

fixed wxColour::operator!=

2000-06-27 10:22 VZ, revision 7643

1. added wxFont::GetHFONT() const (GetResourceHandle() is not const...) 2. added GetHfont[Of] convenience macros to msw/private.h 3. wxWindow::GetCharWidth/Height() now use correct font

2000-06-26 12:02 JS, revision 7642

What I predicted has come to pass :-) wxMSW wxDialog::DoShowModal crashes when m_oldFocus has been destroyed, so we check the HWND with ::IsWindow. Also some setup.h, makefile and TIFF library changes for Watcom compilation

2000-06-24 14:46 RR, revision 7641

Compile fix.

2000-06-24 14:25 RR, revision 7640

Updated changes.txt, Removed use of Build Root Dir in wxGTK.spec, Small correction to tiff code, Added more tests (for Peek()) to stream tests in typetest sample, Fixed bug in wxTextInputStream::ReadWord()

2000-06-24 08:05 JS, revision 7639

Fixed docview crash bug when On... functions return FALSE. Fixed valgen.cpp to cope with strings in wxChoice/wxComboBox.