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2011-10-30 20:48 VZ, revision 69599

Make the initial sash position work in splitter sample. The initial splitter size must be set correctly when using gravity with wxSplitterWindow as otherwise the sash would jump on first resize -- which was exactly what happened in the splitter sample. Add a SetSize() call to the sample with the comment explaining why is it needed and also actually make it stick as the cached last size was not updated before the splitter was split before. Closes #9821.

2011-10-30 20:48 VZ, revision 69598

Don't apply gravity before requested sash position was set in wxSplitterWindow. Gravity should take effect only after the originally requested sash position is set as otherwise it's not really taken into account. Closes #13508.

2011-10-30 20:48 VZ, revision 69597

Remove wxSplitterWindow::m_checkRequestedSashPosition. This variable seemed to be redundant with m_requestedSashPosition being set to INT_MAX so harmonise the code to always check for the latter and get rid of the former. There should be no observable changes in behaviour.

2011-10-30 20:48 VZ, revision 69596

No changes, just remove wxSplitterWindow::{Set,Get}NeedUpdating(). GetNeedUpdating() was never used at all while SetNeedUpdating() was used only once while m_needUpdating variable was being changed directly in other places making the code difficult to follow. Just use the member variable directly and remove the accessors.

2011-10-30 18:28 JS, revision 69595

Fixed problem with the size of paragraphs not needing layout not being taken into account when calculating overall box size. Should fix the problem with lines becoming insensitive to mouse clicks after adding a couple of shorter lines.

2011-10-30 17:51 VZ, revision 69594

Perform wxAuiToolBar idle updates from UpdateWindowUI(), not OnIdle(). No real changes, just optimize the idle updates by doing it from (less often called) UpdateWindowUI() instead of EVT_IDLE handler. Closes #10075.

2011-10-30 17:44 VZ, revision 69593

Generate right click events for all kinds of items in wxAuiToolBar. Don't generate wxEVT_COMMAND_AUITOOLBAR_RIGHT_CLICK for normal items only, they can be useful for other ones too. Note that this had been previously applied to 2.8 branch as r66926 but somehow wasn't applied to the trunk. Closes #10079.

2011-10-30 17:41 VZ, revision 69592

Fix splitting message into title in body in MSW wxProgressDialog. If the message doesn't contain any new lines, it should be used as the body, not the title as having title without body doesn't make sense and looks strange. Closes #13441.

2011-10-30 17:22 VZ, revision 69591

Don't replace non default wxMessageDialog labels with default translations. The code translating the button labels of wxMessageBox to the application language was overeager and replaced even the custom labels with the translations of the default ones. This shouldn't be done, of course, so simply check that no custom labels had been set before translating. See #10962.

2011-10-30 15:20 VZ, revision 69590

Change variables naming convention in wxAUI code. Use the standard wxWidgets camelCase convention instead of the old_one_using_underscores for all the private variables. Closes #13476.

2011-10-30 15:19 VZ, revision 69589

Link tests with webview library only if it is actually available. This allows the tests to build again even on the machines without the prerequisites for building wxWebView.

2011-10-30 15:19 VZ, revision 69588

Remove apparently unnecessary wxAuiMDIClientWindow dtor. This dtor doesn't seem to do anything useful as the base class dtor already destroys all window children anyhow and removing it is reported to fix some crashes in wxAUI (which is surprising and probably hides some other bug...). Closes #13547.

2011-10-30 15:19 VZ, revision 69587

Add wx/datetimectrl.h to the wxAdv files list. Ensure that this header is installed by "make install" as it ought to. Close #13529.

2011-10-30 15:19 VZ, revision 69586

Fix assert in generic wxListCtrl icon view when using images. Don't assume that the item image is a valid index in m_small_image_list as we may be in icon view which doesn't use small images at all. For now restrict this code to the report view mode as apparently the cached line height is not supposed to be used in other modes even though it's not clear whether this is really the case and so, perhaps, this code should also be used when in small icons view mode. Closes #13604.

2011-10-30 14:39 JS, revision 69585

Fixed warning when compiling richttextctrl.cpp in VS2010 (fixes #13606)

2011-10-30 14:34 JS, revision 69584

Add indents to maximum size to prevent problems with paragraph layout (fixes #13458).

2011-10-30 11:08 VZ, revision 69583

Allow customization of the locations where persistent settings are stored. Make it possible to set a non-default wxPersistenceManager to use and allow overriding of GetConfig() and GetKey() methods by making them virtual and documenting them. This can be notably used to allow porting of the existing code to use wxPersistenceManager while keeping compatibility with the old settings.

2011-10-30 11:08 VZ, revision 69582

Fix return value of wxPersistentSplitter::RestoreValue(). It used to always return false which didn't allow the code using to decide whether the default splitter position should be used or not.

2011-10-29 23:34 RD, revision 69581

Add missing interface items for Phoenix

2011-10-29 06:50 RD, revision 69573

resolve multiple inheritance ambiguity

2011-10-29 06:49 PC, revision 69572

parenthesize bitwise operator in logical expression

2011-10-28 00:48 VZ, revision 69571

Make BOM-detection code in wxConvAuto public. Export GetBOM() and DetectBOM() functions. Also rename BOMType enum elements to use "wx" prefix now that they're public. Closes #13599.

2011-10-28 00:48 VZ, revision 69570

No changes, just simplifications to configure code. Implicitly use SEARCH_LIB in WX_PATH_FIND_LIBRARIES() and WX_FIND_LIB() macros to avoid having to pass it to them explicitly every time. Closes #13601.

2011-10-28 00:48 VZ, revision 69569

No changes, just remove redundant code. Don't call FindToolByPosition() again in wxAuiToolBar::OnLeftUp() when we just called it above. Closes #13600.

2011-10-28 00:26 VZ, revision 69568

Add _PTR WX_DECLARE_HASH_SET variants to fix warnings about operator->(). Macros from WX_DECLARE_HASH_SET family could declare an operator->() which could never be called because it returned a pointer to a non-object (e.g. a pointer or a primitive type). Fix this in the same way as for WX_DECLARE_ARRAY macros by adding (badly but consistently) named _PTR variants of the macros to allow defining the versions without operator->(). This fixes tons of warnings when building wx with Sun CC.