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Changelog for wxWidgets (68395 changes):

2011-10-27 23:10 VZ, revision 69565

Make GTK callbacks passed to GTKConnectWidget() extern "C". This fixes (harmless but annoying) warnings about mixing C++ and C linkage function pointers from Sun compiler.

2011-10-27 23:10 VZ, revision 69564

Explicitly declare environ variable. While POSIX and SUS both mandate this variable existence, they don't say that it needs to be declared anywhere and it actually doesn't seem to be declared under Solaris when using Sun CC and so using it resulted in compilation errors. Just declare it ourselves to avoid them.

2011-10-27 23:10 VZ, revision 69563

Always include locale.h to get LC_ALL declaration. For some reason locale.h was only included in !wxUSE_STD_STRING case but we actually always need it as we use LC_ALL in this file and at least in Sun CC build it wasn't included from anywhere else so include it from here to fix the build.

2011-10-27 23:10 VZ, revision 69562

Remove unused wxIFFDecoder::picptr member variable. This variable was apparently unused and a local variable with the same name was used instead, resulting in Sun CC warnings about variable shadowing. Just remove the unused member variable to fix this.

2011-10-27 23:10 VZ, revision 69561

No real changes, just remove an extra semicolon. DECLARE_DYNAMIC_CLASS() shouldn't be followed by a semicolon and Sun CC warns about it, so fix this by removing it.

2011-10-27 23:10 VZ, revision 69560

Replace remaining occurrences of _T() with wxT(). Use wxT() everywhere for consistency and to fix compilation with Sun CC for which _T() is not defined as it clashes with a symbol with the same name in standard headers.

2011-10-27 23:10 VZ, revision 69559

No real changes, just remove trailing commas from enums. These commas are not allowed by standard C++ and Sun CC warns about them (and some other compilers, e.g. HP aCC, even give errors for them).

2011-10-27 01:20 VZ, revision 69556

Add WX_FIND_LIB() function to simplify testing for libraries in configure. No real changes in behaviour but the new WX_FIND_LIB() function can now be used to test for any library. Closes #13375.

2011-10-27 01:20 VZ, revision 69555

No changes, just fix some typos in acinclude.m4 comments. See #13375.

2011-10-27 01:20 VZ, revision 69554

Use AC_LANG_SOURCE and add missing quoting to configure. This fixes some of the warnings from autoconf 2.68 while still remaining compatible with 2.61. Closes #13591.

2011-10-26 19:10 VS, revision 69547

Fix incorrect handling of ItemsAdded() in wxDataViewCtrl. When adding items to the model in bulk and then calling ItemsAdded(), internal representation in both the generic and GTK+ versions wasn't updated correctly if the order of the notifications was such that an item would be inserted after other new, but not yet inserted, items. Fixes bug #13587.

2011-10-26 10:36 JS, revision 69546

Typo correction

2011-10-26 07:52 RD, revision 69545

Interface tweaks and fixes for Phoenix

2011-10-26 07:39 RD, revision 69544

Work around a multiple inheritance ambiguity

2011-10-26 07:38 SC, revision 69543

move declaration into cocoa part

2011-10-26 00:44 JS, revision 69534

Now uses wxRTC-specific font table instead of slower general-purpose wxFontList to cache fonts.

2011-10-25 21:29 SC, revision 69532

deactivate wxUSE_TIMEPICKCTRL for iphone

2011-10-25 20:44 SC, revision 69531

files added

2011-10-25 20:31 SC, revision 69530

files added

2011-10-25 20:04 SC, revision 69529

files added

2011-10-25 18:56 PC, revision 69528

fix wxMDIChildFrame after r69390 and r69468, TLW realization code should not be called, fixes #13593

2011-10-25 18:55 SC, revision 69527

panelg removal

2011-10-25 13:52 SC, revision 69526

fixing reentrancy problem under iOS 5

2011-10-25 13:51 SC, revision 69525

fixing iPhone build

2011-10-25 13:51 SC, revision 69524

fixing iPhone build