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2012-10-08 00:39 VZ, revision 72631

No real changes, just don't use brush styles for background mode in wxHTML. Use just wxTRANSPARENT and wxSOLID instead of wxBRUSHSTYLE_TRANSPARENT and wxBRUSHSTYLE_SOLID when changing the background mode. See #14599.

2012-10-08 00:38 VZ, revision 72630

Support some CSS styles for the links in wxHTML too. Refactor limited CSS styles support for <span> tag to reuse it for <a> tag as well. Closes #14599.

2012-10-08 00:38 VZ, revision 72629

Flush log messages from other threads on shutdown too. Add a call to wxLog::FlushActive() to the shutdown code as calling just wxLog::SetActiveTarget(NULL) is not enough, it flushes the current log target only but not the ones used by other threads. Closes #14595.

2012-10-08 00:38 VZ, revision 72628

Update the year in the copyright for wxMSW DLLs. Just s/2010/2012/

2012-10-08 00:37 VZ, revision 72627

Fix drawing of wxAuiNotebook with GTK theme when active tab is invisible. Draw a box using gtk_paint_box() for the tabs, without border for the active one to avoid an extra line across the gap, and with the border for the others. Closes #14728.

2012-10-08 00:37 VZ, revision 72626

Fix test for __WXGTK__ in wxCairoContext. It must be tested with #ifdef, not #if.

2012-10-07 18:49 VS, revision 72625

Fix wxGenericCollapsiblePane to expand frame's size. wxGenericCollapsiblePane::DoGetBestSize() is dynamic, returning different values for collapsed and open states. Therefore the control must invalidate best sizes cache every time its state changes.

2012-10-05 01:24 VZ, revision 72621

Add support for wxALWAYS_SHOW_SB style to wxScrolled<>. Simply call ShowScrollbars(wxSHOW_SB_ALWAYS) if this style is specified. Closes #13616.

2012-10-05 01:24 VZ, revision 72620

Document wxHSCROLL and wxVSCROLL styles for wxScrolled<>. Explain that by default both styles are assumed but that using just one of them disables the scrolling in the other direction.

2012-10-05 01:23 VZ, revision 72619

Add a setting for the disabled text colour to wxRibbon art. Allow specifying the text for the labels of the disabled items separately. Closes #14721.

2012-10-05 01:23 VZ, revision 72618

Add a more convenient wxColour::MakeDisabled() overload. Allow creating a disabled version of the colour without having to manually break it into RGB components and then recreating it from them.

2012-10-05 00:49 VZ, revision 72617

Remove unneeded variable initializations in wxPM code. Closes #14724.

2012-10-05 00:48 VZ, revision 72616

Fix bugs in the recently added wxDateTime::DiffAsDateSpan(). Correct the test for negative spans less than a month and use the correct month for computing the number of days in it. Also add unit tests for problematic cases. Closes #14704.

2012-10-05 00:48 VZ, revision 72615

Add wxDateSpan::GetTotalMonths() method. This is similar to the existing GetTotalDays() and counts both months and years. See #14704.

2012-10-05 00:47 VZ, revision 72614

Fix fatal bug in the recently added wxFile::ReadAll(). Make sure we exit the loop when reading the file in chunks in wxFile::ReadAll() and add a unit test for it to ensure that it's really correct. Closes #14725.

2012-10-04 18:08 PC, revision 72613

non-pch build fix

2012-10-04 17:58 PC, revision 72612

remove always-true comparison of unsigned value >= 0

2012-10-04 17:55 PC, revision 72611

silence warnings about shadowed variables with GCC -Wshadow

2012-10-03 10:32 VZ, revision 72610

Do use IsEscapeKey() in wxDialog escape key handling. This method was added back in r40686 but was never actually used anywhere. Do use it in wxDialogBase::OnCharHook() now instead of hard-coding the check for WXK_ESCAPE, this should allow using Cmd+. to work like Escape under Mac which was apparently the intention of the code in src/osx/dialog_osx.cpp. Also fix IsEscapeKey() itself to ignore any modifiers as at least under MSW Esc always closes the dialog, even if Shift or Alt is pressed.

2012-10-03 09:58 VZ, revision 72609

Add missing header to fix MiscGUIFuncsTestCase compilation. Need full wxPanel declaration here now.

2012-10-03 02:16 VZ, revision 72608

Fix wxFindWindowAtPoint() unit test to pass under GTK. We need to ensure that all windows are realized before querying their positions on screen, so add an extra wxYield(). Also adjust the tests slightly as the windows are now all created in the beginning of the function. Finally, use Destroy() instead of wxDELETE() for windows.

2012-10-03 02:16 VZ, revision 72607

Added a simple unit test for wxWindow::ClientToScreen(). Check that this function works consistently for the TLW and its children and grand-children.

2012-10-03 02:16 VZ, revision 72606

Avoid creating children of wxButton in MiscGUIFuncsTestCase. This doesn't work in wxGTK, use a normal wxWindow instead of wxButton in this case.

2012-10-02 18:19 PC, revision 72605

remove some unnecessary casts

2012-10-02 17:57 PC, revision 72604

make more Init() functions private