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Changelog for wxWidgets (68404 changes):

2001-11-08 23:58 RR, revision 12359

Corrected radio button event sending in 2.2, too.

2001-11-08 23:24 RR, revision 12358

wxListBox mouse events now report coords relative to the whole list box. wxRadioButton doesn't emit any event when unpressed. Similar correction to wxRadioBox and wxToggleButton. Upported change to wxMenuEvent so that the id is set in the constructor. Otherwise the EVT_MENU macro is pretty useless. Already in 2.2.8.

2001-11-08 21:06 MBN, revision 12357

Last correction for makefile.g95: win32 mkdir does not like forward slashes as directory separators.

2001-11-08 18:47 RD, revision 12356

Fixed wxSingleChoiceDialog to match the docs wrt the style flag

2001-11-08 12:31 RL, revision 12355

create install dir for overrides.

2001-11-08 12:25 RL, revision 12354

wxUSE_GTK must stay quoted..

2001-11-08 11:24 RL, revision 12353

Rearrange the linker flags/libs code in preparation for better static/shared support. Added --static option to wx-config and removed most libs from --libs output unless it is used.

2001-11-08 02:31 RL, revision 12352

add lintian override for -univ hybrid package.

2001-11-08 00:03 RL, revision 12351

applied the bit's of #473508 that were still relevant, and fixed a couple of others that either the patch missed or (more likely) were new since it was made. Thanks Francis.

2001-11-07 16:13 RD, revision 12350

New XRCed from Roman Rolinsky

2001-11-07 16:12 RD, revision 12349

Show class type returned from HitTest

2001-11-07 15:58 VZ, revision 12348

applied a patch to ignore the modifiers (things like @euro) in LC_XXX vars

2001-11-07 12:08 RL, revision 12347

added aclocal.m4 to dist target. Bad Things happen if it's missing and you want to rebuild configure.

2001-11-07 11:31 RL, revision 12346


2001-11-07 10:03 RL, revision 12345

More pesky "quotes" hiding in m4 macros.

2001-11-07 09:47 RL, revision 12344

Put $(GENERICOBJECTS) back into for a while, there are still other ports that depend on it.

2001-11-07 09:26 JJ, revision 12343

Committing in . Modified Files: wxWindows/descrip.mms wxWindows/setup.h_vms wxWindows/distrib/msw/makefile.rsp wxWindows/include/wx/dbgrid.h wxWindows/lib/vms_gtk.opt wxWindows/samples/db/dbtest.cpp wxWindows/src/common/descrip.mms wxWindows/src/generic/descrip.mms Added Files: wxWindows/samples/dialup/descrip.mms wxWindows/samples/docview/descrip.mms wxWindows/samples/font/descrip.mms dbgrid.h change as announced in the developer mailing list various OpenVMS complile issues ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2001-11-07 07:53 RL, revision 12342

remove -lfoo.dll hack, it appears to be unnecessary after all.. don't ask.

2001-11-06 23:54 VS, revision 12341

beginnings of support for MGL shared library (it is crappy as hell in MGL, to begin with)

2001-11-06 21:16 MBN, revision 12340

* Fixed wxStaticBitmap::SetBitmap so that it does not ignore the mask * Hopefully made possible use SetBitmap with as wxSB created with an icon and SetIcon with a wxSB created with a bitmap

2001-11-06 16:45 VZ, revision 12339

removed duplicated line

2001-11-06 16:34 VZ, revision 12338

part of wxWizard loading from WXR patch I forgot to commit

2001-11-06 16:31 VZ, revision 12337

fixed wxUniv/GTK linking by getting rid of GENERICOBJS and putting them into GUIOBJS/GUI_LOWLEVEL_OBJS instead

2001-11-06 16:27 VZ, revision 12336

compilation warning fix

2001-11-06 05:44 RL, revision 12335

Merged WXMSW_DLL_DEFINES and PICFLAGS, since they essentially do the same thing.