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Changelog for wxWidgets (68421 changes):

2002-03-07 18:48 JS, revision 14476

Corrections in light of recent toolbar and other changes

2002-03-07 10:06 JS, revision 14475

Added VC++ project files for remaining Gizmo samples Corrected some precompiled header issues for dynsash samples Corrected IMPLEMENT_ABSTRACT_CLASS in multicell.cpp Added an event function typedef and used it in dynsash sample

2002-03-07 09:47 GD, revision 14474

correction to float array declaration following array implementation changes (will compile and run as before but probably doesn't do what was intended)

2002-03-06 23:59 VZ, revision 14473


2002-03-06 23:18 VZ, revision 14472

fixes for non interactive execution

2002-03-06 22:06 GD, revision 14471

fixed creation of Info.plist file for Mac OS X

2002-03-06 21:41 RD, revision 14470

A new version of XRCed from Roman Rolinsky with a few tweaks by me.

2002-03-06 20:43 RL, revision 14469

removed superfluous assignment handled in base class.

2002-03-06 20:11 MBN, revision 14468

More fixes for daily builds

2002-03-06 19:05 JS, revision 14467

Applied [ 516382 ] FL toolbar patch This patch addresses following issues on FL dynamic toolbar: * Removes duplicate code in wxNewBitmapButton::RenderLabelImage(). (The code between line 452-500 and 502-550 is the same.) * Adds wxNewBitmapButton::Enable() own method to proper drawing of enabled/disabled buttons. * Changes "focused" state (of wxNewBitmapButton) implementation from EVT_MOTION to EVT_ENTER/LEAVE_WINDOW pair, because capturing mouse in EVT_MOTION handler blocks some key events (control characters, function keys), so underlynig app doesn't receive all key events when mouse pointer is above toolbar button. Also "prev" state member variables are removed by this patch (and IMHO they should be removed regardles on accepting this patch - they are initalized and used only in wxNewBitmapButton::OnMouseMove() method). (Note: Blocking some keys can be only MSW problem, but I can't verify it.) * Adds EVT_LEFT_DCLICK handler to wxNewBitmapButton - without this handler, toolbar button loses second clicks if user presses left mouse button "fast enough". Unfortunately, it doesn't handle drawing of pressed/released button - it's only one event in contrast to EVT_LEFT_UP/DOWN. * Enables tooltips (in proper wxDynamicToolBar::AddTool() method).

2002-03-06 18:58 JS, revision 14466

Applied [ 520664 ] filedlg patch

2002-03-06 17:50 JS, revision 14465

Applied patch for Forty, print patch and wxHTML book patch

2002-03-06 16:26 VZ, revision 14464

fixes to the new pointer array implementation

2002-03-06 15:52 VZ, revision 14463

explained how the existing array declarations must be updated

2002-03-06 14:05 VZ, revision 14462

check for sizeof(void *), not sizeof(int *) - not really different but looks nicer

2002-03-06 11:38 VZ, revision 14461

forbid copying wxEvtHandlers

2002-03-06 11:17 VZ, revision 14460

added missing include guards

2002-03-06 09:34 JS, revision 14459

Moved typedef to within public block to avoid compile error in VC++ (can't access privately declared typedef)

2002-03-06 06:31 GD, revision 14458

wxArray<T> macros have been changed to fix runtime problems under 64 bit architectures. The base class is now implemented once for each needed primitive type in order to avoid invalid reference casts. Macros are provided to implement new arrays using these primitive base arrays.

2002-03-06 01:25 VZ, revision 14457

fixed creation of the dialogs with a simple (non 3D, non resizeable) border; also fixed handling of minimize/maximize box style bits (but is this really needed for the dialogs?)

2002-03-06 01:24 VZ, revision 14456

fixed menu accel

2002-03-06 01:23 VZ, revision 14455

removed the dialog templates unneeded/unused any longer

2002-03-06 00:24 VZ, revision 14454

correct Insert() docs (bug #526172)

2002-03-05 21:23 MBN, revision 14453

More blind fixes for daily builds

2002-03-05 18:55 VZ, revision 14452

added missing WXDLLEXPORT