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2012-10-15 03:09 VZ, revision 72682

Fix bug in Unix wxFileSystemWatcher implementation when watch is deleted. Don't assert when removing a watch descriptor from the stale descriptors list. See #14544.

2012-10-15 03:09 VZ, revision 72681

Check for filespec when generating events in wxFileSystemWatcher. Instead of setting watches on individual files when a non-empty filespec is given, always watch all the files but just ignore the events from the ones not matching the filespec. This makes the code simpler and fixes several bugs. See #14544.

2012-10-15 03:09 VZ, revision 72680

Add support for symlinks to wxFileName. Allow to work with the symlinks themselves and not the file they reference by calling the new wxFileName::DontFollowLink(). Update Unix wxDir implementation to not treat symlinks to directories as directories, this ensures that we don't recurse into the directories outside of the original parent accidentally. Closes #14542.

2012-10-15 03:08 VZ, revision 72679

Make wxFileSystemWatcher watch entries reference-counted. This helps to avoid problems that arise from watching the same physical file system path multiple times, which could happen when adding a watch for a path already watched because of a recursive watch on a parent directory, for example. Closes #14490.

2012-10-15 03:08 VZ, revision 72678

Improve handling of file spec in wxFileSystemWatcher::AddTree(). Fix watching too many files (i.e. even those not matching the provided spec) and asserts when removing a recursive watch with a file spec in wxMSW. Closes #14488.

2012-10-14 21:30 VS, revision 72677

anybutton.cpp compilation fix for wxUSE_IMAGE=0. Disabled bitmaps are not rendered properly in this configuration, they look the same as normal ones. This is hardly ideal, but such degradations are to be expected when disabling something as widely used as wxImage.

2012-10-14 21:15 VS, revision 72676

Compilation fix - wx/vector.h is not part of PCH.

2012-10-14 21:14 VS, revision 72675

wxDisplay only needs dynlib.h, not dynload.h.

2012-10-14 16:55 VZ, revision 72674

Make GetClippingBox() work for wxPrinterDC in wxGTK. GetClippingBox() implementation relies on wxDCImpl::m_clip[XY][12] being updated in DoSetClippingRegion() but this wasn't done here. Fix this by adding the code to do this to the base class version of this method and calling it from wxGtkPrinterDCImpl. Also, refactor wxGCDCImpl to reuse the same code instead of duplicating it. Closes #14697.

2012-10-14 16:42 VZ, revision 72673

Provide stand-in IDropTargetHelper definition to fix VC6 build. VC6 SDK doesn't define this interface, so do it ourselves to fix its build after the changes of r72668. See #14697.

2012-10-14 00:55 VZ, revision 72672

Make TAB behaviour in wxGrid more configurable. Allow making TAB/Shift-TAB wrap to the next/previous row or going to the next/previous control when the cursor is at the end/beginning of the current row easily. Also add wxEVT_GRID_TABBING event to allow customizing TAB behaviour even further. Update the sample to show the different possible standard behaviours and a stupid example of a custom one (it would be probably more useful to implement something a tad more realistic, e.g. tabbing to the next non-empty cell). Closes #14711.

2012-10-14 00:54 VZ, revision 72671

Just correct the path in the header comment. Add the missing "private" path component.

2012-10-14 00:54 VZ, revision 72670

Document that HasFocus() is new in 2.9. Closes #14740.

2012-10-14 00:54 VZ, revision 72669

No changes, just update a comment about default buttons in wxMSW. Remove the TODO from it because it's not really obvious if using the proposed approach is such a good idea.

2012-10-14 00:53 VZ, revision 72668

Display system-provided drag images during drag-and-drop in wxMSW. This is especially useful when dragging files from Explorer as it provides big, informative drag images for them that can be easily displayed using Windows shell support for them. See #14697.

2012-10-14 00:53 VZ, revision 72667

Use a "hidden" dialog, not frame, in sync wxExecute() hack in wxMSW. Replace a "hidden" (not really, but shown far off screen) frame with a dialog to avoid this frame appearing in the Alt+TAB list. Closes #13251.

2012-10-14 00:52 VZ, revision 72666

Set the standard sample icon for the exec sample. Do this for consistency with all the other ones and also because it makes it simpler to notice any unwanted icons for hidden windows created by this sample. See #13251.

2012-10-14 00:52 VZ, revision 72665

Freeze wxTreeCtrl in wxMSW by hiding it. This is far from perfect but better than alternative as freezing this control by sending WM_SETREDRAW to it can result in completely broken behaviour as explained in And not freezing it at all shows horrible flicker when adding even a relatively small number of items at once to the control because it recalculates and repositions its scrollbars after every parent node addition.

2012-10-14 00:52 VZ, revision 72664

Set wxTAB_TRAVERSAL for wxNavigationEnabled<> windows with focusable children. We need to have this flag under wxMSW in order for navigation events to be generated for the window. As wxNavigationEnabled can't set this flag on creation because its ctor is called too early, do it in overridden AddChild(). Closes #13271.

2012-10-14 00:51 VZ, revision 72663

Allow using windows that can't be focused with wxNavigationEnabled<>. The code in wxNavigationEnabled<> assumed that the window itself could be focused if it didn't have any focusable children because it was originally extracted from wxPanel that can, indeed, be focused. This is however not the case for all windows, notably not for wxStaticBox which now derives from wxNavigationEnabled as well but can never be focused itself. Add wxControlContainer::DisableSelfFocus() and call it from wxStaticBox to support this situation. This required splitting m_acceptsFocus flag into m_acceptsFocusSelf and m_acceptsFocusChildren and updating various methods using them. See #13271.

2012-10-14 00:51 VZ, revision 72662

Use WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT for wxStaticBox in wxMSW. This doesn't change anything currently but it seems correct to use this style with wxStaticBox as it can now contain other windows (and so be "control parent"), so it could allow Windows or other programs checking for this style to handle it more correctly.

2012-10-14 00:51 VZ, revision 72661

Remove unused wxNavigationEnabled::AcceptFocus() method. This doesn't seem to be ever called or used from anywhere else.

2012-10-14 00:50 VZ, revision 72660

Document wxListBox limitation concerning TAB characters. TABs appear simply as a space under MSW (because we don't use LBS_USETABSTOPS style there) but are aligned to (multiple of 8?) tab stops under GTK. It's not clear which behaviour is actually preferable so for now just document the inconsistency and advise people to use spaces instead.

2012-10-14 00:50 VZ, revision 72659

Remove mention of "listbox callback" from wxListBox documentation. This is probably a left over from wxWidgets 1.x.

2012-10-14 00:49 VZ, revision 72658

Improve explanation of maximal number of wxListBox items in the documentation. Don't say that it's limited -- because, strictly speaking, it isn't -- but mention other controls that are better alternatives for large numbers of items.