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Changelog for wxWidgets (68397 changes):

2000-04-11 15:56 GT, revision 7125

Fixed spelling typos

2000-04-11 15:50 GT, revision 7124

Added checks for mismatched curly braces so that when docs are generated, a count of the curly braces that have been processed are kept track of. If they mismatch, the file name is reported as having mismatched braces. If more closed braces are detected than open braces, then the line that the first extra close brace is detected on is reported.

2000-04-11 15:47 VZ, revision 7123

mention wxNB_LEFT/RIGHT/BOTTOM styles

2000-04-11 15:38 BS, revision 7122

Forgot to remove debug code.

2000-04-11 15:31 BS, revision 7121

Missing create_wps_objects() prototype.

2000-04-11 15:29 BS, revision 7120

Added ability to make Start Menu Program folders and shortcuts.

2000-04-11 14:34 VZ, revision 7119

fixed double eol problem

2000-04-11 13:52 SN, revision 7118

Moved most of the code from Insert/Append/DeleteRows/Columns to Redimension. Put call to CalcDimension inside 'if (!GetBatchCount)' and added a call to CalcDimension to wxGrid's Refresh.

2000-04-11 12:38 BS, revision 7117

Added wxInstall a self extracting installation program using wxWindows.

2000-04-11 12:12 JS, revision 7116

Added HTML Help file list

2000-04-11 12:11 JS, revision 7115

Small mods

2000-04-11 11:32 JS, revision 7114

Further fixes

2000-04-11 11:26 JS, revision 7113

Small changes

2000-04-11 11:23 JS, revision 7112

Doc fixes

2000-04-11 10:26 RR, revision 7111

CentreOnParent() didn't work at all for top level windows on top level windows.

2000-04-11 01:48 GT, revision 7110


2000-04-11 00:52 GRG, revision 7109


2000-04-11 00:51 GRG, revision 7108

Added a few samples

2000-04-11 00:36 GRG, revision 7107

Removed the unused wxOsVersion var

2000-04-10 21:57 GRG, revision 7106

Sorry, forgot to add a comment to the previous changelog! Under MSW, WXHINSTANCE is now defined as void WXFAR * instead of unsigned long. [this commit itself adds nothing]

2000-04-10 21:54 GRG, revision 7105

The CASTWNDPROC logic was not necessary since this file always includes <windows.h>. Replaced with a typedef to WNDPROC or FARPROC (depending on whether STRICT mode is being used). Change proposed by Christoph Schulz

2000-04-10 21:50 GRG, revision 7104

The WXDLLEXPORT macros now used __declspec (double leading underscore) for all MSW compilers. Change proposed by Christoph Schulz.

2000-04-10 21:13 VZ, revision 7103

small correction for wxUSE_GUI definition

2000-04-10 19:41 OK, revision 7102

Seems I forgot to commit a wxRename fix in here (again)

2000-04-10 14:09 SN, revision 7101

Fixed several keyboard handling problems: - KeyUp event handlers added to label windows - pass a "TRUE"for ShiftDown upon selection events triggered by release of Shift Key (so one can see from the generated event, that we are _adding_ to the current selection). - Shrinking the selection by keyboard should now be possible, even if the selection starts at the border of the grid.