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Changelog for wxWidgets (68421 changes):

2001-11-04 01:29 RL, revision 12301

Backed out misguided 'build both' patch. Reshuffled library name code into a slightly neater stack. Added separate shared and static msw builds to .debs :( that makes 13 builds of the core lib alone required to create all packages now.. (anyone want to donate me a fast MP box :)

2001-11-04 00:07 RL, revision 12300

More cross compiling fixes.

2001-11-04 00:00 VS, revision 12299

implemented display mode setting

2001-11-04 00:00 VS, revision 12298

implemented wxApp::Get/SetDisplayMode

2001-11-04 00:00 VS, revision 12297

oh, better interface to GetDisplayMode (Vadim was right; previous commit was by accident)

2001-11-03 23:08 GD, revision 12296

install apparently ignores -p option under Mac OS X, use cp -p instead

2001-11-03 22:42 GD, revision 12295

corrected install program for Mac OS X (use AC_PROG_INSTALL but add -p option to INSTALL_PROGRAM and INSTALL_DATA in order to preserve modification dates)

2001-11-03 21:49 VZ, revision 12294

removed OnSetFocus() which doesn't exist any more

2001-11-03 21:36 VS, revision 12293

added wxApp::GetDisplayMode function for fullscreen ports

2001-11-03 21:36 VS, revision 12292

recently checked in patch was ignorant to wxUSE_RESOURCES

2001-11-03 21:35 VS, revision 12291

oops, configure defined _WIN_IE instead of _WIN32_IE for cross-compilation

2001-11-03 20:34 RD, revision 12290

Added wxPostscriptDC to wxPython

2001-11-03 20:33 RD, revision 12289

A little tweak

2001-11-03 20:31 RD, revision 12288

Enabled wxPostscriptDC to be used in wxMSW, if wxUSE_POSTSCRIPT

2001-11-03 17:06 VZ, revision 12287

implemented Freeze/Thaw() for the generic listctrl

2001-11-03 13:00 RL, revision 12286

Added static lib to shared build targets for wxMSW builds. Added -dbg packages for msw-cross.

2001-11-03 11:29 RL, revision 12285

Tweaked config for weird static lib BSDism.

2001-11-03 11:08 RL, revision 12284

Added separate import lib for msw .dlls Removed useless mingw and cygwin options. Fixed library naming for msw _gl and set 'unix' style names for cross builds and 'windows' style for native builds. Added $target to wx-config, and fixed lib/header dir exclusions. Added -mwindows to wx-config output for gui libs. Fixed wx-config to output import lib instead of dll for shared msw builds.

2001-11-03 05:14 RL, revision 12283

added missing header

2001-11-03 00:34 VZ, revision 12282

don't send fictious menu events when another WM_COMMAND occurs while a popup menu is shown

2001-11-02 23:33 VS, revision 12281

mingw compilation fixc

2001-11-02 23:21 RD, revision 12280

wxPython updates to match recent updates to wxCalendarCtrl, wxGrid, and wxGLCanvas.

2001-11-02 22:00 SC, revision 12279

corrected findfirst/next on mac

2001-11-02 20:56 RD, revision 12278

wxPython updates to match recent updates to wxCalendarCtrl, wxGrid, and wxGLCanvas.

2001-11-02 20:52 GD, revision 12277

updated and renamed CodeWarrior 5.3 project