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Changelog for wxWidgets (68421 changes):

2001-09-17 22:08 RD, revision 11626

Fixed compile error.

2001-09-17 21:47 RD, revision 11625

Significantly changed how the Python interpreter lock and thread state are managed, which should fix the problem of running on a multi-processor machine.

2001-09-17 20:37 GD, revision 11624

added missing destructor for Darwin/Mac OS X (wxGtk, wxMotif, wxMac)

2001-09-17 19:53 SC, revision 11623

added carbonaccessors.o

2001-09-17 19:51 SC, revision 11622

added toplvlcmn

2001-09-17 04:56 RL, revision 11621

added tn0012.txt -- detailing library name conventions as discussed on -dev

2001-09-17 02:54 RL, revision 11620

Trimmed the list of external libs for MSW builds (some make NT break, some are simply unproven to be required) and cleaned up resource compiler handling. Moved OpenGL headers test to occur before we start using wxUSE_OPENGL. Added --gl-libs option to wx-config -- useful only for wxGTK at present, but will supply correct libs for apps linking to libwxgtk_gl wx-config --cxxflags now returns a more complete set of build parameters that the library was compiled with in some cases. Changed the AC_OUTPUT test for a pre-existing wx-config to test for the symlink, not the moved file. Rerunning config{ure,.status} would stomp the symlink with a real file otherwise. Added missing #include to regconf.h Bumped version.h to 2.2.8

2001-09-16 22:10 VS, revision 11619

added toplevel.cpp

2001-09-16 22:09 VS, revision 11618

updated generated file

2001-09-16 15:44 GD, revision 11617

added tree layout define

2001-09-16 11:46 GD, revision 11616

corrected tree layout option

2001-09-16 09:29 GD, revision 11615

Since there was no #include before the #if wxUSE_JOYSTICK then nothing would ever be compiled in this module.

2001-09-16 01:51 RD, revision 11614

Significantly changed how the Python interpreter lock and thread state are managed, which should fix the problem of running on a multi-processor machine. Some fixes for some of the contributed library modules.

2001-09-15 22:13 VS, revision 11613

wxMGL update

2001-09-15 22:13 VS, revision 11612

wxTopLevelWindow (only for wxGTK for now)

2001-09-15 20:39 SC, revision 11611

changed FindControl to FindControlUnderMouse and use ControlRef != NULL instead of ControlPart = noPart , we had false ControlPart = 0 returned under Carbon in MacOS X

2001-09-15 17:03 GD, revision 11610

added missing conditional compilation for wave (2) fixed some warnings

2001-09-15 13:53 GD, revision 11609

added missing conditional compilation for wave

2001-09-15 11:24 GD, revision 11608

added missing conditional compilation test for MSW specific events

2001-09-15 10:39 VS, revision 11607

compilation (hot)fixes for Mingw

2001-09-15 10:39 VS, revision 11606

compilation fix

2001-09-15 10:08 RL, revision 11605

install and search path fixes for cross built libs.

2001-09-14 19:48 GD, revision 11604

removed copystring function already defined in common wx utilities

2001-09-14 19:01 RL, revision 11603

typo fix on package deps.

2001-09-14 16:15 RD, revision 11602

Updates to contributed library stuff, a new version of PyCrust