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Changelog for wxWidgets (68423 changes):

2002-02-22 21:42 GD, revision 14353

Darwin dlopen functions is needed both for DYNLIB_CLASS and DYNAMIC_LOADER

2002-02-22 18:48 VZ, revision 14352

fix for a nasty bug with colouor copying

2002-02-22 18:18 VZ, revision 14351

1. made wxDebugMsg, wxError and wxFatalError deprecated (still available with WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_2_2) 2. moved wxInternalErrorStr and wxFatalErrorStr to a common file CVS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CVS: Enter Log. Lines beginning with `CVS:' are removed automatically CVS: CVS: Committing in . CVS: CVS: Modified Files: CVS: include/wx/app.h include/wx/chkconf.h include/wx/utils.h CVS: src/common/appcmn.cpp src/common/fontmap.cpp CVS: src/common/utilscmn.cpp src/gtk/data.cpp src/mac/data.cpp CVS: src/mac/utils.cpp src/msw/data.cpp src/msw/utils.cpp CVS: src/os2/DATA.CPP src/os2/UTILS.CPP src/unix/utilsunx.cpp CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2002-02-22 18:18 VZ, revision 14350

ensure that the compatibility defines are not set for wxBase which doesn't need them

2002-02-22 18:13 VZ, revision 14349

wxLogFatalError() now always aborts the program and doesn't use the active log target but always shows the standard message box

2002-02-22 15:09 VZ, revision 14348

added a menu item to toggle live splitter update

2002-02-22 15:08 VZ, revision 14347

fixed dead update splitters

2002-02-22 13:19 JJ, revision 14346

Committing in . OPENVMS MAKEFILE UPDATE Modified Files: wxWindows/src/common/descrip.mms ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2002-02-22 00:48 VZ, revision 14345

misc fixes for (absense of) the borders

2002-02-22 00:48 VZ, revision 14344

fixes to handling of 0 and negative splitter position when splitting it initially

2002-02-22 00:09 RD, revision 14343

Updated PyCrust from Patrick O'Brien

2002-02-21 16:19 VZ, revision 14342

applied a fix for the patch 446325

2002-02-21 16:17 VZ, revision 14341

don't crash if editing of the cell wasn't started for whatever reason (patch 502692)

2002-02-21 15:22 VZ, revision 14340

wxCursor(wxImage) added (Chris Elliott, patch 517439)

2002-02-21 15:19 VZ, revision 14339

fixes for big endiand machines (Chris Elliott, patch 520879)

2002-02-21 15:09 VZ, revision 14338

applied patch for calculating the tree items size with non default font (patch 520965)

2002-02-21 14:52 JS, revision 14337

Some more NanoX compile fixes

2002-02-21 14:46 JS, revision 14336

Removed bizarre test code of which I have no recollection...

2002-02-21 00:54 RD, revision 14335

Better wrapper for wxListCtrl.GetColumn, and some other cleanup

2002-02-21 00:51 RD, revision 14334

Better doc

2002-02-21 00:50 RD, revision 14333

A few tweaks and some cleanup for the wxPython demo

2002-02-21 00:01 RD, revision 14332

Fix so the Host: header in wxHTTP really works. With virtual hosts it is vital that the original host name given in the URL is used in the Host: header so the sever will use the right vhost config. Previously it was using the value returned from gethostbyaddr which will often not be the same as the hostname in the URL.

2002-02-20 23:19 JS, revision 14331

NanoX modificati NanoX modifications

2002-02-20 21:50 RR, revision 14330

Always send an erase event to satisfy some users...

2002-02-20 17:42 VZ, revision 14329

fixed SetForegroundColour() for the generic tree ctrl