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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2012-10-01 12:47 VZ, revision 72603

Fix assert about passing long as "%d" in wxXRC code. Closes #14718.

2012-10-01 11:55 VZ, revision 72602

No changes, just remove some unneeded variables initializations. Closes #14716, #14717.

2012-10-01 11:55 VZ, revision 72601

Test for wxAuiMDIClientWindow being non-NULL before using it. wxAuiMDIParentFrame::GetActiveChild() may be called before the client window is created, don't crash in this case but just return NULL. Closes #14684.

2012-10-01 11:55 VZ, revision 72600

Add wxDateTime::DiffAsDateSpan(). This method returns the difference between the dates as wxDateSpan, unlike the existing Subtract() and overloaded operator-() that return wxTimeSpan. Closes #14704.

2012-10-01 11:40 VZ, revision 72599

Fix PCH-less build after the changes of r72589. Use wx{SOLID,TRANSPARENT} instead of wxBRUSHSTYLE_{SOLID,TRANSPARENT}. This makes more sense as we're setting background mode, not brush style, here and also fixed compilation when not using PCH.

2012-10-01 00:28 VZ, revision 72598

Read and write files using binary mode in wxStyledTextCtrl. Use binary mode to preserve the original file EOLs when loading it and also to save it with the same EOLs later. Add very primitive EOL auto-detection to LoadFile(). Also add SaveFile()/LoadFile() which were missing in !wxUSE_TEXTCTRL case.

2012-10-01 00:28 VZ, revision 72597

Small optimization of wxFFile::ReadAll(): avoid extra string copy. Use swap() to move the newly created string into its destination instead of copying it there. This can be relatively important as the string represents an entire file contents here and so could be quite long.

2012-10-01 00:28 VZ, revision 72596

Added wxFile::ReadAll() for consistency with wxFFile::ReadAll(). Make it possible to use wxFFile and wxFile interchangeably for simply reading the entire contents of the file as a string.

2012-10-01 00:27 VZ, revision 72595

Reimplement wxTextEntry::DoSetValue() in wxStyledTextCtrl. The version inherited from the base class does work already but calling Scintilla SetText() directly should be more efficient than selecting everything and then calling ReplaceSelection() as the base class version does, less code is executed.

2012-10-01 00:27 VZ, revision 72594

Fix wxStyledTextCtrl::WriteText() to replace the selection. WriteText() must replace the selection, not just insert the new text, otherwise SetValue() implementation inherited from the base class doesn't work as it doesn't clear the old contents of the control before adding new text to it.

2012-10-01 00:26 VZ, revision 72593

Don't call ClearAll() before LoadFile() in the stc sample. There is no need to clear the control contents before loading a file into it because LoadFile() is supposed to do this on its own (although currently it doesn't, which will be fixed soon).

2012-10-01 00:26 VZ, revision 72592

Make stc sample startup faster. Don't show "About" dialog on startup, this has nothing to do with the purpose of this sample and is just annoying. Also, don't select the entire file after opening it.

2012-10-01 00:21 VZ, revision 72591

Add per-direction wxSocket wait flags and byte counters. Allow to specify whether the socket should block until all the data is read or written or, on the contrary, avoid blocking only when reading or writing instead of always using the same behaviour in both directions. Also add separate counters for the bytes read/written instead of using the same one for both. These changes make it possible to use the same socket for reading/writing in different threads. Closes #14506.

2012-10-01 00:21 VZ, revision 72590

Don't crash in generic wxDataViewCtrl if it doesn't have any model. A model may be dissociated from a still existing control, don't crash if it happens (notice that we still would crash in the native GTK version right now, so this still remains to be fixed there). See #14616.

2012-10-01 00:20 VZ, revision 72589

Add support for background-color style to span element in wxHTML. Add code for setting/restoring background mode and use it to implement support for changing the text background colour. Closes #14443.

2012-10-01 00:20 VZ, revision 72588

Fix handling of spaces after <img> tag in wxHTML. Don't collapse the spaces following this tag with the ones preceding it. See #14557. Closes #2980.

2012-10-01 00:20 VZ, revision 72587

Convert image tags to text using their alt attribute in wxHTML. This is useful when copying wxHtmlWindow contents to clipboard, for example. Closes #14557.

2012-10-01 00:19 VZ, revision 72586

Fix handling of not fully specified min/max size in wxBoxSizer. wxSizerItem::AddBorderToSize() added in r72344 (see #11497) didn't work correctly as it replaced unspecified (i.e. set to -1) components of wxSize with the small positive values that did take effect, contrary to the intention. Fix it to only adjust the actually set component(s) of wxSize. Closes #14696.

2012-10-01 00:19 VZ, revision 72585

No changes, just fix some typos in comments in wxXRC code. Closes #14714.

2012-10-01 00:19 VZ, revision 72584

No changes, just remove unneeded variable initialization. Closes #14712, #14713.

2012-09-30 22:35 VZ, revision 72583

Revert "Don't use StringFormat::GenericTypographic() in MSW wxGraphicsContext." This reverts r72442 and restores the use of GenericTypographic string format for GDI+ text rendering. While it's true that using this flag with small font sizes results in pretty bad output, especially under Windows XP, not using it results in wrong text extent calculations for all sizes which is even worse. See #14537.

2012-09-30 22:35 VZ, revision 72582

Fix computation of menu button best size in generic wxSearchCtrl. Invalidate the cached best size when the bitmap changes. Closes #14708.

2012-09-30 22:35 VZ, revision 72581

Clear the search control automatically when it's "Cancel" button is pressed. This should be the desired behaviour in the vast majority of cases, so do it by default. Replace the useless OnSearchButton() doing nothing with search button events with OnCancelButton() handling cancel button events and clearing the control.

2012-09-30 22:34 VZ, revision 72580

Don't use text control foreground colour for generic wxSearchCtrl itself. Logically, it should be done in the other direction and also doing it like this means that the search and cancel icons, rendered using the current foreground colour, are barely visible when using generic wxTextCtrl::SetHint() implementation, as in wxGTK, because the text control foreground is set to light grey in this case.

2012-09-30 18:55 PC, revision 72579

make wxWindowGTK::Init() private, it is not meant to be called from derived classes