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Changelog for wxWidgets (68395 changes):

2002-02-12 10:37 VS, revision 14150

fixed menubar attaching: create it first, THEN set pointer to it

2002-02-12 10:37 VS, revision 14149

wxMGL compilation fix

2002-02-12 06:00 DW, revision 14148

Display child panels, and make unneeded scrollbars disappear and reappear when needed.

2002-02-12 01:54 RD, revision 14147

Fixed a bug that prevented editors and renderers to be purly data type dirven (IOW, if no other cell attributes have been set but the cell has a non-string type.)

2002-02-11 23:48 VS, revision 14146

wxGenericDirCtrl now correctly updates itself when you click on 'show hidden'

2002-02-11 23:48 VS, revision 14145

wxSplitterWindow now: 1. respects minimal size even when set programatically 2. respects minimal size of child windows if set

2002-02-11 23:47 VS, revision 14144

rewrote wxHtmlHelpFrame using sizers

2002-02-11 23:47 VS, revision 14143

use wxHashMap, not wxHashTable in wxXPMDecoder

2002-02-11 23:46 VS, revision 14142

a note just in case I misread wxHTML code again...

2002-02-11 23:46 VS, revision 14141

fix for deallocating memory twice in wxHTML (why does it happen?)

2002-02-11 23:11 RD, revision 14140

bugfix for SetString in a wxCheckListBox

2002-02-11 22:46 RR, revision 14139

wxX11: Added handler for ConfigureNotify (i.e. size events). The status bar gets drawn right now, the rest is still black art although paint events are correctly sent.

2002-02-11 22:14 RR, revision 14138

Found the X11 error in wxDC.

2002-02-11 21:27 VZ, revision 14137

added SetString docs

2002-02-11 20:41 RR, revision 14136

wxX11: Updated wxColour for handling Colormaps and ref couting. Updated wxClientDC et al. for conforming to wxGTK. Many tricky parts, particularly the bitmap drawing and blitting is still missing. Any sample crashes now for some reason with an X error.

2002-02-11 20:26 VZ, revision 14135

fixed make install and make base for wxBase

2002-02-11 18:20 DW, revision 14134

New def file

2002-02-11 18:11 JS, revision 14133

Added MICROWIN include dir

2002-02-11 18:03 JS, revision 14132

Attempted to add configury for NanoX compatibility

2002-02-11 14:51 JS, revision 14131

Removed -lXext -lXt from libraries for wxX11

2002-02-11 13:49 VS, revision 14130

fix for deallocating memory twice in wxHTML (why does it happen?)

2002-02-11 13:27 JS, revision 14129

Made sure events for defunct windows are no longer handled.

2002-02-11 13:11 JS, revision 14128

Put m_statusText.SetCount(number) before wxStatusBarBase::SetFieldsCount(number, widths) to avoid assert (a refresh is done in SetFieldsCount which access the m_statusText array before the size is set). XQueryTree usage improved.

2002-02-11 12:40 RR, revision 14127

Last link error in wxX11 killed.

2002-02-11 12:15 JS, revision 14126

Merge correction