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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2000-04-13 18:03 VZ, revision 7158

fix for menu helpstring in the status bar for MDI child frames

2000-04-13 17:57 VZ, revision 7157

unused var in GSocket_SetServer removed

2000-04-13 17:33 RL, revision 7156

added -kwxGetTranslation to locale/Makefile and updated .po files

2000-04-13 17:19 RL, revision 7155

added missing wxTRANSLATE for 'Details'

2000-04-13 16:18 JS, revision 7154

Gave the sash and splitter windows Create and Init methods

2000-04-13 15:48 GT, revision 7153

Changed the default of wxODBC_BACKWARD_COMPATABILITY to be 0, as it should have been

2000-04-13 14:27 BJ, revision 7152

add SetNumberOfColumns()

2000-04-13 10:56 JS, revision 7151

Renamed project files

2000-04-13 09:31 JS, revision 7150

New tech note, corrected makeprog.b32

2000-04-13 08:35 JS, revision 7149

Removed assert when charset not recognised

2000-04-13 08:17 RD, revision 7148

More ActiveX stuff. Can now automatically catch callbacks (events) from the COM object. I actually create a new class on the fly that derives from wxWindow, the COM CoClass and others needed to make it all work. The resulting class can be instantiated just like wxWindow, used in sizers, etc. It also responds to all COM method calls, properties, etc.

2000-04-13 07:08 JS, revision 7147

Removing files

2000-04-12 23:38 VZ, revision 7146

some warnings fixed

2000-04-12 23:38 VZ, revision 7145

wxTextCtrl::GetLineText() fixes: a) doesn't crash b) more efficient c) works in Unicode mode

2000-04-12 23:30 VZ, revision 7144

removed incorrect labels

2000-04-12 20:20 SN, revision 7143

Added a define needed by EMX when compiling for OS/2 presentation manager.

2000-04-12 19:54 VS, revision 7142

fixed duplicate definition bug

2000-04-12 15:13 JS, revision 7141

Replaced the HTML doc GIF icons with slightly nicer ones (I think)

2000-04-12 15:12 JS, revision 7140

Removed a redundant Show(TRUE) from details dialog (causes assert); tried in vain to allow empty tree control labels (doesn't seem possible)

2000-04-12 11:28 GT, revision 7139

Updated to use the new wxDb/wxDbTable accessors

2000-04-12 11:27 GT, revision 7138

Added #if wxODBC_BACKWARD_COMPATABILITY checking to determine whether deprecated functions/classes/enums/etc are available or not. Cleaned up various naming conventions. from/orderBy/where are now wxString type if wxODBC_BACKWARD_COMPATABILITY is 0 Accessors added for member variables If wxODBC_BACKWARD_COMPATABILITY is 0, then member variables that have accessors are now defined in the PRIVATE: section of the class, rather than the PUBLIC:.

2000-04-12 04:40 DW, revision 7137

Set proper handles for the menubar

2000-04-12 03:06 RD, revision 7136

FileBrowseButton now has history, updated demo Added ActiveXWrapper and demos. It can't do callback events yet, but I'm working on it. Can curently embed a control and make method calls to it. Updated the wxCalendar (python version) and it's demo. It now has printing support.

2000-04-12 00:50 DW, revision 7135

minor OS/2 VA 3.0 #ifdefs

2000-04-12 00:46 DW, revision 7134

no message