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Changelog for wxWidgets (68423 changes):

2002-02-13 17:16 JS, revision 14178

Fixed typos

2002-02-13 16:47 VZ, revision 14177

disable wxSocket for wxX11, doesn't link anyhow

2002-02-13 16:43 RR, revision 14176

wxX11: INtroduced OnInternalIdle as per wxGTK so that users cannot as easily lill the internals. Fixed pop-up transient window. Removed some #if 0 here and there. Made refresh code work in idle instead of directly.

2002-02-13 16:41 VZ, revision 14175

warning fix

2002-02-13 16:33 VZ, revision 14174

do NOT hard code univ sources in x11 port

2002-02-13 16:24 JS, revision 14173

Added list of wxX11 files

2002-02-13 16:17 JS, revision 14172

Added shared private declarations header privx.h, utils.cpp now shared between wxMotif and wxX11; added some TODOs to toplevel.cpp, popupwin.cpp

2002-02-13 16:12 VZ, revision 14171

clean ups to wxX11+wxUniv handling

2002-02-13 08:38 RR, revision 14170

wxX11: Lots of wxBitmap et al work. Adapted wxIcon, wxCursor to this. Split wxApp init things up so that the X11 display is available sooner. Changed initial display code accordingly. Corrected wxDC::DrawBitmap.

2002-02-13 00:36 VS, revision 14169

safety check

2002-02-13 00:35 VS, revision 14168

use wxLogTrace, not wxLogDebug

2002-02-13 00:31 VZ, revision 14167

fixed loading the icons with non default size

2002-02-12 23:25 VS, revision 14166

don't allow dragging a window if it is maximized

2002-02-12 22:50 SN, revision 14165

Some additional checks for building wxPM (OS/2) which doesn't support wxTipWindow and wxPopupWindow yet. Additionally check in libsocket for inet_addr (for all OS/2 builds).

2002-02-12 22:42 VZ, revision 14164

added IsEditable

2002-02-12 21:28 RD, revision 14163

A fix for Python 2.2 which can sometimes call __wxCleanup before all the other wxPython objects have been deleted. Other various things to match recent CVS changes in wx.

2002-02-12 18:27 JS, revision 14162

Added XSync before mapping but this doesn't seem enough to get the popup window to show before the capture (which fails if not mapped)

2002-02-12 18:15 JS, revision 14161

Removed some debug code from window headers; added some debug code to try to figure out capture problems

2002-02-12 17:43 JS, revision 14160

Correction for 'protected' compiler error

2002-02-12 17:31 JS, revision 14159

Modified CaptureMouse to call DoReleaseMouse if necessary before doing another DoCaptureMouse, because otherwise we have a nested Capture which is not possible in some systems (the point of these wrappers). Also ReleaseMouse now calls DoCaptureMouse, not CaptureMouse, if necessary.

2002-02-12 16:51 VZ, revision 14158

fixed a bug/typo in configure introduced by the previous commit

2002-02-12 15:39 JS, revision 14157

Pass correct length to XTextExtents

2002-02-12 14:56 JS, revision 14156

Background set correctly

2002-02-12 14:56 JS, revision 14155

Positioned text correctly

2002-02-12 14:16 JS, revision 14154

Status bar positioned correctly, but no sign of the menubar as yet.