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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

2000-05-23 06:01 VZ, revision 7463

fix for crash in wxTreeCtrl::GetSelections() when the tree is empty

2000-05-22 21:23 DW, revision 7462

Some more accelerator fixes.

2000-05-22 18:05 RR, revision 7461

dnd event blocking switched off now.

2000-05-22 14:04 DW, revision 7460

removal of VA #ifdefs aournd delete operators and some additional support for accelerators

2000-05-22 14:03 DW, revision 7459

removal of VA #ifdefs aournd delete operators

2000-05-22 13:43 JS, revision 7458

Doc debugging

2000-05-22 13:10 VZ, revision 7457

another buglet in ParseDate() fixed

2000-05-22 12:53 VZ, revision 7456

better ParseDate() test

2000-05-22 12:35 VZ, revision 7455

several bug fixes in ParseDate()

2000-05-22 11:14 VZ, revision 7454

add -isystem for gcc on Solaris

2000-05-22 11:13 JS, revision 7453

Added bc_ide.txt as a tech note; updated readme; added CHM targets for makefiles

2000-05-22 08:28 JS, revision 7452

Fixed OnSize corruption problem

2000-05-22 02:43 RL, revision 7451

totally rehashed the build system to be much less monolithic, it's now possible to build subsets of the available packages and easier to add new packages in a much more modular fashion. updated for changes to wxPython.

2000-05-22 02:34 RL, revision 7450

made Robert's fix for wxBase too, and cleaned a couple of typos

2000-05-21 16:17 RR, revision 7449

setup.h now tests if wx-config is being used and changes the search path from wx/gtk/.. to wx/gtkd/.. when __WXDEBUG__ is defined.

2000-05-21 16:15 RR, revision 7448

wx-config now defines __USE_WXCONFIG__

2000-05-21 13:20 RR, revision 7447

Tried to fix problem with events being blocked in the drop *target* by the global block from the drop source.

2000-05-21 10:49 GT, revision 7446

Fixed problem where if a table had no insertable columns, construction of the insertion statemtent would fail, which then would cause unstable behavior at a later time. Now if Insert() is called and there are no insertable columns, insert will return a failure.

2000-05-21 10:45 GT, revision 7445

Cleaned up some unix compilation problems due to for loops declaring a variable in the for statement

2000-05-21 03:43 RL, revision 7444

don't bug out if no .mo files exist

2000-05-20 22:17 RL, revision 7443

updated PYTHON_DIST for new wxPython location. added INTL_DIST target for i18n files when --enable-intl is used. make install now installs any .mo files it finds in locale. bugfix for make install being a no op with static wxBase. libs built with __WXDEBUG__ can now be installed alongside libs built without. locale/Makefile now autodetects which languages are supported when make allpo is used and added allmo target.

2000-05-20 19:25 RD, revision 7442

More build/distrib updates

2000-05-20 18:56 RD, revision 7441

forgot this file in yesterday's STC checkin

2000-05-20 03:25 RD, revision 7440

New code from Scintilla and supporting code in STC. Styles can now have underlines, new indicator types, zoom-in and zoom-out methods.

2000-05-20 03:24 RD, revision 7439

New code from Scintilla and supporting code in STC. Styles can now have underlines, new indicator types, zoom-in and zoom-out methods.