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Changelog for wxWidgets (68404 changes):

2002-05-20 13:17 JS, revision 15609

Captured mouse in grid column label so the drag isn't prematurely and messily ended when moving out of the column label window.

2002-05-20 10:42 RR, revision 15608

Sometimes, deleting code can be a real gain. This fixes display corruption when a scroll window is made smaller and it was previously scrolled to the bottom or right most position.

2002-05-19 22:44 VS, revision 15607

Cosmetic changes to wxSS::GetScreen: 1) Renamed to GetScreenType (so that the name better describes its function) 2) Changed use of <,>,<=,>= operators together with wxSYS_SCREEN_* so that 'foo is smaller that bar' is written as 'foo < bar' and not (sic) 'foo > bar'

2002-05-19 08:00 SC, revision 15606

corrected direction when sending events

2002-05-19 07:09 GD, revision 15605

corrected assignement operator

2002-05-18 23:36 VZ, revision 15604

refuse to run if not executed by the main configure script

2002-05-18 23:33 VZ, revision 15603

pass IF_GNU_MAKE and other configure params to the samples configure in wxUSE_GUI==0 case too

2002-05-18 17:30 RD, revision 15602

Applied patch to adjust ownership and permissions in the installer package.

2002-05-18 12:41 VZ, revision 15601

check the return code of wxStream::Read() in wxImageHandler::DoCanRead() and avoid reading uninitialized memory when it fails

2002-05-18 11:05 JS, revision 15600

Updated font dialog constructors to use a reference to the font data as per more recent convention

2002-05-17 23:54 VZ, revision 15599

made SetItemText() work for the item which we're about to start editing

2002-05-17 20:14 SC, revision 15598

conditionalized theme box drawing

2002-05-17 20:13 SC, revision 15597

autoresize upon setting new bitmap

2002-05-17 20:13 SC, revision 15596

fixed wxScreenDC for X

2002-05-17 17:19 RD, revision 15595

Fixed the package build script so wxPython is built with the same version of wxWindows made by the same script.

2002-05-17 16:00 RD, revision 15594

Commented out debug messages

2002-05-17 14:10 SC, revision 15593

title-less windows also for windows

2002-05-17 12:22 SC, revision 15592

using QD Text under non OSX

2002-05-17 12:20 SC, revision 15591

working closer to proper MLTE support under OSX

2002-05-17 12:19 SC, revision 15590

no event upon changing value only anymore

2002-05-17 12:18 SC, revision 15589

conditials for TARGET_CARBON when drawing using appearance text box

2002-05-17 12:16 SC, revision 15588

changed char event handling for ctrl-chars and skipped events

2002-05-17 12:08 SC, revision 15587

added GetApplicationScript for non Carbon builds

2002-05-17 06:01 RD, revision 15586

A few little tweaks

2002-05-17 05:36 RD, revision 15585

A few little tweaks, reswigged code for wxMac