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Changelog for wxWidgets (68404 changes):

2003-02-22 15:42 CE, revision 19285

update watcom makefile

2003-02-22 01:10 RD, revision 19284

The manifest file needs to be for python.exe and pythonw.exe, not the core extension dll.

2003-02-22 01:08 RD, revision 19283

Added icons the the wxTreeCtrl demo

2003-02-21 22:53 RD, revision 19282

Changed how the __del__ mehtods are generated. They now save a reference to the actual delete function instead of just the module.

2003-02-21 22:06 RD, revision 19281

Added option to only do the prepatory steps, but not build anything

2003-02-21 21:45 RD, revision 19280

New distutils from Python 2.3a2

2003-02-21 21:38 JS, revision 19279

Applied FL patch from Stefan Kowski

2003-02-21 21:27 MBN, revision 19278

Added Active Accessibility files to filelist.txt, regenerated wxWindows.dsp.

2003-02-21 20:27 RD, revision 19277

Only send two EVT_BUTTON events when double clicking a button, not three

2003-02-21 16:02 JS, revision 19276

Applied FL patch from Stefan Kowski "Enclosed there is a patch for the FL library that solves a problem overwriting the status bar if a bar is expanded. Cause of this is the calculation of the new window height which may be less than 0 in some cases. In my test a value of -1 caused the window default height to be set which was larger than the space available, therefore the status bar was overwritten."

2003-02-20 22:19 RD, revision 19275

Mac and GTK can take three icons in the wxDropSource now.

2003-02-20 19:34 RD, revision 19274

__del__ is no longer needed

2003-02-20 19:33 RD, revision 19273

Added a wxBitmap.SetMaskColour convenience method.

2003-02-20 19:32 RD, revision 19272

Added missing Init method (renamed to InitLang) to wxLocale wrapper.

2003-02-20 19:30 RD, revision 19271

Fixed GetFirstSelected helper method, the parameter is ignored (copy-paste error) so I made it optional so old code wont break.

2003-02-20 19:27 RD, revision 19270

Fix for Bug #689958, an endless loop in

2003-02-20 19:26 RD, revision 19269

Added EVT_WINDOW_CREATE_ID and EVT_WINDOW_DESTROY_ID so these events can be associated with a specivif window ID.

2003-02-20 19:18 RD, revision 19268

demo tweaks

2003-02-20 19:16 RD, revision 19267

Fixed return type in the wrapper to match the actual

2003-02-20 18:30 MBN, revision 19266

Regenerated files.

2003-02-20 18:20 MBN, revision 19265

Use some wxX11 files (currently pen.cpp and brush.cpp) in wxMotif. Add src/x11 to VPATH in configure, and add a new flag to filelist.txt indicating a file used in wxMotif but not in wxMotif directory. Modifed VMS makefiles, too (should be checked by someone with VMS, though).

2003-02-19 23:17 VS, revision 19264

fixed wxSYS_DEFAULT_GUI_FONT lookup

2003-02-19 21:12 MBN, revision 19263

Fix DrawRotatedtext to behave more like wxMSW: take into account text background colour, and fix some wrong mathematics which caused incorrect results.

2003-02-19 21:06 JS, revision 19262

Temporary fix for strange wxDateTime link error with VC++ and wxUSE_ACCESSIBILITY=1

2003-02-19 21:06 MBN, revision 19261

Allow selecting a mono bitmap into a wxMemoryDC.