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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2002-02-24 17:58 GD, revision 14390

changes needed for compilation with Project Builder

2002-02-24 16:23 RR, revision 14389

Added expose event compression. Made wxUniv scrollbars not accept any focus if they are owned by the window (in contrast to stand alone scrollbars). Further corrections to ScrollWindow()

2002-02-24 13:59 RR, revision 14388

Done some work on wxFocusEvent::SetWindow(). Enough at least solve the menu problem that dismissed menus when the parent menu (correctly) lost the focus.

2002-02-24 13:51 VZ, revision 14387

only call GSocket_Init() when needed and do call it before using GAddress_XXX functions (fixes bug 510722)

2002-02-24 11:06 RR, revision 14386

More tests in erase sample. Added wxControlStr to data.cpp. Fixed scrolling for window with a border. The area which was copied was off by the border width sometimes. Added two more AddTool() variants to wxToolBar when used with universal. It compiles now, but doesn't work...

2002-02-24 04:18 RD, revision 14385

more wxMac specific updates

2002-02-24 00:21 VZ, revision 14384

correction to wxUSE_FSVOLUME handling, don't give #error if it is not set

2002-02-24 00:19 VZ, revision 14383


2002-02-24 00:17 VS, revision 14382

made AdjustForParentClientOrigin const

2002-02-24 00:15 VS, revision 14381

removed AdjustForParentClientOrigin from wxMotif and all its forks

2002-02-24 00:14 VS, revision 14380

made generic wxListCtrl work with well-behaved ports (wxGTK hack still in place)

2002-02-24 00:08 VS, revision 14379

removed AdjustForParentClientOrigin from wxMotif and all its forks

2002-02-24 00:06 VS, revision 14378

1. changed doubleclick events sequence to 'down,up,double,up' (turned out to be MGL's native one) 2. wxWindow::GetPosition() returns value relative to parent's client area origin now

2002-02-24 00:06 VS, revision 14377

compilation fix

2002-02-23 23:16 VZ, revision 14376


2002-02-23 21:56 VZ, revision 14375

no changes

2002-02-23 21:55 VZ, revision 14374

changed wxColourToRGB() to use RGB() instead of PALETTERGB() to fix the bug #503022

2002-02-23 21:54 VZ, revision 14373

part of the fix to the initial colour selection in the font picker dialog (the real fix was the change to wxColourToRGB() in msw/private.h)

2002-02-23 21:32 VZ, revision 14372

implemented wxWindowDC and wxClientDC::GetSize() properly (fixes bug #503022)

2002-02-23 21:29 VZ, revision 14371

temp linking quick fix

2002-02-23 21:26 RR, revision 14370

Implemented a simple modality under X11. Filled wxDataFormat and wxDataObject etc. Added skeleton for X11 clipboard.

2002-02-23 21:05 VZ, revision 14369

undef LoadMenu() (patch #521743)

2002-02-23 21:02 RD, revision 14368

SIGged updates for wxMac

2002-02-23 20:47 RD, revision 14367

SWIGged updates for wxGTK

2002-02-23 19:59 RD, revision 14366

Finished wrapping and providing typemaps for wxInputStream and also added the stream ctor and other methods for wxImage so images can now be loaded from any Python "file-like" object.