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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2003-03-02 20:22 GD, revision 19428

updated source to not use deprecated wxList methods

2003-03-02 20:08 MBN, revision 19427

Refactored wxStaticBox, and changed wxStaticBox and wxRadioBox border style from sunken to the default Motif style. Added some convenience macros for checking Motif/Lesstif version. Fixed the bug that caused wxStaticBox size to change when label text was changed.

2003-03-02 19:57 GD, revision 19426

added missing include file and corrected memory leak due to creation of never used region (NewRgn)

2003-03-02 18:58 VS, revision 19425

implemented wxCLOSE_BOX under Windows

2003-03-02 14:38 VZ, revision 19424

added tests for changing display resolution and going full screen

2003-03-02 14:31 VZ, revision 19423

added wxDisplay files

2003-03-02 14:30 VZ, revision 19422

define some global wxDisplay-related stuff here (wxArrayVideoModes, wxDefaultVideoMode)

2003-03-02 14:24 VZ, revision 19421

maximize the window to the correct display (i.e. the one it is currently on); ShowFullScreen() actually shows the window, too

2003-03-02 14:23 SC, revision 19420

OSX fixes for printing

2003-03-02 14:17 VZ, revision 19419

implemented video mode support (getting the current one, enumerating, changing)

2003-03-02 14:16 VZ, revision 19418

significant API changes: wxVideoMode and methods using it added, GetDepth() and IsColour() removed, GetFromWindow() added

2003-03-02 13:56 SC, revision 19417

OSX fixes

2003-03-02 13:31 ROL, revision 19416

new version

2003-03-02 13:31 ROL, revision 19415

*** empty log message ***

2003-03-02 13:31 ROL, revision 19414

ParamUnit class

2003-03-02 13:30 ROL, revision 19413

defaults for unset required parameters, ParamUnit for border and {v,h}gap

2003-03-02 11:07 RR, revision 19412

Do dialog's default action (mostly "OK") if ENTER was hit in a combobox and the TEXT_ENTER event was not handled. MSW seems to be doing something similar.

2003-03-02 11:01 VS, revision 19411

removed deprecated calls from wxImage example (bug #688438)

2003-03-02 10:09 MBN, revision 19410

Implemented wxButton::DoGetBestSize for wxMotif. Now normal buttons and default buttons are visually the same size, however, given how wxMotif draws default buttons, the Widget for a default button is bigger (8 pixels by default), thus setting default border will make the Widget grow.

2003-03-01 21:17 SC, revision 19409

applied fix to MkDir for mac

2003-03-01 21:09 SC, revision 19408

applied fix to MkDir for mac

2003-03-01 20:29 VS, revision 19407

fixed incorrectly backported patch

2003-03-01 20:12 VS, revision 19406

backported: fixed wxScrollBar creation when default size was used

2003-03-01 18:05 MBN, revision 19405

Do not change background colour for parent widget; set best size to some arbitrary value if the text control is empty.

2003-03-01 17:52 MBN, revision 19404

Fix "make install" for wxMotif after recent changes for using X11 files. Fix "make dist" for all ports (changes in internat sample), and for wxMotif (for the aforementioned changes).