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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2002-05-13 16:54 JS, revision 15540

textctrl.cpp: Removed assert from CanRedo/CanUndo since the best behaviour is to return FALSE (Redo/Undo functions are unimplemented) treectrlg.cpp: in InsertItem, allow previous item to be null in order to insert at first position of possibly-empty child list dcclient.cpp: allow setting of null font (common espec. on Windows)

2002-05-13 15:49 DW, revision 15539

Compiler bug

2002-05-13 10:11 JS, revision 15538

Eliminated a couple of warnings

2002-05-13 05:41 GD, revision 15537

use built-in wcslen instead of disabling wide character support for Darwin

2002-05-12 22:46 VZ, revision 15536

fixed bug with using wrong interval (-1) when restarting a running timer

2002-05-12 22:26 VZ, revision 15535

fixes to wxFontDialog after recent changes

2002-05-12 19:35 VZ, revision 15534

fixed wxFontDialog API: accept const ref instead of (well, in addition to) a possibly NULL pointer

2002-05-12 18:43 JS, revision 15533

Added overloaded AddChild from contributor

2002-05-12 16:08 JS, revision 15532

Fixed mouse handling for captured windows Didn't need most of the cshelp fix

2002-05-12 12:47 JS, revision 15531

Don't use context id for context help since it doesn't seem to be working at present

2002-05-12 12:46 JS, revision 15530

Added recursive event handler pushing to fix context help problem.

2002-05-12 11:34 JS, revision 15529

Added missing brace in checkbox.tex

2002-05-12 11:28 VZ, revision 15528

added the test for GtkText inside wxYield crash

2002-05-12 11:26 VZ, revision 15527

fixed crashes in GtkText when it was refreshed from inside wxYield

2002-05-12 11:25 VZ, revision 15526

made wxIsInsideYield global -- will be fixed when we have some better way to test if we're inside wxYield() from wxApp

2002-05-12 11:10 JS, revision 15525

Added deprecated property classes for future reference (maybe separate manual)

2002-05-12 09:17 GD, revision 15524

use tm_gmtoff instead of timezone variable if tm struct member exists

2002-05-12 08:49 GD, revision 15523

no timezone variable is only a warning instead of an error (use tm_gmtoff instead, in particular for Darwin / Mac OS X)

2002-05-12 07:48 GD, revision 15522

corrected wxFontData assignement operator (was recursive!)

2002-05-12 04:16 RD, revision 15521

swigged updates for wxGTK

2002-05-12 03:20 RD, revision 15520

various tweaks and updates

2002-05-11 23:40 VZ, revision 15519

added a comment about the default button handling

2002-05-11 23:34 VZ, revision 15518

don't treat Enter always as Tab, just for the text controls

2002-05-11 23:24 VZ, revision 15517

fixed typo

2002-05-11 22:31 VZ, revision 15516

changed the handling of the default buttons to be more logical