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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2002-02-28 21:11 VZ, revision 14435

don't allow clicking disabled buttons

2002-02-28 21:09 VZ, revision 14434

fix button double click handling (should be treated the same as single click)

2002-02-28 20:57 VZ, revision 14433

removed unnecessary include

2002-02-28 19:06 RD, revision 14432

fixed typo

2002-02-28 19:01 RD, revision 14431

Added wxPython.lib.rcsizer which contains RowColSizer. This sizer is based on code from Niki Spahiev and lets you specify a row and column for each item, as well as optional column or row spanning. Cells with not item assigned to it are just left blank. Stretchable rows or columns are specified and work the same as in wxFlexGridSizer. A few other minor changes too.

2002-02-28 18:07 VZ, revision 14430

fixes to toolbar, seems to work

2002-02-28 18:06 VZ, revision 14429

warnings fixed

2002-02-28 18:00 JS, revision 14428

Added a test for lastH.IsOk()

2002-02-28 17:05 RD, revision 14427

Moved declaratrions of wxPyInputStream and etc. into it's own header file.

2002-02-28 16:59 RD, revision 14426

Moved declaratrions of wxPyInputStream and etc. into it's own header file. SWIGged updates for wxGTK

2002-02-28 15:57 JS, revision 14425

Corrected points to pixels calculation

2002-02-28 15:53 RD, revision 14424

Moved declaratrions of wxPyInputStream and etc. into it's own header file.

2002-02-28 09:20 RL, revision 14423

Typo fix for GetSizer.

2002-02-27 21:42 VZ, revision 14422

[start of] a wxUniversal implementation of wxToolBar

2002-02-27 21:42 VZ, revision 14421

removed the SetMargins call

2002-02-27 21:39 JS, revision 14420

Added static wxBuffer

2002-02-27 16:10 JS, revision 14419

Nano-X: used drawable-to-wxImage function in wxBitmap::ConvertToImage

2002-02-27 16:01 JS, revision 14418

Nano-X: added function to copy from a drawable to a wxImage

2002-02-27 09:45 JS, revision 14417

Nano-X: bitmap now showing in wxMessageBox, but it'll be a while before masked drawing is possible.

2002-02-26 22:35 RD, revision 14416

Changed the img2py tool to use PNG instead of XPM for embedding image data in Python source code, and the generated code now uses streams to convert the image data to wxImage, wxBitmap, or wxIcon. A few other changes to match recent additions to CVS.

2002-02-26 21:58 JS, revision 14415

Got dialog sizing to work, downsized fonts a bit (though it always returns the same standard font right now)

2002-02-26 18:28 JS, revision 14414

Window management and sizer layout corrections

2002-02-26 15:45 VZ, revision 14413

fixed a few warnings

2002-02-26 14:51 JS, revision 14412

Fixed XGetWindowAttributes so 'mapped' is reported correctly. About box now pops up, but is a mess.

2002-02-26 13:16 JS, revision 14411

Attempt at creating appropriate fonts in Nano-X