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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2001-08-14 14:59 VZ, revision 11377

1. reset default item in ~wxWindow (better to be safe) 2. blind fix for Motif compilation

2001-08-14 12:57 VZ, revision 11376

unsuccessful attempts to fix wxMenuBar positioning under wxGTK

2001-08-14 11:51 VZ, revision 11375

reduce flicker in header window when deleting items and let space select items even in single selection mode

2001-08-14 11:24 VZ, revision 11374

removed redundant InitDialog methods

2001-08-14 09:02 RD, revision 11373

A fix for attribrute sorting, but it's still broken if there are duplicate sort keys...

2001-08-14 05:35 RD, revision 11372

Moved fix from 2.2 branch that allows the attributes in MSW wxListCtrl to move with their items when the list is sorted.

2001-08-14 03:09 RD, revision 11371

fixed the last of the off-by-one errors (some are refixed, again...)

2001-08-13 19:13 SC, revision 11370

added translation of mac system into language, adaption of search paths

2001-08-13 15:42 VZ, revision 11369

implemented (untested) work around for wxScrolledWindow painting bug

2001-08-13 15:41 VZ, revision 11368

added missing refresh when changing focus in wxListCtrl, added test for it in the sample

2001-08-13 15:01 VZ, revision 11367

moved wxNO_FULL_REPAINT_ON_RESIZE to wxControl from wxWindow

2001-08-13 14:59 VZ, revision 11366

don't try to refresh the menu bar before showing it, fixes crash on startup with wxGTK

2001-08-13 00:59 GT, revision 11365

Replaced /'s with \'s as BCC requires \'s for path names

2001-08-12 23:56 GT, revision 11364

Replaced 'erase' with $(RM) so that the default file deletion program can be overriden

2001-08-12 23:50 GT, revision 11363

Makefile submitted by Markus G. for G95

2001-08-12 23:49 GT, revision 11362

Added regex to WXINC line (patch from Markus G) Added definition of RM for use in makefiles so that 'erase' can be overridden with a different file deletion program (like 'rm')

2001-08-12 22:10 VS, revision 11361

added wxEventLoop::GetActive()

2001-08-12 21:45 GT, revision 11360

Removed semi-colons off the end of two macro statement lines so that compilation would be possible for BCC

2001-08-12 15:45 GD, revision 11359

corrections for Mac OS compilation

2001-08-12 15:43 GD, revision 11358

added missing methods/removed duplicated base methods

2001-08-12 15:39 GD, revision 11357

bitmap mask corrections for Mac OS

2001-08-12 15:29 GD, revision 11356

corrected CodeWarrior project target names and generated application names

2001-08-12 15:15 GD, revision 11355

applied SourceForge patch #440594 which corrects ListBox related errors in Carbon applications under Mac OS X the LDEF resource is no longer used in Carbon applications

2001-08-12 15:07 GD, revision 11354

added CodeWarrior 5.3 projects for working demos corrected CodeWarrior project target names and generated application names

2001-08-12 10:39 GD, revision 11353

added missing return value