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2000-11-24 08:27 joukj, revision 8788

Committing in . Modified Files: wxWindows/src/gtk/app.cpp Someone included VMS-stuff that I removed several month ago because it was not working. Now it not even compiled!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2000-11-24 04:22 vadz, revision 8787

linking fix

2000-11-23 21:46 roebling, revision 8786

Updated afm files as per stable branch.

2000-11-23 21:44 roebling, revision 8785

Don't call busy cursor when creating a message dialog - it takes longer to set the cursor than to create the dialog under GTK.

2000-11-23 21:42 roebling, revision 8784

Ported DrawPolygone fix and new PS font name matching from stable branch.

2000-11-23 21:41 roebling, revision 8783

Ported new double idle handlers for pending events processing from stable branch.

2000-11-23 21:40 roebling, revision 8782

Upported wxListBox key handling and SetFirstItem() from stable branch. Removed Vadim's code since I think mine handles all cases correctly.

2000-11-23 21:38 roebling, revision 8781

Busy cursor don't need wxYield(), SendIdleEvents() is enough and safe.

2000-11-23 21:37 roebling, revision 8780

No longer show "hidden" dir in dir dlg.

2000-11-23 21:36 roebling, revision 8779

Removed busy cursor from message box.

2000-11-23 20:33 juliansmart, revision 8778

Some mods

2000-11-23 19:45 vadz, revision 8777

more fixes to stream code: allow deriving from wxStreamBuffer and using custom buffers with wxBufferedInput/OutputStream

2000-11-23 19:07 juliansmart, revision 8776

Clarified some things for Mingw32 compilation.

2000-11-23 16:26 vadz, revision 8775

compilation fixes for wxMemoryStreams

2000-11-23 14:39 georgetasker, revision 8774

Corrections and additions to the wxODBC docs

2000-11-23 13:27 georgetasker, revision 8773

Lots more memory/resource leak fixes. There are still more, but this solves about 75% of them. These fixes also speed up tex2rtf greatly. I can now build all the RTF version of the wxWindows manual in under 30 seconds, when before it took around 90 seconds. Curley Brace matching is turned back on again. I cannot find any places where it does not work. If you find one, let me know

2000-11-23 04:34 vadz, revision 8772

fixed memory allocation code of wxStreamBuffer to not realloc() new[]ed memory any more

2000-11-22 11:45 georgetasker, revision 8771

Fixed missing Curley Brace

2000-11-22 06:07 dwebster, revision 8770

Update OS/2 Frame WM_PAINT processing

2000-11-22 00:28 georgetasker, revision 8769

Fixed double deletion of a dialog in the effect of a failed connection to the datasource Fixed call to TablePrivileges() in a commented out piece of code to use the correct parameters, in case someone uses it for an example

2000-11-22 00:19 georgetasker, revision 8768

Fixed problems with the wxDb::Open(wxDb *copyDb) not copying in all the different data types required values Added Interbase database support based on contributions from Roger Gammans Enabled the wxDb::TablePrivileges() function for v2.3/2.4 Fixed a bunch of problems with wxDb::TablePrivileges() not working correctly with all databases. Added the ability to pass in a SCHEMA to wxDbTablePrivileges() that greatly improves the speed of the privileges lookup.

2000-11-22 00:18 georgetasker, revision 8767

Added what I think is full support for Null column values in the tables, partially based on submissions by Roger Gammans Added a parameters to wxDbTable::Open() to indicate whether Open() should check for table privileges or not. wxDbTable::ClearMemberVar() added to set a single column to an initialized value ::ClearMemberVar() and ::ClearMemberVars() can now optionally set a column to be NULL via ::SetColNull() ::SetColNull() added as the primary function name for setting a column to be a NULL value, and ::SetNull() is deprecated ::SetColNull() now has a param to select whether a columns value is NULL or not. ::SetColNull() will now clear the column value in memory when setting the column to be NULL.

2000-11-21 18:01 vadz, revision 8766

fixed wxTextCtrl::GetValue() bug for empty richedit ctrls (Marvin Aviles)

2000-11-21 17:22 vadz, revision 8765

fixed bug with Broadcast() not waking up all threads (Pieter van der Meulen)

2000-11-21 03:44 robind, revision 8764

New typemaps for wxString when compiling for Python 2.0 and beyond that allow Unicode objects to be passed as well as String objects. If a Unicode object is passed PyString_AsStringAndSize is used to convert it to a wxString using the default encoding. Fixed the generic buttons so tool tips work for them. Fixed a bug in the demo's tree control. Added a listbox to the listbox demo that shows how to find items with a patching prefix as keys are typed. Added code to the wxListCtrl demo to show how to get text from a column in report mode. Added code to the toolbar demo to clear the long help from the status bar after 2 seconds. Added wxJoystick. Fixed wxTimer so it can be used as described in the docs, either with a Notify method in a subclass, or sending an event to a wxEvtHandler object, (usually a window.) Added wxNotifyEvent.Allow()