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Changelog for wxWidgets (68402 changes):

2000-04-10 21:54 GRG, revision 7105

The CASTWNDPROC logic was not necessary since this file always includes <windows.h>. Replaced with a typedef to WNDPROC or FARPROC (depending on whether STRICT mode is being used). Change proposed by Christoph Schulz

2000-04-10 21:50 GRG, revision 7104

The WXDLLEXPORT macros now used __declspec (double leading underscore) for all MSW compilers. Change proposed by Christoph Schulz.

2000-04-10 21:13 VZ, revision 7103

small correction for wxUSE_GUI definition

2000-04-10 19:41 OK, revision 7102

Seems I forgot to commit a wxRename fix in here (again)

2000-04-10 14:09 SN, revision 7101

Fixed several keyboard handling problems: - KeyUp event handlers added to label windows - pass a "TRUE"for ShiftDown upon selection events triggered by release of Shift Key (so one can see from the generated event, that we are _adding_ to the current selection). - Shrinking the selection by keyboard should now be possible, even if the selection starts at the border of the grid.

2000-04-10 12:45 GT, revision 7100

Sample was missing the call to SQLFreeEnv() required to release the ODBC environment handle memory

2000-04-10 12:24 GT, revision 7099

Fixed a "char *" usage to use "const char *" as it should have

2000-04-09 19:26 RL, revision 7098

quick fix for locale/Makefile

2000-04-09 07:07 RD, revision 7097

More updates and generated code for wxGTK

2000-04-09 03:07 RD, revision 7096

updates to track changes in CVS

2000-04-08 21:55 VZ, revision 7095

wxWindowCreate/DestroyEvent now derive from wxCommandEvent

2000-04-08 21:50 VZ, revision 7094

added a modal dialog test

2000-04-08 21:19 SN, revision 7093

Added include to os2/private.h to make EMX compile again. Removed second conditional include to wx/defs.h after an unconditional include.

2000-04-08 20:44 VZ, revision 7092

wxDialUpManager docs

2000-04-08 15:50 OK, revision 7091

wxRemove and wxRename takes const wxChar*, do NOT use fn_str()

2000-04-08 15:48 OK, revision 7090

Fallback implementation of wxRemove and wxRename

2000-04-08 15:47 OK, revision 7089

Fallback prototypes for wxRemove and wxRename

2000-04-08 15:30 SN, revision 7088

Corrected handling of row/column attributes/selections if all columns/rows are removed. Emit EVT_GRID_CELL_LEFT_CLICK before doing any processing of the left click mouse event (instead of emitting it somewhere in the middle). Moved calls to UpdateAttrRows/Cols to wxGrid's Insert/DeleteRow/Column (thereby eliminating the need for two now removed functions).

2000-04-08 12:00 RR, revision 7087

New wxFlexGridSizer.

2000-04-08 11:59 GRG, revision 7086

Added WXFAR to the char* param in the WinMain declaration for clarity

2000-04-08 11:58 GRG, revision 7085

Patch from Christoph Schulz - the CPPFLAGS definition was overriding that of makeb32.env

2000-04-08 11:19 GRG, revision 7084

A couple of changes related to the way that URLs are parsed to form a valid URI in the wxURL::ConvertToValidURI function. Modified to comply with RFC2396 as much as possible, see comments in the code.

2000-04-08 08:18 RD, revision 7083

Changed wxGridCellChoiceEditor's constructor to take an array of wxStrings instead of wxChar*'s. This saved a lot of work for wxPython. Fixed my GetBestSize fix from yesterday Changed wxGrid::Redimension to do a refresh (if not GetBatchCount) so newly appended rows, etc. would show up right away.

2000-04-08 08:16 RD, revision 7082

Changed wxGridCellChoiceEditor's constructor to take an array of wxStrings instead of wxChar*'s. This saved a lot of work for wxPython.

2000-04-08 08:11 RD, revision 7081

More grid demos and some bugs fixed Made (virtual method) callbacks into Python code more safe, and removed the confusion if there was a matching method in the base class.