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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2001-11-08 02:31 RL, revision 12352

add lintian override for -univ hybrid package.

2001-11-08 00:03 RL, revision 12351

applied the bit's of #473508 that were still relevant, and fixed a couple of others that either the patch missed or (more likely) were new since it was made. Thanks Francis.

2001-11-07 16:13 RD, revision 12350

New XRCed from Roman Rolinsky

2001-11-07 16:12 RD, revision 12349

Show class type returned from HitTest

2001-11-07 15:58 VZ, revision 12348

applied a patch to ignore the modifiers (things like @euro) in LC_XXX vars

2001-11-07 12:08 RL, revision 12347

added aclocal.m4 to dist target. Bad Things happen if it's missing and you want to rebuild configure.

2001-11-07 11:31 RL, revision 12346


2001-11-07 10:03 RL, revision 12345

More pesky "quotes" hiding in m4 macros.

2001-11-07 09:47 RL, revision 12344

Put $(GENERICOBJECTS) back into for a while, there are still other ports that depend on it.

2001-11-07 09:26 JJ, revision 12343

Committing in . Modified Files: wxWindows/descrip.mms wxWindows/setup.h_vms wxWindows/distrib/msw/makefile.rsp wxWindows/include/wx/dbgrid.h wxWindows/lib/vms_gtk.opt wxWindows/samples/db/dbtest.cpp wxWindows/src/common/descrip.mms wxWindows/src/generic/descrip.mms Added Files: wxWindows/samples/dialup/descrip.mms wxWindows/samples/docview/descrip.mms wxWindows/samples/font/descrip.mms dbgrid.h change as announced in the developer mailing list various OpenVMS complile issues ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2001-11-07 07:53 RL, revision 12342

remove -lfoo.dll hack, it appears to be unnecessary after all.. don't ask.

2001-11-06 23:54 VS, revision 12341

beginnings of support for MGL shared library (it is crappy as hell in MGL, to begin with)

2001-11-06 21:16 MBN, revision 12340

* Fixed wxStaticBitmap::SetBitmap so that it does not ignore the mask * Hopefully made possible use SetBitmap with as wxSB created with an icon and SetIcon with a wxSB created with a bitmap

2001-11-06 16:45 VZ, revision 12339

removed duplicated line

2001-11-06 16:34 VZ, revision 12338

part of wxWizard loading from WXR patch I forgot to commit

2001-11-06 16:31 VZ, revision 12337

fixed wxUniv/GTK linking by getting rid of GENERICOBJS and putting them into GUIOBJS/GUI_LOWLEVEL_OBJS instead

2001-11-06 16:27 VZ, revision 12336

compilation warning fix

2001-11-06 05:44 RL, revision 12335

Merged WXMSW_DLL_DEFINES and PICFLAGS, since they essentially do the same thing.

2001-11-06 05:10 RL, revision 12334

found another object that nobody appears to have ever used in a dll.

2001-11-06 02:36 RL, revision 12333

Brown paper bag fix to -lwx.dll in wx-config

2001-11-05 21:08 GD, revision 12332

use Unix line ending when compiled when the Apple DevTools

2001-11-05 21:02 GD, revision 12331

use Unix line ending when compiling with Apple DevTools

2001-11-05 21:01 GD, revision 12330

use Unix raise for wxTrap when compiling with Apple DevTools

2001-11-05 20:20 GD, revision 12329

corrected path format for wxMac compiled with Apple DevTools

2001-11-05 16:43 VZ, revision 12328

more incompatible changes mentioned