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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2002-02-20 16:41 VZ, revision 14327

added commands to rename the menus and menu items for testing various characters in the menu labels

2002-02-20 14:38 VZ, revision 14326

fix setting the font for a single-line text control (bug 508169)

2002-02-20 13:52 VZ, revision 14325

compilation fix

2002-02-20 13:27 VZ, revision 14324

reverted the previous fix, it's no longer needed now after the change to the default base in wxString::ToULong

2002-02-20 13:24 VZ, revision 14323

use base 10 by default in wxString::To[U]Long

2002-02-20 07:22 GD, revision 14322

corrected typo in Darwin specific code

2002-02-20 01:53 RD, revision 14321

Fix so the value given to wxTextEntryDialog::SetValue will actually be used in the entry field.

2002-02-20 01:51 RD, revision 14320

Fix so OGL can build without wxBuffer

2002-02-20 01:39 VZ, revision 14319

*do* generate the LEAVE events even when the mouse is captured

2002-02-20 01:37 VZ, revision 14318

fixed mouse input handling in wxUniv: the static boxes ust be transparent or the windows inside them don't get any mouse events at all

2002-02-20 00:52 VZ, revision 14317

don't use border styles for windows in wxUniversal

2002-02-20 00:25 VZ, revision 14316

use WS_CLIPSIBLINGS for wxStaticLine as well

2002-02-20 00:22 VZ, revision 14315

removed unused test code (no real changes)

2002-02-20 00:21 VZ, revision 14314

don't inherit the controls colours from the parent - at least for the background colour this is not the right thing to do

2002-02-20 00:02 VZ, revision 14313

1. always create the buttons with WS_CLIPSIBLINGS style, this prevetns them from overwriting each other when the main window is resized 2. more tweaks to MSWGetStyle() and related code, added a new, easier to use, version of MSWCreateControl()

2002-02-19 23:58 VS, revision 14312

added an image to wxHTML printing sample

2002-02-19 21:48 RR, revision 14311

Added test for default action (button normally) to combo box when hittinh return. In a normal Find&Replace dialog, hitting enter in one of the two fields will usually mean "OK". Corrected the same test in wxTextCtrl. Removed some debug code.

2002-02-19 18:00 VZ, revision 14310

show the resize cursor when the mouse is above the grip and not only when it's just on it

2002-02-19 17:50 VZ, revision 14309

added GetButton(), some cleanups

2002-02-19 16:41 VZ, revision 14308

added an error message to wxCopyFile

2002-02-19 15:21 VZ, revision 14307

fixed Unicode-mode only bug in Validate()

2002-02-19 15:06 VZ, revision 14306

added a note about parsing numbers with leading zeroes in ToLong/ToULong

2002-02-19 15:03 VZ, revision 14305

fixed bug in ParseDateFormat() with numbers with leading zeroes

2002-02-19 14:21 VZ, revision 14304

don't crash in SetFocus()

2002-02-19 13:41 VZ, revision 14303

typo in style definition fixed