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Changelog for wxWidgets (68402 changes):

2000-04-03 17:41 GL, revision 7055

Changed a little the initialization code

2000-04-03 13:55 DW, revision 7054

env file for VA 3.0 to use new wx22.def module definition file for .dll builds

2000-04-03 13:25 DW, revision 7053

Resource file specifically for VisualAge V4.0

2000-04-03 12:39 GT, revision 7052

Adjusted demo to reflect class name changes

2000-04-03 12:32 GT, revision 7051

Adjusted sample to reflect class name changes

2000-04-03 12:11 GT, revision 7050

Class renaming so that all ODBC related classes begin with wxDbXxxxx. Backward compatability is maintained using typedefs.

2000-04-03 12:11 GT, revision 7049

Class renaming so that as ODBC related functions begin with wxDbXxxxx. Backward compatability is maintained using typedefs.

2000-04-03 08:16 VS, revision 7048

fixed bug with details list not being shown under fvwm2 and windowmaker

2000-04-03 04:47 DW, revision 7047

Adding new module definition file for VisualAge V3.0 for OS/2

2000-04-03 04:45 DW, revision 7046
  • D /wxWidgets/branches/WX_2_2_BRANCH/lib/wx214.def

Removing old OS/2 module definition file

2000-04-03 04:45 DW, revision 7045

VA4.0 update for building a .dll

2000-04-03 04:23 DW, revision 7044

Multiple fixes for OS/2 including getting rid of the C++ unfriendly direct.h and substituting control program io. Various GUI fixes, too.

2000-04-03 04:22 DW, revision 7043

Getting rid of std 'C' io for OS/2 and substituting friendlier Control Program io.

2000-04-03 01:07 VZ, revision 7042

compilation fixes for non unicode mode

2000-04-03 00:40 VZ, revision 7041

non Unicode VC++ fix

2000-04-03 00:39 VZ, revision 7040

1. wxWizard docs added 2. wxDllLoader docs added (not wxLibrary though - have no idea about this one) 3. some minor fixes to wxCmdLineParser and wx[F]File docs

2000-04-02 21:58 RD, revision 7039

Added "wxPaintDC dc(this);" to wxGrid::OnPaint prevent too many paintevents that don't actually do anything.

2000-04-02 21:30 RD, revision 7038

changing \ to /

2000-04-02 21:05 OK, revision 7037

Made wxMBConv::c??2?? methods handle conversion failures (by returning a NULL buffer... this causes an assertion failure in buffer.h in debug mode, perhaps that assert should be removed? Well, it's better than completely unpredictable behaviour anyway)

2000-04-02 20:45 OK, revision 7036

Made wx[F]File::Write(wxString) convert string to multibyte encoding (added optional conversion parameter). If someone actually wants to write text files in real Unicode format, I feel that a wxMBConvUTF16 or something should be written (which would be more portable than writing wchar_t buffers directly, considering byte order and widths and such).

2000-04-02 15:51 GRG, revision 7035

mingw makefiles don't like backslashes!!!

2000-04-02 12:11 SN, revision 7034

Added wxStat define for non-MSVC environments.

2000-04-02 03:27 RD, revision 7033

Exported a few more things for DLL builds.

2000-04-02 00:27 OK, revision 7032

A few documentation updates, cross-references, properties of UTF-8, wx??2??buf macros.

2000-04-01 23:19 VZ, revision 7031

compilation in Unicode mode works with VC++