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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2002-08-25 17:12 VZ, revision 16765

added tests for fputwc() and wprintf()

2002-08-25 12:14 VS, revision 16764

added wxFrame* wxXmlResource::LoadFrame(parent,name)

2002-08-25 05:59 RD, revision 16763

Some build/distrib tweaks

2002-08-25 04:21 RD, revision 16762

There needs to be an initialized wxApp to manipulate bitmaps in wxGTK

2002-08-25 04:20 RD, revision 16761

You can't paste if someone else already has the clipboard open...

2002-08-25 04:19 RD, revision 16760

Comment out a debug printf

2002-08-25 03:39 RD, revision 16759

Load the frame icons from a .py file so I don't have to figure out how to tell distutils to install the .ico in the right place...

2002-08-25 01:53 RD, revision 16758

Don't need the "-hybrid" in the name any longer

2002-08-25 01:43 RD, revision 16757

Changed slightly the meaning of the Hybrid build. It is now essentially a release build (no debug info, optimiztions turned on) with the addition of __WXDEBUG__ being defined.

2002-08-24 22:04 SC, revision 16756

added new default handlers for open/print events, removing the need for using private headers in the specific application

2002-08-24 21:44 RD, revision 16755

Updated PyCrust code from Patrick

2002-08-24 21:44 RD, revision 16754

Changed installer base filename

2002-08-24 21:44 RD, revision 16753

Test code for float editors

2002-08-24 21:40 RD, revision 16752

All editors that derive from wxGridCellTextEditor will now select the existing value when the editor is started, just like a wxTextCtrl now does in normal use.

2002-08-24 21:39 RD, revision 16751

If the number or float editor is being used but the values are saved/loaded to the table as strings, then allow empty strings.

2002-08-24 21:28 VZ, revision 16750

added wxCHECK_GCC_VERSION() macro

2002-08-24 21:08 GD, revision 16749

updated CW exported xml projects

2002-08-24 20:57 GD, revision 16748

updated CW exported xml projects

2002-08-24 20:20 SC, revision 16747

getting rid of warnings

2002-08-24 20:19 GD, revision 16746

ignore files produced when building samples

2002-08-24 20:03 RD, revision 16745

Fixed wxGridCellFloatEditor::Clone Changed wxGridCellEditor::GetString to use %f instead of %g to match the Renderer, otherwise it would truncate/round the value to m_precision significant digits instead of m_precision digits after the decimal point.

2002-08-24 19:53 GD, revision 16744

updated CW exported xml projects

2002-08-24 19:45 GD, revision 16743

improved conditional compilation since generic grid and new grid are exclusive

2002-08-24 19:42 GD, revision 16742

added newest grid source file

2002-08-24 19:35 GD, revision 16741

added missing png source files to CW project