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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

2001-09-28 13:34 VZ, revision 11715

1. made description of some options in configure [hopefully] more readable 2. got rid of --enable-wcsrtombs option, configure can find it out itself

2001-09-28 07:33 RL, revision 11714

more autoconf cleanup. consult config.guess for cross-build system id.

2001-09-28 07:00 RL, revision 11713

More build system polishing.. mostly. Some stuff ported over from recent changes to the 2.2 branch. Rationalised the autoconf scripts again, removed lots of stuff that shouldn't be there anymore and pounded the rest into an even tighter furball. (There's more work to be done here, but we're getting there..) Implemented the library naming scheme outlined in tn0012.txt -- introduced 'toolchain' and 'widget set' into the autoconf scripts, obsoleted the top level wx/setup.h and much of the mess associated with it. More changes for cross compiling and 2.3 debs. s/burnt_name/soname/g ; s/CC/CXX/g ; s/CCC/CC/g ; Just because it's Right. (Thanks Vadim for already doing *FLAGS..) Fixed libfl Makefile to actually work. Removed *_DEPS from tmake templates, in every case they can be determined from the relevant *_OBJS Added BASE_MSW_OBJS, a couple of missing #includes, some missing files to the 'dist' targets, and fixed some compile warnings. Changed to use wx-config --gl-libs instead of hard coded constants. Modified Files: configure wxBase.spec wxGTK.spec wxMotif.spec contrib/include/wx/applet/window.h contrib/src/ contrib/src/applet/appletwindow.cpp contrib/src/fl/ debian/changelog debian/ debian/libwxbase-dbg.dirs debian/libwxbase-dbg.links debian/libwxbase-dbg.postinst debian/libwxbase-dbg.prerm debian/libwxbase-dev.dirs debian/libwxbase-dev.files debian/libwxbase-dev.links debian/libwxbase-dev.postinst debian/libwxbase-dev.prerm debian/libwxgtk-dbg.dirs debian/libwxgtk-dbg.links debian/libwxgtk-dbg.postinst debian/libwxgtk-dbg.prerm debian/libwxgtk-dev.dirs debian/libwxgtk-dev.files debian/libwxgtk-dev.links debian/libwxgtk-dev.postinst debian/libwxgtk-dev.prerm debian/rules distrib/msw/tmake/base.t distrib/msw/tmake/gtk.t distrib/msw/tmake/mgl.t distrib/msw/tmake/motif.t distrib/msw/tmake/msw.t distrib/msw/tmake/os2.t distrib/msw/tmake/univ.t docs/motif/install.txt include/wx/msw/private.h include/wx/os2/SETUP.H include/wx/os2/SETUP0.H samples/ipc/ samples/sockets/ src/files.lst src/ src/ src/ src/common/strconv.cpp src/gtk/files.lst src/mgl/files.lst src/motif/files.lst src/msw/files.lst src/msw/gsocket.c src/msw/gsockmsw.c src/msw/toplevel.cpp src/msw/utils.cpp src/os2/files.lst src/univ/files.lst wxPython/ Added Files: debian/libwxbase-msw-dev.dirs debian/libwxbase-msw-dev.links debian/libwxbase-msw-dev.postinst debian/libwxbase-msw-dev.prerm debian/libwxmsw-dev.dirs debian/libwxmsw-dev.links debian/libwxmsw-dev.postinst debian/libwxmsw-dev.prerm debian/wxwin-doc.doc-base debian/wxwin-headers-msw.dirs Removed Files: debian/ include/wx/setup.h

2001-09-27 14:12 VZ, revision 11712

fix for wxExecute(subprocess which produces a lot of output) bug

2001-09-27 06:07 RD, revision 11711

fixed compilation errors

2001-09-27 02:11 RD, revision 11710

Various updates, changes for wxTopLevelWindow, fixes for wxPen.SetDashes, etc.

2001-09-27 02:05 RD, revision 11709

Added MSW toplevel.cpp and regenerated makefiles and such.

2001-09-27 02:04 RD, revision 11708

If a shape has client data, it deletes it when the shape is deleted.

2001-09-27 02:02 RD, revision 11707

Fixed compilation error

2001-09-27 02:02 RD, revision 11706

Added missing WXDLLEXPORT

2001-09-27 00:35 RD, revision 11705

Fixed problem with wxPen::SetDashes. (An array of bytes was typcast to an array of DWORDs.)

2001-09-27 00:27 RD, revision 11704

Add some Pen dashes tests

2001-09-26 22:21 VS, revision 11703

removed wxBusyCursorSuspender use

2001-09-26 22:18 VS, revision 11702

temporary stubs for fullscreen functions

2001-09-26 22:17 VS, revision 11701

Use wxGetInstallPrefix() instead of wxINSTALL_PREFIX (makes relocatable packages possible)

2001-09-26 22:10 VS, revision 11700

oops, forgot do add fullscreen stuff to wxTLWBase

2001-09-26 13:11 VZ, revision 11699

reverted last accidental commit, added comment about About item being special under Mac, use _T() around the literal strings

2001-09-26 12:56 VZ, revision 11698

compilation fix

2001-09-26 00:47 VZ, revision 11697

compilation/build fixes for wxUniv

2001-09-25 14:34 VZ, revision 11696

compilation fix

2001-09-25 14:33 VZ, revision 11695

compilation fix for other (than GTK/MSW) ports

2001-09-24 22:52 VZ, revision 11694

pass correct key code in TREE_KEY_DOWN event

2001-09-24 19:17 DW, revision 11693

patch fix for a constant definition under OS/2 VA V4.0

2001-09-24 18:46 VZ, revision 11692

fixed wxUniv menus under wxGTK

2001-09-24 18:46 VZ, revision 11691

added workaround for GTK+ focus_out bug (and removed Vaclav's mouse capture stack - sorry!)