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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2002-02-15 19:42 VS, revision 14240

fix visual artifact in wxMSW (why does it happen?)

2002-02-15 19:42 VS, revision 14239

more MSLU fixes

2002-02-15 19:41 VS, revision 14238

don't translate accelerators in XRC menus

2002-02-15 19:41 VS, revision 14237

added Alt-PrintScreen handling (SciTech won't be happy till we do everything Windows do...)

2002-02-15 19:40 VS, revision 14236

don't show size grip when maximized

2002-02-15 18:11 MBN, revision 14235

Updated MinGW build instructions

2002-02-15 16:36 VZ, revision 14234

made wxDateTimeDefault an object and not a reference to avoid (well, minimize) initialization order problems

2002-02-15 15:11 VZ, revision 14233

AIX compilation fixes from Paul Thiessen

2002-02-15 15:06 VZ, revision 14232

fixed <strings.h> include and also removed the obsolete WXSTRING_IS_WXOBJECT setting

2002-02-15 15:03 JS, revision 14231

#ifdefs for wxMotif which doesn't have a wxTopLevelWindow implementation

2002-02-15 14:50 JS, revision 14230

Fixed usage of wxXmString

2002-02-15 14:07 VZ, revision 14229

dirty fix for the initial splitter position waiting for Vaclav's better one

2002-02-15 12:49 VS, revision 14228

leave in only Julian's version of CaptureMouse code

2002-02-15 12:32 JS, revision 14227

Include XPM under wxX11 for some samples; added comment about non-working images in dragimag sample

2002-02-15 11:25 JS, revision 14226

Fixed typos

2002-02-15 11:15 JS, revision 14225

Added compatibility file

2002-02-15 11:14 JS, revision 14224

Started some NanoX work (blind to begin with)

2002-02-15 01:07 VS, revision 14223

copyright update

2002-02-15 00:55 VS, revision 14222

corrected double click events: wxMGL will now synthetize second single click, so that events sequence is single-single-double as wxWindows expects rather than single-double as MGL generates

2002-02-14 23:34 RD, revision 14221

As per the wx-dev discussion in early Jan, replaced wxWindow::m_parentSizer with m_containingSizer which is used to track which sizer this window is a member of. Windows will now remove themselves from a sizer when destroyed. Also added accessors so window classes can find out if they are in a sizer and do things like reset their min size, etc.

2002-02-14 22:05 VZ, revision 14220

undid my fix for loading 16x16 icons which results in ugly results when loaing 32x32 ones because LoadImage() scales them badly

2002-02-14 21:58 RR, revision 14219

wxX11: Added code for ScrollWindow(). This can easily be modified to scroll only a given rect. Made dialogs grey. :-)

2002-02-14 21:51 VZ, revision 14218

cache various bitmaps

2002-02-14 21:29 VZ, revision 14217

no changes (de-TABified, undid some horrors with which someone replaced my ?: operators

2002-02-14 21:08 RR, revision 14216

Updated the erase/paint event logic.